Cryptos Crushed By 24 Hour Triple Whammy

Cryptos Crushed By 24-Hour Triple-Whammy by Tyler Durden The last 24 hours have not been pretty for cryptocurrency bulls Around 1pmET, the entire space tumbled almost instantly as large blocks went through in Bitcoin, with chatter suggesting the MtGox custodian was unloading once again Prices quickly stabilized once that selling pressure abated However, shortly after the US market closed at 4pmET, Nvidia announced its results, posting quarterly sales that topped expectations However, NVDA shares fell as the company revealed for the first time that a bigger-than-anticipated portion of the demand for its powerful graphics processors came from the volatile cryptocurrency market

And then the company said that while it generated $289 million in sales to cryptocurrency miners in the first quarter, Chief Financial Officer Colette Kress said that the company expects cryptocurrency-related revenue to fall 65% to about $100 million in the next quartersparking a second leg of selling pressure across the crypto-space And then overnight the third 'whammy' of the triple whammy struck when South Korean prosecutors raided the offices of Upbit, one of the world�s largest cryptocurrency exchanges

Bloomberg reports that authorities searched the exchange�s offices on Thursday and Friday, according to an official from the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors� Office, who asked not to be identified citing office policy She declined to provide further details of the raid, which was first reported by the Korea Economic Daily �Upbit is currently under investigation by prosecutors and is cooperating,� the exchange said in a notice to clients, adding that services such as transactions and withdrawals were unaffected and that client assets were safe The exchange hosted about $16 billion of cryptocurrency trades in the past 24 hours, making it the biggest in Korea and the fourth-largest in the world among fee-charging venues tracked by Coinmarketcap

com And that sent crypto prices reeling

Working From Home and Making Money

Watch this video.
This guy is giving excellent advice on how to make money from home. Internet is the best!

But are you making any money? Watch closely as I train you on how to make money by working from home Because there’s rules to follow or it’s going to cost you Alright There are a lot of opportunities to make money from home Wow, this country we live in and I hope wherever you live

That you notice that there’s ways to make money from living at home And you all you got to do is look and there’s great, great opportunities But here’s the concern I have Are you sure you have the mentality to actually produce that money from working from home? Because it’s okay to have that business or that idea brought to the home But you need to recondition yourself about what you need to stop doing, what you need to start doing so you have the mentality of what it takes to get this done and to do it right

So, I’m not going to point at any particular business that’s going to be good or bad for you to work from home But I’m going to talk about is the mindset Because the mindset could cause you to just crash and burn and just mess up Or it can help you really excel in your choice Now, check this out

I saw an old friend and I asked him, you know like, “Hey, how you doing? You’re still doing that business you were doing?” And they just kind of you know, kind of crooked smile Kind of way, “Uhh I change that I change that again” I said, “What do you mean you changed? How many different businesses have you tried from home?” And then they told me 17 different businesses

17 businesses from home And they said to me they go, “Yeah I don’t know if this working from home thing even works, Kirk I don’t know if it even works I don’t think it’s even true

” Wow, I noticed where they were pointing their attention They were thinking that the business was working or not working But there was no attention on the person And since that time, which was years and years ago when I saw them out and about I started to notice and talk to people who are working for a moment asking them, “So, what’s it like to have a business at home? You making money from home?” And I wish I could say, I hear more people being excited about it

But I noticed a lot of people stressing about it And I know why they’re stressing They did not consider of retraining their mind on how to do this They just thought they could take the same personality, they’ve always had And allow a business to come in and think they know how to master it

When there’s really some very important steps of changing a way of thinking, that’s got to work at home So, I have for you some suggestions and tips that I really know is going to make a difference But I don’t know if you’re going to take action on it so I can’t guarantee this will change for you until you decide to do the actions You do the actions, it’ll work It’ll work

You don’t do the actions, yeah, you’re probably going to do it most people do Sooner or later, blame the business that it didn’t work But let’s get your mindset straight So, it can work for you So, the first thing you got to stop doing it is natural human tendency to postpone things

