Working From Home and Making Money

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This guy is giving excellent advice on how to make money from home. Internet is the best!

But are you making any money? Watch closely as I train you on how to make money by working from home Because there’s rules to follow or it’s going to cost you Alright There are a lot of opportunities to make money from home Wow, this country we live in and I hope wherever you live

That you notice that there’s ways to make money from living at home And you all you got to do is look and there’s great, great opportunities But here’s the concern I have Are you sure you have the mentality to actually produce that money from working from home? Because it’s okay to have that business or that idea brought to the home But you need to recondition yourself about what you need to stop doing, what you need to start doing so you have the mentality of what it takes to get this done and to do it right

So, I’m not going to point at any particular business that’s going to be good or bad for you to work from home But I’m going to talk about is the mindset Because the mindset could cause you to just crash and burn and just mess up Or it can help you really excel in your choice Now, check this out

I saw an old friend and I asked him, you know like, “Hey, how you doing? You’re still doing that business you were doing?” And they just kind of you know, kind of crooked smile Kind of way, “Uhh I change that I change that again” I said, “What do you mean you changed? How many different businesses have you tried from home?” And then they told me 17 different businesses

17 businesses from home And they said to me they go, “Yeah I don’t know if this working from home thing even works, Kirk I don’t know if it even works I don’t think it’s even true

” Wow, I noticed where they were pointing their attention They were thinking that the business was working or not working But there was no attention on the person And since that time, which was years and years ago when I saw them out and about I started to notice and talk to people who are working for a moment asking them, “So, what’s it like to have a business at home? You making money from home?” And I wish I could say, I hear more people being excited about it

But I noticed a lot of people stressing about it And I know why they’re stressing They did not consider of retraining their mind on how to do this They just thought they could take the same personality, they’ve always had And allow a business to come in and think they know how to master it

When there’s really some very important steps of changing a way of thinking, that’s got to work at home So, I have for you some suggestions and tips that I really know is going to make a difference But I don’t know if you’re going to take action on it so I can’t guarantee this will change for you until you decide to do the actions You do the actions, it’ll work It’ll work

You don’t do the actions, yeah, you’re probably going to do it most people do Sooner or later, blame the business that it didn’t work But let’s get your mindset straight So, it can work for you So, the first thing you got to stop doing it is natural human tendency to postpone things

You know, we think that we can put things off day to day to day But what happens is when we postpone things and we have a business at home, it not only affects the business, it affects the family, right? Because now, we have this dual experience going on and it’s going to really escalate in this experience of messing with the family Causing conflict in the family So, your natural tendency to postpone has got to change a little bit Now, you don’t leave it the same but you got to change that

So you’re postponing is coming down Instead of postponing 3 or 4 things a day and rescheduling 3 or 4 things, you’re going to narrow that down by half But pay attention to how easily you go about just postponing things You’re not going to do very well making money if you are easily moved upon to postpone things Holding the appointments is what matters

Holding those commitments is what’s really going to teach you how to perform better having a business at home and making money from home The next one is every person has a level of avoiding people But wait, people is what makes businesses work, you know? It’s people who want products and services that make businesses work So, avoiding your family, avoiding your spouse, avoiding making the phone calls The more you avoid those phone calls or you think, “Oh, I shouldn’t call them right now it’s seven o’clock at night

” Call them I don’t know it’s 8 o’clock the morning, maybe they’re not up yet Call them Every ounce of effort you put into avoiding people, the business is starting to drift and fade For you to work really well at home and make money working at home, you got to embrace people

It’s like get after it How many people can you meet? How soon can you call them? It’s like you just are excited to meet them and talk to them on the phone or text or or Facebook or social media or meeting them But you got to switch that around or that’s going to bite you That’s going to totally bite you and slow down your progress The other problem is thinking you can work your business 24/7

