What Cryptos Should You Mine? Zcash, Bitcoin Gold, Vertcoin…What?!

Alright! How's it going? I'm Austin with the crypto playhouse and I'm sitting here with one of our 3 GPU 1080 Ti miners It's currently running with the EVGA SC2 Black Edition cards

We found that they've got a nice high rpm fan and it keeps our temps down while we're mining And I'm sitting down with Whattomine to see what we're going to be mining today So, let�s take a look Everyone's got their own resource they like for mining outputs, we like "What to Mine" It gives us a nice even spread and were able to plug our hashrates in individually

So we're just going to sit here and put in our three 1080 Ti's And let's see what it has to say for us today Alright, so; for a while we were on Zcash Zcash was definitely the top earner for the Nvidia cards and personally I really liked that, because that's something i feel comfortable holding But lately, the Equihash algorithm with Zcash hasn't quite been up to par and we've been mining on the Lyra 2 Revision 2 algorithm

And today it looks like Monacoin is going to be our top earner, and just behind that were sitting with Vertcoin, which is another new player Been seeing that a lot more lately And we've got Zencash which is a fork off from the Zcash currency And we�ve got Zcash coming in 4th place there So, let�s take a look at the pricings here

Alright, so up top we are doing everything with a ten cent per Kilowatt-Hour pricing for the power just for the sake of it That's going to vary where you are of course Some of you lucky people might even be doing no cost if you�re in one of those places � Right now we're seeing a spread between $740 for the Monacoin at very top, and were also looking here at 6

69 for Zcash So we're seeing just about a dollar difference in the earning capabilities of these currencies Today it looks like we�re probably going to dive in, we�re gonna go for Monacoin It's relatively new but it has been getting a lot of traction lately It's been a big player in Japan

They actually just legalized the use of cryptocurrencies in brick and mortar stores and were actually starting to see ATMs popping up where you can withdraw paper currency for your cryptos So we're going to stick with Mona It's been on the rise and I think it's a really solid one So as i said, we're sticking with Monacoin today it is going to be getting us about a dollar higher profit than Zcash Now obviously, there's a lot to think about with this

Zcash was really a great choice for us for a while because it was the�top earner for us on the Nvidia cards As many people in the mining community know ethereum was always the top choice was always the top choice for the amd miners and Zcash really took that place for the Nvidia cards Now, with this hardware obviously the Monacoin is what we're going to drift to today, but something we want to ask you guys is; what do you do with your mined altcoins? Do you like to hold on to them and really put your faith in the individualized coin that you're mining and hope that that price is going to go up, really hold onto it and hold that community forward? Or are you one of those people that goes for the instant exchange? You say, "Alright, I'm making Monacoin today It's going to earn me an extra dollar per day, or I can go and do Zcash and lose that little bit of money but I'm more secure with Zcash" Do you like to go for that lower priced target with that coin that you trust or do you make that little bit of extra money and then go and convert? We'd like to hear from you

What you like to mine? What you convert to? Or, if you're one of those folks that likes to hold on Personally I'm still holding onto all of my Zcash earnings from the past few months I think that it's a really secure one But as for right now i think the Monacoin is something that has a lot of promise, so I�m going to be holding onto that and if we do see things start to drop off a little bit, I'll do a conversion, but for now, I have faith in the system and I'm hoping to really see that secure in And also, speaking of our own 1080 Ti system here, the real big earners in terms of algorithms lately have been, as I said, the Lyra 2 Revision 2 algorithm and the Equihash algorithm

And for those of you that don't know, on October 23rd, just two days ago, we had a Bitcoin hard fork that occurred and they split off to the new currency Bitcoin Gold Now, this is a really interesting one for us in the world, the crypto mining world, those that are trading; its a real big change for us, because Bitcoin has always been an ASIC-centric currency � You gotta have an ASIC if you want to mine Bitcoin with any kind of efficiency But it's really shaking up the community because this Bitcoin Gold will actually be mined on the Equihash algorithm, so you can go on one of these and pick up your GPU Mining Rig and you can actually start mining one of the Bitcoin forks � And that is really one of the first times that we've seen a transfer from an ASIC centric hardware over to a GPU based algorithm and its going to be really exciting to see what happens with that

� Just a little bit also on the miner here, as I mentioned we're on the EVGA SC2 black editions We do have some three-card miners and some six-card miners going here over at the Crypto Playhouse We're really, really looking forward to the new 20 series that are going to be around in early 2018 Things have been shifting throughout the year and with this, as I said, we're seeing a lot of transfer over from Equihash to Lyra 2 Revision 2 So, along with hearing what you guys are doing in terms of which currencies you like to mine, what hardware are you guys on? Do you prefer to go for a little bit lower end and then come in at a little bit lower profit and stack more hardware, or do you like to go high end, get those high numbers, and keep the space down? � If you guys want to hear anything more about the miners themselves, we will have these going on sale shortly

We will have three card and six card versions There will be more on that later Coming on, we're kind of new to the whole Youtube game here; but we're going to be having a lot going on with different things in the crypto world We're going to be talking about doing some trading on the market We're going to be talking about mining itself, optimizing it, things like that

We're also going to take a nice look at hardware, and we're going to be having some talks about the new up and coming cryptocurrencies; really take a look at how the community has been changing over the couple years as things have kicked off, and really started ramping up So, If you guys have anything else that you'd like to see from us, anything that you're curious about; feel free to drop us a line We'll do our best to get back to you, and we really want to hear from you guys Anywho, if you enjoyed this drop us aline, subscribe to the channel and we'll be hearing from you