You know, we think that we can put things off day to day to day But what happens is when we postpone things and we have a business at home, it not only affects the business, it affects the family, right? Because now, we have this dual experience going on and it’s going to really escalate in this experience of messing with the family Causing conflict in the family So, your natural tendency to postpone has got to change a little bit Now, you don’t leave it the same but you got to change that

So you’re postponing is coming down Instead of postponing 3 or 4 things a day and rescheduling 3 or 4 things, you’re going to narrow that down by half But pay attention to how easily you go about just postponing things You’re not going to do very well making money if you are easily moved upon to postpone things Holding the appointments is what matters

Holding those commitments is what’s really going to teach you how to perform better having a business at home and making money from home The next one is every person has a level of avoiding people But wait, people is what makes businesses work, you know? It’s people who want products and services that make businesses work So, avoiding your family, avoiding your spouse, avoiding making the phone calls The more you avoid those phone calls or you think, “Oh, I shouldn’t call them right now it’s seven o’clock at night

” Call them I don’t know it’s 8 o’clock the morning, maybe they’re not up yet Call them Every ounce of effort you put into avoiding people, the business is starting to drift and fade For you to work really well at home and make money working at home, you got to embrace people

It’s like get after it How many people can you meet? How soon can you call them? It’s like you just are excited to meet them and talk to them on the phone or text or or Facebook or social media or meeting them But you got to switch that around or that’s going to bite you That’s going to totally bite you and slow down your progress The other problem is thinking you can work your business 24/7

I’ll just do that when I wake up in the morning at 5:00 I’ll just do that Thursday night until midnight As soon as you start to get loose with your schedule, you’re losing money You’re losing money And as long as you think you can work 24/7, what happens is, is you start to dilute your ability to be efficient

It be better to have very tight working hours so that the amount of money you do make has a higher value per hour than just always 24/7 And I tell you, the worst thing I hear is when I hear people who work from home to say, “Oh, call me any time” It’s like, “What? you have no hours?” It’s like, “Wow”, that means you’re always on call You’re always in that place You never sleep, you never stop, you never shut down, you never have a going vacation

You got to let the people know that you work with that There’s times you got to step away Sanity comes from the ability to walk away and recover Next one is mixing home and work You know, if you if you watch our YouTube videos and you’re subscribing to what we’re doing, you will see how I

There’s videos here to train you about all the different aspects of working at home So you don’t want to miss the training videos They’re coming out

So, make sure you subscribe Make sure you subscribe But mixing home and work to where literally there is no boundary between the two There’s no clear line between that, you’re going to not make as much money You be able to have a start and stop time

To be able to have times when you are literally you know you’re working, the family knows you’re working And they don’t bother you Nobody walks in there, nobody talks to you because you’re working If your family can walk in whenever they want and talk to you whenever they want, they will show up at the perfect time to sabotage you You know for you to be efficient, you got to be really on with your thoughts and really on with the

What’s happening in the work you’re doing and so you can have some consistent thinking processes But if you keep getting interrupted, that’s just money flying out the door It’s just going to fly out the door

Because when you lose thought, you lose focus, you lose sales Pretty easy You lose thought, you lose focus, you lose sales So, the kids need to know when you’re working and when you’re not working But you got to stop the gray lines and the mixture of what’s going on they’re

Now, taking it too casual “Oh, I got a business at home” It’s not a guarantee you’re going to be successful You got to work You got to work

Yeah, I hear people, “Oh, yeah I finally I’ve got a business I’m working out of my home” It’s like, uh-oh What do you think about this? Yeah

And I can hear the casual side Anything that is casual falls over You build a house casually You know, you casual creates casualties I mean, that’s how it works in business

Casual is casualties Without structure at home, the business will crumble “But Kirk, I just want to be relaxed and just comfortable with doing this” It’s like, “Where is the structure?” You can have the free relax with structure But being relaxed without structure is a problem

But when you notice you’re too casual with how you’re doing things, you’re losing money, you’re losing time and you’re losing clients So, you’re losing Without a structure, the ship sinks It just does So, those are some things to stop

These are things to stops To start doing things is you be a finisher Literally you choose what you can choose because you can know you can finish it But you get in your mindset, “I finish what I start” And I’m going to finish it by this day