I’ll just do that when I wake up in the morning at 5:00 I’ll just do that Thursday night until midnight As soon as you start to get loose with your schedule, you’re losing money You’re losing money And as long as you think you can work 24/7, what happens is, is you start to dilute your ability to be efficient

It be better to have very tight working hours so that the amount of money you do make has a higher value per hour than just always 24/7 And I tell you, the worst thing I hear is when I hear people who work from home to say, “Oh, call me any time” It’s like, “What? you have no hours?” It’s like, “Wow”, that means you’re always on call You’re always in that place You never sleep, you never stop, you never shut down, you never have a going vacation

You got to let the people know that you work with that There’s times you got to step away Sanity comes from the ability to walk away and recover Next one is mixing home and work You know, if you if you watch our YouTube videos and you’re subscribing to what we’re doing, you will see how I

There’s videos here to train you about all the different aspects of working at home So you don’t want to miss the training videos They’re coming out

So, make sure you subscribe Make sure you subscribe But mixing home and work to where literally there is no boundary between the two There’s no clear line between that, you’re going to not make as much money You be able to have a start and stop time

To be able to have times when you are literally you know you’re working, the family knows you’re working And they don’t bother you Nobody walks in there, nobody talks to you because you’re working If your family can walk in whenever they want and talk to you whenever they want, they will show up at the perfect time to sabotage you You know for you to be efficient, you got to be really on with your thoughts and really on with the

What’s happening in the work you’re doing and so you can have some consistent thinking processes But if you keep getting interrupted, that’s just money flying out the door It’s just going to fly out the door

Because when you lose thought, you lose focus, you lose sales Pretty easy You lose thought, you lose focus, you lose sales So, the kids need to know when you’re working and when you’re not working But you got to stop the gray lines and the mixture of what’s going on they’re

Now, taking it too casual “Oh, I got a business at home” It’s not a guarantee you’re going to be successful You got to work You got to work

Yeah, I hear people, “Oh, yeah I finally I’ve got a business I’m working out of my home” It’s like, uh-oh What do you think about this? Yeah

And I can hear the casual side Anything that is casual falls over You build a house casually You know, you casual creates casualties I mean, that’s how it works in business

Casual is casualties Without structure at home, the business will crumble “But Kirk, I just want to be relaxed and just comfortable with doing this” It’s like, “Where is the structure?” You can have the free relax with structure But being relaxed without structure is a problem

But when you notice you’re too casual with how you’re doing things, you’re losing money, you’re losing time and you’re losing clients So, you’re losing Without a structure, the ship sinks It just does So, those are some things to stop

These are things to stops To start doing things is you be a finisher Literally you choose what you can choose because you can know you can finish it But you get in your mindset, “I finish what I start” And I’m going to finish it by this day

I’m going to finish it by this time But you embrace it Even though you’re terrible at it, even though you can’t be a finisher right now You’re aspiring to becoming a finisher bBing a finisher draws business to you

Being a finisher builds confidence Being a finisher helps you make your choices in life a lot more clearly Of what’s going to work what’s not going to work But aspire to being a finisher like it really is finished and it gets put away Or it gets finished and sent

But it really gets finished It’ll make a difference in your home business and making money Then because you’re working from home, there’s a tendency to not get out and physically meet people Get out of the house, go to a network meeting, go down to the local event happen in your community Go meet people, go to stores, go say hi to people

Once you start to lose the physical person-to-person experience, you’re going to lose some sense of connecting to people When you’re physically with somebody and you’re watching and listening them, there’s a lot of other components your mind uses for communication Those in-person skills then can transfer over to the phone But if you’re only on the phone and you’re only emailing you’re only texting, you lose those communication skills And you don’t pick up that change in voice and the and the different things you’re hearing and those non-word communication cues

So, I know personally I’ve got to be out meeting people So, my communication skills can stay very, very, very, very high So when I am on the phone or I’m on a conference call or texting or emailing, I can pick up all the communications going on Not just the words that are being said

