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what's going on guys this is B Wells and I'm bringing a hundred Kryptos in a hundred days this is the ninth out of a hundredth episode and if they were featuring funfair so funfair is a cryptocurrency that's based upon changing the casino industry and the online gambling industry we'll take a look at its current price that's right on our 4 cents with 180 million dollar market cap you see the total supply of fun tokens is going to be right under 11 billion but there's only 46 circulating I'm not a hundred percent sure where these other ones are at this is a coin that I haven't researched extremely thoroughly but I have looked into the white paper and I've looked into possibly investing into it I had some for a little bit just for when I was day trading a little while ago for just for fun so it looks like bonus release was right when it was the highest ratio with Bitcoin with a price there's only two point one sense but it's been as high as eighteen point five cents so eighteen and a half cents with a market cap of all three 818 bill or a million dollars so it was a almost to the billion you can definitely see that it has potential on that high point and because I think a lot of crypto is that hit that high point do have potential other projects that hit a high point that don't follow through with anything though will end up falling off and continue and maybe even die out at some point like a lot of ICS have but companies and programs and people that are putting together what they set we're set out to do and create I think will definitely survive the long haul and also I think will do very well because you know people are investing in blockchain today that's the that's the hot-hot investment quick way to try to make a million dollars so we'll look at the funfair website pretty nice design they have a nice interactive logo up there pretty good team if you look through it and that they now have test network games we're ready to roll on the test network of aetherium and you can also play locally so we'll go over here to their showcase haven't tried to play anything yet so let's give it a go I'll see if they have any blackjack we can play and play local and this is my first time trying this out as well so see if I like the feel it looks really nice Mac's bet a thousand so let's start max what's a thousand let's start with a fifty bit he lit up I think he's got a ten showing he's gonna bust yeah let's see it read that platform looks very nice and smooth so far everybody I can definitely tell that it's taking a little bit extra computing power out of my laptop I have a MacBook Pro though so it shouldn't be too rough on it seems like a nice flat phone though it's working smoothly it looks really good checking for bloggers let's hit that one so yeah this is a nice platform for the blackjack we take a look we'll take a look at one more game just to see what it looks like and a lot of people are gonna go ahead and accept funfair and partner up with them I'll tell you another coin that I've talked about in my top hundred cryptos in a hundred days was the mana decentraland which is a VR world and funfair is actually partnered with biggest city in decentraland so funfair will be certainly powering a lot of these VR casinos in the future where people are going and playing blackjack playing poker whatever they're their favorite game IV with their friends with some of their family members actually getting to interact with them without ever leaving their house sitting on the couch and I think that'll be cool in ways and I think it might be abused to by a lot of people as well some people might even get stuck in their digital world but whatever the case I think it'll end up to be pretty cool to at least experiment around with and have a little bit of fun every now and then so the roulette looks pretty nice too doesn't look like they're gonna waste too much time which is probably a smart idea if you want to get maximum amount of bets in because most Roulettes you know those to show them spinning around for 45 seconds to a minute or something sometimes a little shorter sometimes a little longer but this one's pretty quick so you could get a lot of bets in and we'll just give it ten rolls here and see if we can hit that red seven and I think that a lot of these coins might be burned one day too I'm gonna have to UM I have to you almost have to update you guys on my research if but I know that mana will be burned as you're in east-central and I'm not sure here to bring funfair tokens you might be able to gamble more than just mana and be central and or spend it because it will be digital stores there as well but I like how cryptocurrencies are partnering up a lot of people are taking their talents and combining them and that's that's great for the space I think it's gonna be awesome look at that they want to put it one off just to keep you going you know make it seem like oh you almost got it before for more roles here and see if we can hit this red 7 just I gotta hear the odds of you hitting it 10 out of trying 10 times whenever the odds are about 1 out of 38 with the no only one out of 37 there's only one 0 so you know if I could hit that red 7 I feel especially confident investing in fun fair but since it's not showing up for me I might just have to move on to another project I'm just playing but uh it's looking it's looking good for funfair it's really smooth I really like the look of it it would even tell they put time into this looks like the best of online gaming casino type platforms that I've seen it looks way better than most that I have seen – like there's certain websites that are flash this looks really good but like I said it does take up some computing power for sure so they're gonna have all types of games like backer app slots they even have some type of arcade video poker so I think it's gonna be a really good project in the long run craps let it ride is just so many so many games I think so cool like I think they really put their time three-card poker your letter I Caribbean stud numb to the Stars I've had those our slot machine yeah I think it's gonna be a great project and we'll see how it turns out but I could easily see it being well over a couple billion dollars once it's implemented especially if decentraland takes off there's a PR city where you can go gamble and obviously some jurisdictions might have to get on board legalizing it but there's a lot that will allow it already so I really like this project and just the remind you guys definitely check out and subscribe because we're gonna have giveaways on this channel as soon as we hit the thousand subscriber mark every weekend so do that support me you know hook me up with some up boats or give me some feedback on comment I'll appreciate whatever you have to say even if it's constructive criticism thank you guys for watching and supporting the channel and I'll see you on the moon have a good one