I’m going to finish it by this time But you embrace it Even though you’re terrible at it, even though you can’t be a finisher right now You’re aspiring to becoming a finisher bBing a finisher draws business to you

Being a finisher builds confidence Being a finisher helps you make your choices in life a lot more clearly Of what’s going to work what’s not going to work But aspire to being a finisher like it really is finished and it gets put away Or it gets finished and sent

But it really gets finished It’ll make a difference in your home business and making money Then because you’re working from home, there’s a tendency to not get out and physically meet people Get out of the house, go to a network meeting, go down to the local event happen in your community Go meet people, go to stores, go say hi to people

Once you start to lose the physical person-to-person experience, you’re going to lose some sense of connecting to people When you’re physically with somebody and you’re watching and listening them, there’s a lot of other components your mind uses for communication Those in-person skills then can transfer over to the phone But if you’re only on the phone and you’re only emailing you’re only texting, you lose those communication skills And you don’t pick up that change in voice and the and the different things you’re hearing and those non-word communication cues

So, I know personally I’ve got to be out meeting people So, my communication skills can stay very, very, very, very high So when I am on the phone or I’m on a conference call or texting or emailing, I can pick up all the communications going on Not just the words that are being said

But businesses fail at home because they get away from people and they lose those communication skills So, get out and meet new people I am a big promoter at start and stop time Am i perfect at it? Ah I wish I was better at it But the start-stop time makes a big difference

When I don’t hold to my stop time, I can feel it When I don’t hold to my start time, man I can feel it That one I’m still working on I do really good on some days in some weeks but there’s other times like, “Oh man, I’m so off on this” But I’m aspiring to be better at start and stop times

My family knows I asked for forgiveness and I apologized when I’m off on my timing But I don’t quit on aspiring to being better with my start and stop times But it makes a difference I always do better when I follow my start and stop times of working

And that gives the family structure of what dad’s doing, right? Now, setting goals for your business There’s daily goals and there’s weekly goals But you really want to look at your daily action step list That daily action step list, when your goal is too far out there And when it’s too far out there, you might find yourself just moving tasks from one day to the next day to the next day

Because it really doesn’t need to be completely committed and finished until a week from now or until a months from now That all get you That’ll sabotage you, that’ll rip you off I think where the magic is, is in the daily tasks, every day And that you’re looking at the tasks, you’re looking at your time and you are searching for efficiency

Delegation and efficiency How can I delegate this? Okay, I delegate this too Or how can I be efficient right now? How could I sit at my office to be more efficient? How can I do this so I can be more efficient? So, I can actually finish those things in the time I have left So, number 4 is about literally switching it to the daily tasks Not the week, you can have the week goal but you know what? That week-long goal, you’ll notice you’ll delay things

But the daily tasks and to get after that and really strive for efficiency Because the more efficient you are, the more things are going to move for you The more things you’re going to find yourself being less stressed because efficiency requires looking at your systems You know and how that whole system is working in the office And then of course, you really don’t know if you’re making money unless you’re managing money

And if you’re not managing where your money’s going, you’re losing money Simple, simple My money mentor told me My money mentor told me, he goes, “If you’re not managing your money, you’re losing money” There are plenty, believe me There are plenty of ways to lose money I am not going to take the time to explain all the different directions But if you don’t watch where your money goes, then your money just goes

So, it’s how do you do this? How do you How do you check in with that? At least once a month to review your expenses and where the money went You’ll be surprised to find out where your money went

Wait, I didn’t know that spending that much money on that But manage your money It doesn’t just show up and replant itself all by itself It’s got to be managed And for some reason, people who work at home tend to not look at that

“They think it’s just going to be there” Until you’re broke Until your money is gone and then you’re forced into managing your money But don’t let that happen Start looking at your money

Even if it freaks you out, it scares you and you don’t know what you’re looking at I think if you look at it enough times, you start to pay attention to what’s going on I don’t think it takes a lot of smarts to begin learning how to look at your money Especially where it was spent If that means having a box of receipts, if that means you know, keeping an excel file on your computer or getting some you know software to use

