Ronnie Moas: Cryptos, Crashes, and Causes that Matter // interview bitcoin cyptocurrencies

Ronnie Moas: Cryptos, Crashes, and Causes that Matter // interview bitcoin cyptocurrencies david moadel welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell my very special guest today is mr Ronnie mullahs he boy he is involved in so many great things yes he's known for making unbelievably accurate predictions in terms of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general he's been right time after time but he's also involved in other things such as food for the poor and we're going to be discussing that as well because that's important to mr

Mohan it's important to me we'll also talk a little bit about equities and stocks and any ideas or predictions on the direction of the stock market in 2018 and beyond mr moe laughs welcome to looking at the markets sir thank you for having me today thank you for being on here I know you're a busy man you've been doing so many interviews and I've watched probably almost all of them if not all of them so you know people have questions about Kryptos and we'll jump right into and then we'll get into food for the poor and and beyond so there's a well-known Warren Buffett quote he has I'm sure you've heard it many times mr Buffett who I respect very highly and perhaps you do too has called Bitcoin a big bubble and he has actually said quote you can't value Bitcoin because it's not a value producing asset what is your response to that sir what is a value producing asset my response to that is look at the US dollar it's dropped 75% of its value since I was born 50 years ago Gold doesn't isn't a value producing asset I don't even know how much gold there is in the ground I know how much Bitcoin there is and I also know that in the next couple of years we are going to be in a situation where there are hundreds of millions of account holders around the world trying to get their hands on a few million Bitcoin and there will be no supply reaction from the supply side of this equation because there can't be it's a mathematical formula the supply is camped and this mind Modelling supply-demand imbalance here is what will drive this price deep into the six figures in the next few years as far as Warren Buffett goes with all due respect he missed a lot of the names that came out of the Nasdaq 20 years ago and he will be the first to admit that to you I don't expect him to understand or get his arms around this concept either it's just not his area of expertise right we're not getting involved in equities or investments that he doesn't understand thoroughly so I guess we can't blame him for not getting involved but for the younger generations this crypto revolution that's what I'm calling it is so exciting I'm sure you're maybe sick and tired of people asking for price targets but I got to say it you know 2018 what are we looking at here well I recently raised my price target on Bitcoin from 20,000 to 28,000 that's just the next year and I imagine I'm probably going to revise it higher as the news headlines come out and as the dominoes and obstacles in crypto sway fall down I adjust my price target accordingly if you want to look out three years I see a $150,000 target there and it's very conservative the way I'm calculating this we have 200 trillion dollars right now around the world tied up in stocks cash bonds and gold and all four of them are overvalued if two percent of that 200 trillion dollars ends up in crypto you're looking at a four trillion dollar market capitalization for the entire space and that would be almost seven times where we are today if Bitcoin holds on to its current market share it puts the price at $140,000 and that's using a two percent figure now if you want to look out seven to ten years I think that in game a year is that Bitcoin will go from where it is now number fourteen in the world on the car it's evaluation rankings 193 currencies bitcoin is now number 14 I think it's going to number one and if it goes to number one it would have a market valuation of between six and seven trillion dollars and when Thai gold and China at the top of that rankings table and it would put the price between 300 and 400 thousand dollars depending on how long it takes to get there and where gold and the Chinese currency are trading at the time by coincidence they both have the same valuation right now fascinate has now and current investors be concerned I'm talk about Bitcoin investors long-term should they be concerned about the possibility of the government creating their own token to compete with that because they would have something powerful they would have a government backed token and is that something people should be concerned about I'm not too worried about that boss there are more than 150 countries in the world so unless it's China or South Korea or Russia or the United States I would not be too concerned and even if one of those countries cracked down or issued their own currency it would not be too much of a concern of mine boss this the rest of the world that will pick up that slack and that supplier may get dumped by that particular currency gotcha and there's only 21 million that's the cap where 16 million now but there are estimates that 4 million or 3 million have been lost so right now we only have 12 million in circulation and I would say two-thirds of those aren't even available for sale I know I'm not selling my Bitcoin and my neighbor is not selling his so you're looking at maybe 3 4 5 million available for sale at any given time and so no one country is going to be big enough to destroy the supply-demand imbalance that we have here yes it would be shock the headline would cause a little bit of a panic if God forbid a couple of big countries come up with a joint statement on the same day that could be nasty but I don't think that's going to happen understand now who do you think does better when it comes to Bitcoin investing a so-called Hodler somebody who just buys and holds for dear life no matter what comes or somebody like me who likes to buy the dips because I've noticed that Bitcoin comes up back up and more every time it dips who do you think that's better over time that's a good question and I have an answer for you you have to play Bitcoin the same way you played Amazon during the last 15 years it went from twenty dollars to eleven hundred and fifty from twenty dollars to 1150 even though there were people trying to short the crap out of that in the last 15 years the