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what's going on everybody this is B Wells and today we're bringing you a hundred crypto in a hundred days the number 10 out of 100 episode and we're featuring tether today so tether is gonna be kind of quick because it's not a crypto you actually invest in its one that's designed to always stay at $1 and it's used on many major exchanges if you see the market cap its rank is 15 overall but the 2 point almost 3 billion dollar market cap is backed by US dollars in this case I'll say before I go on any further there has been a little bit of speculation that tether is insolvent or they don't have enough they've been printing more tether as opposed time in US dollars they've received I don't really believe that that could be true I think tether is going to be fully compliant and solvent but that will work itself out here in the future and we'll see we'll see what happens I think it you know I was just negative more negative news to put and to the mainstream media to bash the price of crypto currencies down so tether should always stay towards a dollar the only reason you ever really want to invest in tether is if you have something like Bitcoin neo aetherium and you want to trade it to the US dollar or tether and think it's essentially like shorting the coin almost because you'll make the money or make more coin if Bitcoin drops if say bitcoins nine thousand dollars you trade it to tether now you have nine thousand dollars worth of tether and it goes down to eight thousand dollars you'll be able to get more than one full Bitcoin at that point and that's how you'll make a profit so that's how people in exchanges use tether and I think that it's a great project it's something that helped bring crypto more into the mainstream helped allow more people to be able to buy it I expect to see it sticking around for quite a long time and used by many exchanges and I tether up every now and then if I really think the markets about the dip for some reason I'll definitely switch it to tether and wait a couple days and see what happens and see if I can make some extra coin it's mainly how it's used so definitely definitely a good project but if they did come out to be insolvent or they didn't have that full amount of 23 billion dollars a lot of Kryptos I think would crash hard at that point because there's meaning exchanges that you tether from finance to bitch wrecks so I know that a lot of them use tether to be able to switch between back and forth the US dollar and crypto so let's hope that it is solvent that's really all I had to say about tethers considering you can't invest in it we'll be bringing you the 11th episode today as well since I missed yesterday so sorry about that also just make sure you subscribe to the channel because as soon as we hit 1000 subscribers which will probably take about a month or two at that point we're going to be doing giveaways every single weekend crypto currency giveaway so thanks a lot for the support I'll see you guys on the moon take it easy

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it's going on guys this is V Wells and this is a hundred crypto in 100 days and today we're gonna be talking about Manero Manero currently has a supply of fifteen point eight million coins and once I reaches 18 million it's gonna start producing 03 Monero per minute to an infinite level which is an approximate 1% gain on its first year so somewhere along the lines of of 1 percent a year for the inflation of one arrow it's not like Bitcoin where it's gonna cut off at a certain amount and then freeze never have another coin created and that's just the one difference with Bitcoin in Manero the other main difference is that Manero is a privacy based coin whereas Bitcoin is more of just focused on being a currency and a store value means of exchange so just straight from the Monera official website you know it's obviously the leading crypto right now with the focus being on privacy and censorship resistant attack transactions so essentially when you're using one arrow now you're getting the privacy that bitcoin was once touted for that never really had people used to say bitcoin was private but it really wasn't and especially now that Edward Snowden has released some information on that considering governments or whatever Evans eyeing Bitcoin users for a long time and prioritizing it but um whenever transactions are also confidential they're untraceable it's a grassroots community it's got seven core developers that started the project and it's an electronic cash that allows fast and explicit inexpensive payments so Manero it's obviously kind of essentially a cent just like Bitcoin other than the fact that it it doesn't have that max supply of coins and it has the privacy focus it's kind of disinflationary rather than deflationary but with that model that's still a good model that I think will definitely work in the crypto world I know that Ricardo's Fagin II he's one of the lead developers on Manero and I heard him speak at the North American Bitcoin conference a couple months ago and he's definitely a top-grade guy that's just gonna work hard to bring this into fruition and he was even speaking on that you know that he could easily be replaced if he doesn't work hard and I think he's gonna follow through with Manero and see it see it all the way through I think it's gonna really have a lot more potential from this 210 dollar mark I could easily see this three billion dollar market cap 3