Whatever that might take But if you don’t manage it, you’re losing it It can make a big difference So, watching people fail has taught me what to do to succeed And what you got here is a success list

And this success list, when followed, you’re going to find yourself improving what it is that you do When you don’t have this and you’re not going to do these things, I just pretty much just you’re going to fail You’re going to mess it up, you’re going to crash, you’re going to mess it all up But you don’t need to So, take 1 or 2 of these and review this

Don’t just let this be a one-time glance at this video This is real failure issues And this is real success issues It’s not just kind of cute It’s what you’re going to do

It’s what you’re going to do to mess stuff up So, look at this Check-in What can you do today that will make a difference in improving this whole experience of making money from home Don’t ruin the situation, don’t blame the business when you don’t have structure

So, here at 3 key elements, we love training people about how to pay attention and raise their awareness And so for more, check us out at our website and look at our courses that we have here that we hold live trainings for here in Salt Lake City, Utah And also of course, subscribe to what we’re teaching here And because it’s great material It’s going to help you not only in business but with your family, with your relationships and with your mindset

Which all of that matters So, the reason why we do this is that your life matters And let’s do something about that today

What is BITCOIN | Learn more about Cryptos

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If you bought just $1,000 of bitcoins in July 2010 you would now have 90 million dollars on your hands. From the mere five cents a pop seven years ago the cryptocurrency has steadily been climbing in value.

What‘s driving Bitcoin surgeon value one reason could be the recent upgrades to the system transactions are faster and fees are lower another reason, might simply be that more people know about it and are comfortable with the idea of a cryptocurrency. Including investors as more mainstream traders and investors get onboard.

The currency is seen as increasingly robust for the uninitiated bitcoin is a virtual currency created by a mysterious individual who goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto.

So that is most certainly not his actual name Nakamoto introduced his idea for the cryptocurrency in a research paper in 2008 and it was implemented in 2009 as open source code his reason for creating Bitcoin came down to the flaws he saw in the current system.

Banks debasing currency a lack of privacy and security banks predatory lending practices and the difficulties and expenses with transferring money with a currency based on cryptographic truth without the need to trust a third party middleman money can be secure in transactions effortless.

Bitcoin is not actually a coin but a line of unique code and like the dollar bill today Bitcoin has value because people give it value like gold there’s a fixed amount of Bitcoin that can exist in the world 21 million bitcoins on blockchain a digital ledger that keeps track of every single transaction made in the Bitcoin network making it especially secure because everything is public and everything is tracked it’s the world’s first open financial Network as people become increasingly wary of government control over individual assets.

Bitcoin becomes more and more viable your own personal bank that no one can touch your Bitcoin is stored in a wallet this wallet can be a digital wallet or even a physical one wherever you think your unique key a long string of numbers that is yours and yours alone will be safest if you’re looking to invest in Bitcoin you can do so in three different ways number one you can mine your own which is very difficult as competitions for mining bitcoins has increased.

Only those with powerful computers – to shell out for energy costs and keep up with processing the increasingly difficult calculations number to buy some from an online exchange or number three you can buy shares in a fund that invests in Bitcoin and if you’re looking to cash out you can do so by selling your Bitcoin directly to another user in exchange for another currency or in an online exchange bitcoins real-world value may be slower to develop as a day to day currency.

It’s still hard to use while there are some brick-and-mortar establishments that accept the currency from hotel chains like Howard Johnson to certain restaurants it’s still difficult to use out in the real world online certain goods and services can be bought with the currency as more companies and retailers begin to recognize bitcoins growth adoption will follow for now the currency’s value lies in what it’s worth with bitcoin holders closely watching its value climb wondering when if ever to cash out for Uproxx I’m Frankie Greek

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal These Days – How to buy Bitcoin

Watch this video to buy Bitcoins with PayPal

Virwox is a virtual world exchange (not to be confused with a Cryptocurrency exchange) where there is a workaround to trade for Bitcoins on this platform using PayPal. It is vital to check the amount of liquidity that the broker has to offer because Bitcoin is traded on a market where people are interested in buying as well as selling it. Liquidity refers to the ability of people to sell the cryptocurrency without being affected significantly, which leads to a drop in price. Local Bitcoins isn’t an exchange platform like the others, it is a platform where buyers and sellers of Bitcoin converge. The two main websites for conducting these kinds of transactions are Local Bitcoins and Paxful Both offer a multitude of payment methods for Bitcoin, from gift cards to cash, but PayPal is a popular choice.