entire way on the way up they said this company is losing money on every book that they sold but that they sell and that was the that was the bear argument for many years up until recently and the way that you made money with Amazon is the same way you make money with bitcoin you have to buy it you have to hold on to it for a few years and every time there was a nasty correction you have to add to your position when it goes on sale when Jamie Dimon made his ridiculous comments back in September Bitcoin dropped from 3,800 to 3,200 within 24 hours and I told my subscribers you have to buy this guess what it's up six hundred percent on a fork and split adjusted basis since he said that one thing that's important sure I have to girl call me a week or two ago and she was crying to me on the phone she says Ronnie one of these guys on Twitter who sells bitcoins sell signals based on a chart pattern told me to get out of Bitcoin when it hit 9:00 $700 last night and this was a couple of weeks ago or a few weeks ago and he says get out of it it hit the top of its trading range at 9700 and if you get out now you'll be able to buy it back at seven or eight thousand dollars when it corrects she went to bed at 9700 exited her position the next day at had eleven thousand four hundred and today it's at nineteen thousand and change yeah yeah so that's what happens when people tried to trade this it's like the stock market you can time the market you have to know when to get out when to get in when to get back out again when to get back in again and eventually you will get burned away this girl did yeah 75% of your Bitcoin money locked out on a treasure device okay and then you can trade the other twenty five percent that's okay if you like the trading game you wake up at three o'clock in the morning on a Sunday you have nothing else to do the Bitcoin market is open you want to make a couple of trades that's fine but three-quarters of your Bitcoin money should probably be locked up in a buy and hold portfolio that makes a lot of sense to me now speaking of your subscribers I'm looking at standpoint research calm right now that link is in the description of this video I want everybody to go visit that it says right here looking at your performance page since 2004 you have beaten the S&P 500 by at least 500 basis points with 66% of your recommendations no firm has been able to match that accuracy I think that's fantastic now when people go to your website what services do you offer what will they see there well I put email I put out research via email four to five times a week and I put out between 50 and 75 stock and crypto recommendations during the course of the year I have a top ten ranking versus more than four thousand people on Wall Street for my performance the last ten years every single one of the six hundred recommendations that I put out since 2008 we're time stamped into by at least four different nose wires including briefing comm Bloomberg and Dow Jones and I've also given 100 television newspaper radio and magazine interviews just in the last few weeks I was on CNN CNBC Bloomberg Barron's BNN CBC and Fox with Maria Bartiromo just this past week I just got off CNBC Asia I did a Skype interview with CNBC Asia about an hour ago and that video will post on their website in the next hour – and I'm very honored to have it away for my my little youtube channel so once again thank you for doing this actually your YouTube channel than some of those names that I just mentioned trust me okay okay I appreciate that yeah I mean again I'm looking at the services you offer you have services not only for institutions but also for individuals you have basic and premium options for members it is affordable I know that you will tailor it according to you know what people can't afford and what is reasonable for them so that's really fantastic Fanta excellent excellent just want to talk about equities in general for a moment I mean 2017 has benefited almost everybody except anybody who shorted just about anything in the equity markets the VIX is at all-time lows it's gone below 9 a couple times this year unbelievable I don't know can this continue is it sustainable or do people just need to get the heck out of stocks right now I think if you took some money off the table you would not regret doing so I think that there might be another six 8% upside here but the downside is double a triple add what's funny is I actually put out a poll on my Twitter page yesterday I will be getting my twenty thousand follower on Twitter next week sometime yeah a new poll was what do you think will hit 30,000 first the number of Twitter followers that I have the Dow Jones or Bitcoin and two-thirds of the people it was like 66% of the people felt that we would hit 30,000 on Bitcoin first 30 percent of the people Foyle I would hit my thirty thousand follower first only three percent of the seven hundred people that voted thought the Dow Jones would hit thirty thousand before Bitcoin and my follower account does which is really stunning bullets were already above 25,000 on Dow Jones yeah and I agree with that I think that this market is overvalued my ideas are generated by a one hundred fifty five variable computer model that took me five years to develop and three-quarters of the names are overvalued and then from what remains most of those names are value traps or fairly valued 90% of the names of the S&P 500 I won't even look at because I'm a la guy and good valuations so one of one thing that's important I'm sorry to important me important for me too and I think the stock market will just will double from where we are in the next 20 years ok the problem is we could get a nasty correction in the next year or two so the question is do you want to try to pull out and hope that you get to buy those names back at a lower price what do you want to just stick it out and stay in the game and not check your statement on a regular basis so every boss you know market timing is something that historically does not work very well but I think the odds are probably tipped in your favor especially if you rotate some money into crypto that chances are you're not going to regret that trade in the near term yeah I tend to that right now people getting into equities are as the old saying goes picking up nickels in front of a steamroller I think that cutting back on exposure to equities there's nothing wrong with that cash is king and if cash is king then maybe crypto currencies or even bet are even