Why Security Tokens will Dominate the Crypto Space in 2018

How's it going everyone It's Austin over here at the Crypto Playhouse

If, like myself, you were heavily invested in the 2017 crypto space, you probably did very well But it's 2018 The SEC is coming, regulations are coming, the condition of ICOs is going to change alot So today we're going to take a look at how things are going to be different, and something we've been talking about alot: security tokens [opening music] Before we jump into security tokens, the first thing we need to address is: what is a security? According to the SEC (info pulled from investopedia

com), "A security is a fungible, negotiable financial instrument that holds some type of monetary value It represents an ownership position a publicly traded corporation" Is that really important to us in the crypto space? Under that definition, no, but we have to know is that the issue isn't with the security tokens that are out there, because they really aren't out there yet! The issue is with utility tokens, that at the time of launch truly have no utility The thing of it is that if there is a new ICO you are launching or investing in, if and when SEC comes through and they analyze these projects and that ICO is bringing in money to issue tokens but there is no use for the tokens (no live mainnet, no test network, no true reason for the token to exist), the reality is you will be found to be investing in a security But the thing that a lot of crypto investors don't realize is, that if you as a consumer are invested in a security platform and the SEC determines the platform is a security, NOT a utility token, you as a consumer can be held responsible as well as the company, being penalized and forced to pay fines

I believe 2018 will be a year for the advancement of tokens, and a split from the usual utility token idea You may be asking yourself, "if utility tokens are at risk and securities are going to be important over the coming years, how do i get my hands on some security tokens?" The reality is that at this point you probably can't! But there is a lot on the horizon! You've likely heard of Polymath before They're a big name in the crypto space but not too many people seem to know too much about the backworkings of the project Polymath is currently an ERC-20 based token, and they are building a platform for a new standardized method of launching a security token Currently we have the ERC-20 format, which is a tokenized asset on the ethereum blockchain, and they will be adapting it to the "ST-20" which when completed will be a new launching platform for security token projects that want to launch an ICO but are underfunded or too early in development for a true utility token

Along with Polymath, we've seen another new project: Securitize This is 50% ownership under SPiCE VC, a Venture capital group that has invested in multiple blockchain projects Securitize seems to be a similar layout to the Polymath concept They are offering people who are launching ICOs to more effectively hit the market as a security But securitize seems to give a more expansive set of tools, and much more help with the ico set up itself, much more than simply the ERC-20 "ST-20" smart contract

But we must remember when dealing with a new market and SEC regulations there are some things to be considered regarding trading these assets Unlike the traditional exchanges where we can jump in and trade our utility tokens for other cryptos or fiat, mixing that with security tokens wouldn't be feasible So a number of different groups that have been playing around with the idea of a security based trading platform Currently the tZero project is the biggest of these, which is actually owned under Overstock, and have a few crossover advisors from Poly math and vice versa It will essentially act as a highly liquid security token trading marketplace

This is great because one of the biggest issues I have experienced as a crypto trader is that if you aren't trading the absolute top market cap tokens, that liquidity is simply not there With security tokens, we will open the space to higher level investors and greater levels of liquidity Now granted, while you won't have as many average consumers participating in the ICOs themselves or the presale of these security tokens, the ability to purchase and trade them will be much more feasible than trading some of the smaller no name utility tokens floating around out there Just to be clear, utility tokens are not dead!!! They aren't going anywhere, but these new ICO's that are launching will be facing much more stringent restrictions, and I believe the security token concept will truly be expanded on in 2018, becoming a big part of what we see in crypto And as we move into 2018 there seems to be a relatively small number of groups that are moving forward on this security space

One of those few groups is the "Security Token Partners" headed up by Mario Pazos We will be sitting down with him next week and doing an interview with him! He's a major investor in the blockchain space and a driving force in the forward motion of the security revolution in cryptos This should prove to be very interesting as we see why he thinks securities will be a huge breakthrough in the crypto space! If you liked the video, leave us a comment! And remember, our CryptoPlayhousecom website is officially launched, so head over and sign up for the Elite Club! If you are a current ICO or blockchain project looking for aid, we have a "Strategic Partnership" section you should check out! We look forward to hearing from you! [ending music]