3 billion dollar market cap hitting 50 billion which would be a gain of about 15 and that would put the price of Marinero Oh a little over $3,000 I think that that's probably a fair price at some point I don't fair target anyways I should say but you know that's that's what I'd be looking for if I was holding it easy Lee a great investment right now there's a lot of good investments currently but monera is definitely another one that's why I wanted to cover it and especially if you want to have some kind of privacy focus with why you're using the cryptocurrency or just you know whatever your reason might be you don't really need a reason don't want privacy so definitely look into Manero a little bit further to your own research before you ever invest in a coin and make sure to subscribe to the channel we're going to be doing giveaways every weekend once we hit a thousand subscribers appreciate all the support make sure you hit that like button and I'll see you guys on the moon take it easy

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what's going on guys this is V Wells and I'm coming at you with a hundred kryptos in a hundred days this is the number thirteen episode out of a hundred and we're gonna be talking about smart cash today so smart cash is a crypto currency that is essentially trying to come out and allow you know smart voting a more decentralized network it's gonna allow fundraising through the actual platform itself as well for certain ideas you have to help smart cash grow each coin that you hold will be worth a vote and these type of things it's also a coin in chicken steak so you can get what's called smart rewards which is essentially your awards for staking and anytime anybody who gets over a thousand smart cash gets paid every 30 days after the 25th and that's that's pretty huge you get really good rewards I made about 4% in one month of a growth from staking my very first month of doing that and the future of smart cash which is hoping to bring it into the mainstream market and make it a highly usable cryptocurrency is what's gonna be called smart instant pay which is going to be basically a smart card what is gonna be called and it's like a debit card that takes cryptocurrency or a smart cash and turns it directly into spendable funds on a card where you can spend them anywhere a credit card or debit card is accepted so that is gonna really help boost main crypto into the mainstream I think there are other projects that have the same idea in mind there's 10x there's Sentra and there's a couple more so I mean I'm hoping some of these will actually get released like they're supposed to and help crypto become more mainstream and allow you to spend it easier a lot of people don't want to spin their crypto yet but I think in the future once it's accepted more broadly I think more people will start spending it especially when the price stabilizes a bit too however for now something like this would be great being able to spend some cryptos you see the average block times gonna be 55 seconds the maximum supplies five billion that's pretty high but right now there's only a 14 billion out in circulation so they're keeping a lot of those for the staking in other rewards I'm not sure what's gonna happen once they're all out and in in circulation however the rewards is gonna work or if they're gonna lower it by time I really haven't looked too far through this coin and done a lot of research the reason I'm behind it and the reason I invested some into it is because somebody I greatly respect from the crypto world named the og brach nuts Nona esteem accom has brung nuts he's a heavy proponent of smart cash and this is a guy who's very conservative in terms of what he invests in he doesn't invest in that many coins and if you look at his theme wallet right here he's got a hundred and five thousand steam worked a hundred and eighty six thousand dollars so I mean I think he knows what he's talking about to a great extent and he's a very skeptical investor so the reason I got into smart cash without really diving in deep was because oh gee Brock nuts recommended it and I fully trust him with a lot of crypto because I know that he's an OG you know like he's been in the game like me for a long time so Oh G brung us a big shout out to you thank you for telling me about smart cash I'm glad I heard about it and now let's just take a look at the price and the charts and stuff it's only eight cents a piece right now with a 66 million dollar market cap now look at this chart this is just ridiculous it was under a penny back in August had a big boost up to 16 cents and another dip but look at this pump right here we're talking smart cash hit two dollars and 80 cents guys and now it's eight cents apiece that is more than 30 time discrepancy and a lot of people might be scared of that but I like to think that good projects will bounce back even after big losses and if you see it's been on a huge downturn ever since it went back from that all-time high of 280 all the way back down the 91 cents 85 cents who stood back up to almost $2 and ever since it kind of stabilized around the 30 cent mark there for a little bit but it's just been slowly falling with a with some of the other kryptos in the price of Bitcoin but it'll be great to see it bounce back I really hope that it can because I'm up to about 20,000 smart cash now I just bought some more today actually seeing the very low pricing so we'll see what happens with it it's very exciting project again thanks to hope you brought nuts for shout it out to me and I'll dive a little deeper into it once I do a little bit more research we're just getting the basics of 100 coins done in a hundred days and after that we're gonna start doing some more intermediate to advanced videos but we're starting out more of a beginner level and working our way up because there is a lot of new people in the cryptocurrency space thanks a lot if you watch this video I'd greatly appreciate it thank you for any support or follows subscribes I should say and lights make sure to subscribe because as soon as we hit a thousand we're gonna start doing crypto giveaways every weekend guys so appreciate everybody tuning in and watching any comments that you might want to leave and I'll see you guys on the moon take it easy