Major exchanges won’t allow PayPal transactions because it would be too easy for people to buy the Bitcoins, then use PayPal’s support system to chargeback their purchase and receive their original purchase fee back. Although not many bingo sites or online casinos gives the chance to fund your bitcoin account from your PayPal account, a lot of them are beginning to allow this option as they understand how important it is. So many people in the world trust PayPal to safeguard their funds and using this method to fund online bingo playing gives you the safe feeling that your money is safe. Simply use PayPal to send money to the LocalBitcoins account in the normal way.

Buying Bitcoins from individuals with Paypal is possible, but requires the seller to have some trust that the buyer will not file a claim with PayPal to reverse the payment. Due to the fact that cryptocurrency exchanges don’t allow you to buy Bitcoin with PayPal, the best way to do so is with a direct trade. Buying Bitcoin is much easier today than it was in the past, but what if you want to purchase it using the money you’ve already dumped into a PayPal account?

India-based digital money exchanges have alleged that the amount of Indian investors that enrolled in their programs to Purchase Bitcoin has improved substantially in the last couple of months as the worthiness of this major cryptocurrency surpassed the $11,000 amount on 29 November 2017. These days, a variety of brokers are offering Android and iOS support to users because this gives them the freedom and flexibility to trade Bitcoins even when they are on the move and can also save a lot of time. Apart from that, Bitcoin audits are an excellent way for brokers to prove to their clients that they have the liquidity that’s required for covering all the Bitcoin exchange sales made through their platform and are not operating a scam.

A recommended broker is one who will provide you with the option of paying with cash, wire transfer, credit cards, PayPal and other online payment services in order to make the process as convenient for you as possible. There are some brokers out there that only support a few and limited methods of buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and these restrictions can be a problem for some traders. Bitcoin is the pioneer cryptocurrency and last year alone helped thousands of investors in earning huge returns, due to which most people are focused on investing their money in it. Again, the only way you can get the same benefits is when you actually buy it.

Therefore, it is not surprising that a large number of people are interested in entering this dynamic market and the first and most basic step into this digital currency world is knowing how to purchase Bitcoin. This means it functions a lot like a bitcoin exchange but can do things a typical exchange can’t, such as accept PayPal or credit card payments. Buying bitcoin with PayPal LocalBitcoins vs Paxful.

Once a buyer and seller have connected, they both transfer the funds and bitcoin to a Local Bitcoins account. Buy bitcoin instantly with a credit card, PayPal or bank account on this peer-to-peer lending platform. On the left side of your Virwox account, you will see a withdraw button, click on it and send your Bitcoin to an exchange wallet or a personal wallet As soon as you have done that, you would have successfully purchased Bitcoin via Virwox with PayPal.

The first thing you will need to do is to purchase the SLL currency with PayPal, afterward, you can trade them for Bitcoin.

Watch this Tutorial on How to Buy Bitcoin

Watch this Tutorial on How to Buy Bitcoin With Paxful

What’s up CryptoPeeps it’s your girl Kyla, here to deliver your daily dose of Bitcoin news!

So you’ve done your research on Bitcoin, you know what it is, how it works and now you want to get started Lucky for you, today I’ll give you a  step by step guide on how to buy your first bitcoin!

Let me tell you that buying bitcoin is easy

And it’s made easier by our video sponsor today.

Paxful is a peer to peer marketplace where users can exchange their gift cards and other forms of payment for bitcoins. There are over 300 payment options to choose from!

Step one, in buying bitcoin is having your own account With Paxful, when you create an account, you get a digital wallet instantly We’ll put a link below for the tutorial on that

Once you’ve logged in, click the ‘Buy Bitcoin’ button on top of the site Enter the amount you are willing to pay in your local currency and select your payment method Paxful has more than 300 payment options From gift cards to bank transfers, surely you’ll find a option that best fits you When all that is done, click search, and an offers page will open

Here you can see the list of vendors and their details like username, country, amount of positive feedback and payment method Find an offer you like and click buy.