The End of Bitcoin Mining – Crypto Mining is DEAD

I am officially done with Bitcoin mining cryptocurrency mining all of that welcome back to the channel guys I'm Bruce Wayne and that was my dramatic intro to ending my cryptocurrency mining career I've had so many ups and downs with this crypto mining business that it's just not worth the hassle anymore and I'm just giving it up on top of that the weather has changed a lot in the last two weeks two weeks ago it was freezing almost every single freaking day in my office and now I don't even need to turn on the heat I can just open a window the weather is fine now is bearable this building isn't well insulated but it doesn't even matter anymore I'm happy to shut off all my miners and I'm gonna get ready to sell them on eBay if you want to buy them just to go on eBay and you can buy them there luckily I kept the boxes for everything I'm one of those guys that hoards all this crap so I'm gonna be selling I think I'll be selling two of these I still got the box if you keep the boxes when you resell them you get a better price I'm gonna be selling two of them and I think that I'm gonna keep the PC so I can do some live streaming I have some live streaming ideas that I want to test out so that's that now I want to go over the main reasons why crypto just sucks just really freaking sucks first it's not profitable I just plain and simple it's just not profitable there's actually there's no more reasons to mine unless you have free electricity I keep I keep going over that I think like that's my mantra right now just free electricity you can mind anything else don't do it it's not even worth it for the heat that's the main number one reason why that's just getting into the meat of it number two nice hash sux ballz I made a lot of videos on nice hash and it is still the number one mining places to go to start mining and whatnot but nice house nice hash sucks major balls I'm serious they're programming no it is easy to use but for whatever reason it keeps crashing on me I have to reset my computer like a hundred times in the last in the last two years I probably had to reset my computer a thousand times and that just gets so annoying I want to show you the grep let me show you the graph of my mining output all right just hang on real quick alright so this is just gonna be a quick screenshot of the graph for my nice hash miners and you can see that there's a lot of dips where the the miner would just crash and just stop working normally I'm able to catch it because I get sent notifications but recently they've just been crashing so much that I just I just couldn't handle anymore you know it's not even worth like the few extra dollars that I get every like I think it was like 40 bucks a month 30 bucks a month that I could be making from this and that's the second reason why I'm stopped I'm gonna stop mining the third reason why I'm stopping crypto mining is because I can sell all of my computer parts and make some type of return from it when it comes to just my GPUs I made a full 100 percent return on investments with that and if I sell it I'll be making a lot more but with this crap right here this crap this is done like I can't I'm not gonna make any types of returns on this unless crypto goes back to unless Bitcoin goes back to $20,000 these I'm just gonna throw into the garbage I'm 95% sure that the entire world won't even be able to make a profit with an s and minor s9 right now is just this thing just sucks up so much electricity it's not even funny like if you were to run this even if you had like 6 cents per kilowatt-hour you'll still go broke that is just so frustrating guys it's just so frustrating and the fourth reason why I'm done crypto mining is because it's just time to move on I'm leaving all the stress of crypto and the crypto community has put upon me and put up and I put upon myself so I'm just gonna leave all that behind 2019 you know this is a brand new year and I don't want to be in that type of space anymore it's just too emotionally physically draining so this is it guys this is the end of the crypto mining journey it's over I'm done I'm out the game this these are just gonna be antiques sitting behind me already build a shelf and just keep them there it looks pretty dope in the background but I want to thank all you guys for following me along on this journey you know it's been a crazy two years straight crypto mining for like I was probably mining for at least half of the half of the two years all the Wynn crypts that went all the way up and then when it started to climb down that's when I started to stop and I gave it one more chance but it's just it just wasn't worth it at the end I get a lot of questions from you guys if you guys should still be mining cloud mining or Hardware mining just don't do it there's a lot of other things out there that you can be doing that's worth more worth more of your time but yeah it is the end is the finale this is the final final season if you've made it all the way with me give me a thumbs up give me a like man I stuck through it I grinded it out as hard as I could and if you're brand new to the channel you're brand new to the channel and you still want to see all this crypto mining stuff I think you guys have to unsubscribe but if you want to see a lot more fun stuff on this channel I'm still talking about investing I I'm still gonna be doing videos about investing I'll most likely will still be doing a lot of risky investments out there just because it's fun to throw money up in the air sometimes and make it rain thank you guys don't forget to subscribe if you want to see more content like that don't forget to leave a comment and congratulate me on retiring from crypto mining and I'll check you guys in the next one I'm gonna go drink away all this pain right now bye