Ubcoin : Un moyen simple de dépenser tes plus values cryptos ?

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Let's go ! The Ubcoin project, or ubi coin, as you want to pronounce, starting from an extremely simple observation: there are a lot of people who have crypto-currencies, there are more and more people who have crypto-currencies, and for the most part, these crypto-currencies are also capital gains and these people do not know what to make of this money, they have plenty of money sleeping on their cryptos accounts A statistic that says that by 2020, so it's only in two years, the number of people who own cryptos should be multiplied by ten So, with that in mind, well, they created the following project: a competitor of Amazon or eBay on which, rather a competitor of eBay, on which anyone can buy, resell, his objects with a token, with crypto What's interesting is that they want to completely bypass what's called the "fiat", that is to say the classic money, euros, dollars, and allow particular to anyone to become an investor in crypto-currencies simply by selling his objects, objects he no longer uses, on the site, he posts an advertisement, and selling his items, well they directly earn tokens Ubicoins he can of course then change to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and so enter the world of cryptos like this And, conversely, if you want to buy something on the Internet, a flat screen, a new TV, if you made cryptos gains but you do not want to iron by the euro, for example for tax purposes, well you will also can do it with a Ubcoin

So it's a project that I find quite interesting So the team behind this project is not anyone, it's the Australian society called UBank, which is a bit like a bank like we have today, the ING Direct, etc, the neo-banks, which is itself a split from a large Australian national bank So it's a team of fifty developers who are all working now on the current ICO, which is obviously a very, very good news And the fact that it is an established company, it allowed them to sign today already partnerships with Samsung and Huawei, so that are not all little boxes, both of which are giants, especially smartphones

And thanks to this partnership, well they'll have the Ubcoin app preinstalled directly on the next smartphones that they will market maybe to from 2019 And so that, obviously, it's absolutely great because it gives them a base extremely strong, extremely strong customer base So it's a project that has everything to please This is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, there are up to 4 billion that will be created during the ICO The ICO is running right now until the end of May, so you can participate directly on the website

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