This will lead you to an individual offer page Once you read through the seller’s offer terms, enter the amount of bitcoin you wish to buy and click BUY This will open trade with the instructions and the chat box.

When a trade starts, the seller’s bitcoins are transferred automatically to Paxful’s secure escrow and at this point, the seller can’t cancel the trade Only a buyer can cancel a trade at any moment and bitcoins will be transferred from escrow back to the seller’s wallet.

Follow all the instructions for a successful trade Send the required files, documents and make a payment.

Once all these are done, click the “I HAVE PAID” button.

If the buyer hasn’t made a payment and not marked as payment completed within the payment window timeframe, the trade will be cancelled and bitcoins are moved back to the seller’s wallet When both the buyer and the seller have verified that the transaction has been confirmed and all the terms have been met, the money will be released in your wallet Now, you have acquired your first bitcoin! Paxful makes buying and selling bitcoin secure and easy in just 4 steps!

So, create an account with Paxful today!

Sadly, that’s all the time we have If you would like to know more about Bitcoin, subscribe to our channel Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and I’ll see you guys next time! Once more this is Kyla and this is WetheCryptos!

How and Where to Buy (XRP) Ripple

Watch How and Where to Buy (XRP) Ripple Now!

How to buy Ripple in this video. I’m gonna teach you how to buy a ripple.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about that and I thought this would be helping my personal opinion.

I like ripple you know I see some future in it knowing that the government’s trying to control everything and ripple works together with banks so for the long term it has potential definitely.

So I’m gonna show you today how to buy and trying to keep it short for you guys.

If you’re new to this channel consider subscribing if you want to learn more about cryptocurrency.

How it all works the news and stuff like that I do giveaways where I give away $100 around $100 per week both here on YouTube as well as Facebook.

So if you want that consider subscribing let’s get into the video really quick there are three things that you need in order to buy Ripple one is coin base or any other wallet but this is the place where you can buy Bitcoin.

If you don’t have Bitcoin already there’s a link here, where you can get Bitcoin with a discount you get like extra ten dollars if you buy with the link.

Also, learn to buy Bitcoin

I also get a $10 if you do so you also be supporting this channel so once you have this Bitcoin in there you could use a blockchain wallet.

As well today I’m going to use my dick connect the account to buy it once you have that all set up you want to go to gate hub I’m also linked this down in the description for you create an account here.

And once you have that what you want to do is you want to go to deposit receive you want to click ripple and you want to copy this address then you go over to shape-shift also link that in the description for you and you want to select your deposit Bitcoin.

I already have it so I’ll just exit out and then ripple for receive then you go ahead and click on run and continue and you enter your ripple address that you just copied from that point.

You can enter your Bitcoin refund address that um you know that is this in my case this is the receive address in case something goes wrong you can enter your refund and then agree to terms and then start the transaction that is gonna load up this page.

And from that point you can scan this QR code or you can just send it to this address that’s what I’m gonna do right now so you can send up to this amounts but you have to send at least this amount so what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna do I’m gonna sell some cash here let’s say thirty-five.

Let’s say forty I’m gonna sell real quick if you’re not in bit connect you can just use your blockchain wallet or whatever.

I’m using bit connect here because I’m getting daily interest and it makes it a lot cheaper for me going to sell okay let’s old I got my Bitcoin go to dashboard and then sent to an assent to this address quantity should be 0005 I need to do a little bit more okay we’re gonna do this address sense quantity 0.

005 we’re all okay being processed it’s being sent go back to shapeshift it’s a way to deposit and then it’s gonna go to a waiting exchange.

Once it’s been received and from that point, you can and then it goes to done and then you can see it here in your wallet but yeah if you do it from Coinsquare.

Here what you just want to do is you want to go to accounts and then sent and then just do the steps from here you want to send it with your BIC you want to UM pace the Bitcoin address.