higher than the king so right yeah totally agree and by the way you touched upon your winter account people should visit that as soon as they're done watching this it is at Ronnie moss and I will put that link in the description and on the screen right now as well all right I wanted to talk about something super important there are things more important than getting rich on kryptos and equities and that is helping others something that you've been passionate about I have a master's degree in education I'm a former elementary school teacher so I know that you and I have something in common we're not in this for the money we're in this because we want to help people that's just our personality as educators in the world I'm gonna put a link in the description as well for your particular link for food for the poor dot org and I'm actually looking at the I see your goal on the unfor the poor is ten million dollars you've got five hundred fifty five donations so far and that's only that's what's listed it'll probably be updated pretty soon so what is this initiative all about no that's an updated total I've already raised more than a hundred thousand dollars we got donation number 555 a few minutes ago but this is just starting to gain momentum I have some celebrities on board now that will be helping me drive people to this page and I've done a lot of interviewers recently an interview that I did with B and N Canada a week ago has already been seen more than 280,000 times on YouTube so this is starting to gain a lot of momentum this fundraiser that I'm doing for food for the poor it is a magnificent charity they distributed last year a billion dollars in humanitarian aid administrative expenses were less than five percent it's a firestarter charity that was established in 1982 their headquarters is a few minutes away from where I live in my I live in Miami Beach their headquarters is in Coconut Creek I have given so much of my own time and money to this charity over the years that the executive director took me with him as his special guest to Haiti a few months ago and I see how people live on $3 a day and how drainages starving to death there and you know you donate $100 to this fundraising page that I have it pays for 400 pounds of rice and beans and that's enough to keep two starving children alive for an entire year there are 3,600 dollars we can build a 400 square foot concrete home and take a family of six people off the street I figure from the cryptocurrency explosion if you've doubled your money as many tripled or if you've had some ten beggars why not give back some I think exactly to who much is given much is expected it's straight from the Bible and you know people have no excuse if they're following me on Twitter and they haven't paid for my subscription service the very least they could do is give something to the charity it's the least that anybody could do you know we're not talking about a massive donation it's affordable for just about anybody so please go to that even if just a few and I hope more than a few people you know respond to this and donate you're going to probably save some lives I mean this is a organization that offers food housing clean water education emergency relief and more fighting poverty in 17 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America so please donate and that link again is in the description by the way David we did add Porto Rico to that list after the recent talk and that's talk there I think that's great fantastic that that is so important so I want to see I want folks if you're watching this please give do it just do it don't thank so much alright and and finally want to talk about other the so called altcoins which is a funny name because all it sounds like alternative although Bitcoin itself is the alternative but you know people who feel like they maybe missed the bus on Bitcoin they're getting involved in some altcoins ripple you know which was specifically mentioned by Bill Gates aetherium seems to be powerful litecoin seems to be more affordable perhaps than Bitcoin a certain to some people I get it are there any alt coins that you're particularly excited about right now well the problem is is that I've recommended five alt coins recently and they have all jumped by between 150 and 800 percent so obviously I don't feel the same way about them now as I did a few months ago I recommended Cardinal to my subscribers three weeks ago and it's already out seven hundred percent I recommended stellar two days before that and it's also up several hundred percent Manero was another recommendation I put out it was trading below a hundred dollars at the time now it's trading above three hundred dollars like coin and etherium with two other names that I've recommended both of those who are up sharply I don't think bitcoin is in a bubble but I am a little bit concerned once you go below Bitcoin that a rising tide is lifting all boats right now and I'll have these names on the top fifty and have market caps of a half a billion a billion two billion three billion dollars are not worth anywhere near that and that could be an accident waiting to happen you have to be very careful with the altcoins off the table right now and selling a little bit into this rally if you're out five hundred percent take 20% off the table and then you're playing with house money and you're not risking any of your own initial investment pigs get fat hogs get slaughtered and turned into bacon that's what I say on Wall Street and it applies to the all coins right now very true so you're not just an unrestrained bull you're exercising caution you know when to take profits that's hugely important it's not just the entry strategy it's the exit strategy and you can find all of that both with the free content as well as the premium services on standpoint research calm people should check that out also once again the Twitter is at Ronnie and mola sorrow and iëm OAS that's all in the description and on your screen right now mr mo last I know your time is valuable I'll wrap it up but is there anything else you wanted to say to my audience no I think we did we covered a lot of ground and though we could leave something for next time thank you for having me oh my goodness there might be a next time I'm excited that's fantastic yeah Thank You mr Merlotte's for joining me you're welcome back anytime sir on looking at the markets thank you David thank you for watching please like comment and subscribe and I'll see you next time