But businesses fail at home because they get away from people and they lose those communication skills So, get out and meet new people I am a big promoter at start and stop time Am i perfect at it? Ah I wish I was better at it But the start-stop time makes a big difference

When I don’t hold to my stop time, I can feel it When I don’t hold to my start time, man I can feel it That one I’m still working on I do really good on some days in some weeks but there’s other times like, “Oh man, I’m so off on this” But I’m aspiring to be better at start and stop times

My family knows I asked for forgiveness and I apologized when I’m off on my timing But I don’t quit on aspiring to being better with my start and stop times But it makes a difference I always do better when I follow my start and stop times of working

And that gives the family structure of what dad’s doing, right? Now, setting goals for your business There’s daily goals and there’s weekly goals But you really want to look at your daily action step list That daily action step list, when your goal is too far out there And when it’s too far out there, you might find yourself just moving tasks from one day to the next day to the next day

Because it really doesn’t need to be completely committed and finished until a week from now or until a months from now That all get you That’ll sabotage you, that’ll rip you off I think where the magic is, is in the daily tasks, every day And that you’re looking at the tasks, you’re looking at your time and you are searching for efficiency

Delegation and efficiency How can I delegate this? Okay, I delegate this too Or how can I be efficient right now? How could I sit at my office to be more efficient? How can I do this so I can be more efficient? So, I can actually finish those things in the time I have left So, number 4 is about literally switching it to the daily tasks Not the week, you can have the week goal but you know what? That week-long goal, you’ll notice you’ll delay things

But the daily tasks and to get after that and really strive for efficiency Because the more efficient you are, the more things are going to move for you The more things you’re going to find yourself being less stressed because efficiency requires looking at your systems You know and how that whole system is working in the office And then of course, you really don’t know if you’re making money unless you’re managing money

And if you’re not managing where your money’s going, you’re losing money Simple, simple My money mentor told me My money mentor told me, he goes, “If you’re not managing your money, you’re losing money” There are plenty, believe me There are plenty of ways to lose money I am not going to take the time to explain all the different directions But if you don’t watch where your money goes, then your money just goes

So, it’s how do you do this? How do you How do you check in with that? At least once a month to review your expenses and where the money went You’ll be surprised to find out where your money went

Wait, I didn’t know that spending that much money on that But manage your money It doesn’t just show up and replant itself all by itself It’s got to be managed And for some reason, people who work at home tend to not look at that

“They think it’s just going to be there” Until you’re broke Until your money is gone and then you’re forced into managing your money But don’t let that happen Start looking at your money

Even if it freaks you out, it scares you and you don’t know what you’re looking at I think if you look at it enough times, you start to pay attention to what’s going on I don’t think it takes a lot of smarts to begin learning how to look at your money Especially where it was spent If that means having a box of receipts, if that means you know, keeping an excel file on your computer or getting some you know software to use

Whatever that might take But if you don’t manage it, you’re losing it It can make a big difference So, watching people fail has taught me what to do to succeed And what you got here is a success list

And this success list, when followed, you’re going to find yourself improving what it is that you do When you don’t have this and you’re not going to do these things, I just pretty much just you’re going to fail You’re going to mess it up, you’re going to crash, you’re going to mess it all up But you don’t need to So, take 1 or 2 of these and review this

Don’t just let this be a one-time glance at this video This is real failure issues And this is real success issues It’s not just kind of cute It’s what you’re going to do

It’s what you’re going to do to mess stuff up So, look at this Check-in What can you do today that will make a difference in improving this whole experience of making money from home Don’t ruin the situation, don’t blame the business when you don’t have structure

So, here at 3 key elements, we love training people about how to pay attention and raise their awareness And so for more, check us out at our website and look at our courses that we have here that we hold live trainings for here in Salt Lake City, Utah And also of course, subscribe to what we’re teaching here And because it’s great material It’s going to help you not only in business but with your family, with your relationships and with your mindset

Which all of that matters So, the reason why we do this is that your life matters And let’s do something about that today