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what's going on guys this is V Wells and we're bringing you a hundred crypto in 100 days today we're gonna talk about lifeline litecoin is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin doesn't have quite the market capitalization as you can see as Bitcoin Bitcoin currently at 45% litecoin at 25 that's a crazy visual overview to me of the total market cap you just see how much of a choke hold Bitcoin and aetherium have on the on the market and then ripple even has a good chunk compared to everybody else and it's seeing something like neo at one point to 6% only having that tiny share of the market cap to me shows how much we're in our infancy as well though because some of these projects deserve to be right up there with Bitcoin and etherium in my opinion and we'll see if that plays out over the next couple years litecoin could be one of these projects it is currently four times faster than Bitcoin in terms of transactions per second so the bitcoins at 7

6 right now litecoin 295 so four times faster it's also four times the exact supply of Bitcoin so as you can see the Mac supply of life horn is 84 million as compared to big points 21 million this coin so Don's manic you know I've been in the crypto game for a long time and sometimes this point just makes me sick it's one of those ones like ripple I almost bought a ripple under one penny apiece a lot of them same with like coin I actually bought it it's sometime in 2013 or I think around July August I bought a bunch of light coin miners as well and the price did tank after that a little bit but I did I did have thousands of these little miners that I bought and that we're gonna really get a lot of coin at the time and I wish at this point I did have a bunch of Bitcoin miners as well in 2013 I had some can see miners can't see Jupiter really powerful machines for the time so I got some really good Bitcoin mining in ordered litecoin miners they came in late though so like they came in two days late and I got really mad I say I don't want him anymore I'm shipping him back I want all my money back and they gave me all my money back and I should have bought the coin instead just bought the light coin at two dollars a piece a dollar seventy apiece and then see it skyrocket up here just even this first time up to 40 50 bucks is just ridiculous and now we're sitting on like coin it's $120 so I know they've had their problems lately there's light pay thing didn't pan out like it was supposed to I've read I didn't dive deep into it but I know that a lot of people are disappointed but I still think it has great potential especially for the long-term it's kind of one of those cryptocurrency blue chips in my opinion so just how you can buy a stock in McDonald's you can buy a stock in Walmart and almost guarantee that you're gonna make yourself a nice dividend at the end of the year and you're not gonna lose money it's the same way with like one at this point especially in this low market it might dip a little bit more in my opinion but it's not going much lower and I could be wrong about that you know it could go down 1500 or something Bitcoin I'm saying buddy I think it's almost reached its low point strong support point being at 7,000 a little under $7,000 and we'll see how that plays out white coin when you look at the charts it it was as high as 300 plus dollars three can't even get the mouse on there but 3:30 it's a zoom in 373 at the high point 15 17 billion dollar mark market cap as compared to us 67 right now so like coin I you know Charlie Lee he's a Bitcoin superstar I don't know how many people are still behind them after this last snafu it's not my favorite investment to be honest with you because I feel like there's better projects even when you look at some of these max transactions per second you can scroll down here and you look at something like a OS which is releasing in June 50,000 plus I think they tested and said supposedly around 100,000 and that's coming out in June this year so we have a lot of other ones that are way faster credits which is currently out as well 200,000 transactions per second oMG has really good potential and then you see a lot of these other old coins so slow could go up they Bitcoin could scale Bitcoin cash could scale somebody can really show up and do their do their thing but it's a matter of Technology and safety they don't want to lose the integrity of their code as well because that's the big draw to it one of the big girls to cryptocurrency so like when it's a good part good project to be in it's a good project to be invested in not my favorite is term in terms of like if I if I really had to throw out like my top five coins like coin wouldn't be there but it's definitely a safe investment I think especially for the long term just like buying Bitcoin or etherium is appreciate all you guys support make sure you subscribe soon as we hit a thousand we're gonna do weekly giveaways every weekend giving away cryptocurrency I appreciate all the support I've been getting all the views or not likes comments keep it up and I'm gonna keep bringing you guys the best content I can this is the hunter Kryptos on 100 days if mb woes and I'll see you guys on the moon take it easy

Top 3 Cryptos Leading the Recovery | Cryptocurrency to Invest under 1$ – 10$

in this video we talk about three kryptos leading the recovery holy shit finally we got hit we got hit hard we got gigs while we were down it was brutal but the crypto market is finally showing signs of life the total value of all crypto currencies combined also known as the total market gap jump above the 300 billion mark on Thursday and is now at its highest since March 26 on coin market gap Bitcoin defended the key 50 week moving average support in the first half of the week of last week before rising to 25 weak highs above 8

2 K on Friday meanwhile etherium appreciated 38% that week and it's the top performing major coin ripples xrp and crypto and Bitcoin cash gained thirty two point eight percent and twenty three point nine percent respectively if we look at the 20 top 25 currencies however we can see that there are three coins that outperformed their peers and I want to talk about those with you guys these could be the next big crypto currencies to invest in and they are all under $10 what I want to do in this video is talk about the three crypto currencies and then invite you to discuss with me in the comments whether or not these coins to serve a spot on a bigger list that I'm working on right now by the way I also wanted to share with you my new upload schedule I will be uploading five times a week from Monday until Friday so if you're new here welcome welcome to crypto Lent I invite you to subscribe turn on the bail notification and join the discussions so we can all learn from each other let's get on with the video number three ontology which I still want us to do a review on please let me know if there's demand for this and I will supply it's a weak performant was fifty two point nine four percent all-time high four dollars and seventy seven cent closing price on April 6 was three dollars and six cents in short ontology is a new high-performing distributed trust a collaboration platform that includes a series of completed distributed Ledger's and smart contract systems according to their official website their first versions of the roadmaps are released by their developers and the first projects are live on github ontology is ont token has made their way into the top 25 by market gap in just four weeks from inception the token began trading at one dollar and 36 cents on March 15th which means they rallied a staggering two hundred and fifty percent in four weeks talk about great timing that's insane number two is AOS weekly performance was fifty five point sixty eight percent all-time high 18 points seventy one dollars and closing price on April's April six was five dollars and 89 cents a US managed to recover quite well and jumped to nine dollars and 56 cents on Friday on BitFenix its highest level since February 20th developers recently announced the airdrop to the eos token holders and an idea of making free money fiea airdrops seems to have put some rocket fuel in the eos spaceship number one verge weekly performance 58 point 36 percent all time high 30 cents closing price on April 6th is zero point zero five five eight four eight three dollars purchase xvg token takes the top spot for the second time the 58 percent surge could be caused by growing investors interest in verges mysterious partnership which I will talk about tomorrow you don't want to miss out on that so better turn on notifications just saying yes partnership is scheduled for April 17th and it's juicy speculations are going around about token pay overstock Amazon and eBay but you're gonna have to watch tomorrow to see what's up also purchase xvg is second most actively traded on crypto on Finance my favorite exchange anticipation of the April 17th announcement will likely bring the xvg price to new levels this week buying the rumor however profit taking or selling the news after the announcement will likely push xvg lower again note that the sell-off could be sharp if announcements fail to meet sky-high expectations this is going to be an interesting week I'm curious to see what you guys think also let me know what you think is the mystery partnership maybe I can bring that into the video of tomorrow now let me know in the comments and let's talk some crypto I see you guys tomorrow for the mystery verge partnership video and until then stop settling and start living the koala

The End of Bitcoin Mining – Crypto Mining is DEAD

I am officially done with Bitcoin mining cryptocurrency mining all of that welcome back to the channel guys I'm Bruce Wayne and that was my dramatic intro to ending my cryptocurrency mining career I've had so many ups and downs with this crypto mining business that it's just not worth the hassle anymore and I'm just giving it up on top of that the weather has changed a lot in the last two weeks two weeks ago it was freezing almost every single freaking day in my office and now I don't even need to turn on the heat I can just open a window the weather is fine now is bearable this building isn't well insulated but it doesn't even matter anymore I'm happy to shut off all my miners and I'm gonna get ready to sell them on eBay if you want to buy them just to go on eBay and you can buy them there luckily I kept the boxes for everything I'm one of those guys that hoards all this crap so I'm gonna be selling I think I'll be selling two of these I still got the box if you keep the boxes when you resell them you get a better price I'm gonna be selling two of them and I think that I'm gonna keep the PC so I can do some live streaming I have some live streaming ideas that I want to test out so that's that now I want to go over the main reasons why crypto just sucks just really freaking sucks first it's not profitable I just plain and simple it's just not profitable there's actually there's no more reasons to mine unless you have free electricity I keep I keep going over that I think like that's my mantra right now just free electricity you can mind anything else don't do it it's not even worth it for the heat that's the main number one reason why that's just getting into the meat of it number two nice hash sux ballz I made a lot of videos on nice hash and it is still the number one mining places to go to start mining and whatnot but nice house nice hash sucks major balls I'm serious they're programming no it is easy to use but for whatever reason it keeps crashing on me I have to reset my computer like a hundred times in the last in the last two years I probably had to reset my computer a thousand times and that just gets so annoying I want to show you the grep let me show you the graph of my mining output all right just hang on real quick alright so this is just gonna be a quick screenshot of the graph for my nice hash miners and you can see that there's a lot of dips where the the miner would just crash and just stop working normally I'm able to catch it because I get sent notifications but recently they've just been crashing so much that I just I just couldn't handle anymore you know it's not even worth like the few extra dollars that I get every like I think it was like 40 bucks a month 30 bucks a month that I could be making from this and that's the second reason why I'm stopped I'm gonna stop mining the third reason why I'm stopping crypto mining is because I can sell all of my computer parts and make some type of return from it when it comes to just my GPUs I made a full 100 percent return on investments with that and if I sell it I'll be making a lot more but with this crap right here this crap this is done like I can't I'm not gonna make any types of returns on this unless crypto goes back to unless Bitcoin goes back to $20,000 these I'm just gonna throw into the garbage I'm 95% sure that the entire world won't even be able to make a profit with an s and minor s9 right now is just this thing just sucks up so much electricity it's not even funny like if you were to run this even if you had like 6 cents per kilowatt-hour you'll still go broke that is just so frustrating guys it's just so frustrating and the fourth reason why I'm done crypto mining is because it's just time to move on I'm leaving all the stress of crypto and the crypto community has put upon me and put up and I put upon myself so I'm just gonna leave all that behind 2019 you know this is a brand new year and I don't want to be in that type of space anymore it's just too emotionally physically draining so this is it guys this is the end of the crypto mining journey it's over I'm done I'm out the game this these are just gonna be antiques sitting behind me already build a shelf and just keep them there it looks pretty dope in the background but I want to thank all you guys for following me along on this journey you know it's been a crazy two years straight crypto mining for like I was probably mining for at least half of the half of the two years all the Wynn crypts that went all the way up and then when it started to climb down that's when I started to stop and I gave it one more chance but it's just it just wasn't worth it at the end I get a lot of questions from you guys if you guys should still be mining cloud mining or Hardware mining just don't do it there's a lot of other things out there that you can be doing that's worth more worth more of your time but yeah it is the end is the finale this is the final final season if you've made it all the way with me give me a thumbs up give me a like man I stuck through it I grinded it out as hard as I could and if you're brand new to the channel you're brand new to the channel and you still want to see all this crypto mining stuff I think you guys have to unsubscribe but if you want to see a lot more fun stuff on this channel I'm still talking about investing I I'm still gonna be doing videos about investing I'll most likely will still be doing a lot of risky investments out there just because it's fun to throw money up in the air sometimes and make it rain thank you guys don't forget to subscribe if you want to see more content like that don't forget to leave a comment and congratulate me on retiring from crypto mining and I'll check you guys in the next one I'm gonna go drink away all this pain right now bye