Here the amount and then the notes but right now the fees are kind of I with coinbase so I just use bit Connect.

Here let’s see this is how it works this is how you buy Ripple it’s very simple we just have to wait until the transaction go through goes through and we all are there goes.

Buy (XRP) now!

We all know it takes long the past days it’s taking a little bit longer than usual but right now we are it’s exchanging right now then it goes to done and then we can expect our RIPPLE to start for an in so, yeah that’s how you buy Ripple.

Once it’s done it goes into the wallet and then you’re good to go you can also store it on a hardware wallet it’s a little bit safer because you own your private keys and there you go.

That’s how you buy Ripple!

How to Buy Ripple on Binance Exchange NOW!

How to Buy Ripple Secure Today!

How’s it going everyone It’s Austin with the Crypto Playhouse here and we’ve had a ton of followers emailing us, commenting and they’re trying to get in, buy Ripple and some of the smaller, new and up-and-coming altcoins like Iota.

So today I’m gonna show you how to set up a Binance account and buy Ripple.

It’s an alternative crypto-currency exchange, instead of using the usual Bittrex It’s much easier to get started.

So let’s dive in and see how you can get started buying some altcoins on exchanges.

Alright, so for a long time, Bittrex or Coinsquare has been the go-to exchange, but really I’ve been loving Binance lately and the greatest way to review Binance is to compare it to Bittrex, because that was really the biggest player on the block for a long time Now, the first thing that stands out with Binance vs Bittrex is the setup process on Bittrex is ridiculous.

There are tons of verifications, all kinds of stuff you have to do Binance is super simple We got a link down in the description for our referral You go over there and it will literally greet you with this little page here All you need is an email, set your password, you’re set to go.

They’ll send you an email I do suggest setting up two-factor authentication as you would on Bittrex, but that’s all You’re ready to go once you fill that out No verifications and you can trade and withdraw up to two Bitcoin a day, which is phenomenal!

Alright, so like most people that got into the cryptocurrency trading game, I started on GDAX and then I found out about Bittrex because they have more altcoin choices and I was a religious Bittrex trader for a long time.

Until, I found Binance One of the big things with a lot of these exchanges is they’re charging a quarter percent commission fee on your trades and one of the huge standouts of Binance is that they’re only charging 0.

Buy alt coins like Ripple is way easier than before

1% commission on whatever you trade That is a huge help! You’re talking about reducing your commission fees by over a half from what you would get with Bittrex.

Now, for a while I was a little skeptical about Binace because the volume wasn’t quite as high, but more and more people are now starting to hear about Binance.

They’re migrating over to the Binance platform from Bittrex and since I’ve starting using, they actually just surpassed Bittrex in the daily volume Over here on Coinmarketcap, we can see that in the past 24 hours, it actually exceeded the Bittrex volume by over $300m.

So what we’re seeing now is that even though Bittrex has been established for a longer time and was the go-to trading platform for a lot of crypto traders.

Binance is really ramping up now and they’re rate of growth is exceeding Bittrex They’ve top now in volume.

Now Binance offers 222 different altcoins, whereas Bittrex offers 269, but some thing to note is that Binance does offer some of the newer and kind of more cutting edge altcoins that Bittrex hasn’t added to their platform yet, such as IOTA (MIOTA), so that’s a very appealing thing for me.

And something, I’ve also noticed is that while Bittrex is slowly adding more altcoins and de-listing some.

Binance is growing that number of altcoins at a faster rate, so chances are in not very long, we’re going to be seeing Binance probably surpass Bittrex as the new go-to cryptocurrency exchange Alright, so naturally with any good, there’s also some bad.

Read about MIOTA

I do like Binance, but I have to say, they’re charting tools are terrible It’s not really very different for any of the exchanges.

I’ve traded on I’m not a fan of GDAX’s charting tools I’m not a fan of Bittrex’s charting tools, but some of these other exchanges have collaborated with Tradingview and they’ve given their APIs out, so it can be fed into a better charting system.

Binance isn’t there yet, but we’re hoping that’s something we’re gonna see in the future, because realistically that’s my only gripe with Binance at the current time.

I don’t really love the way that it’s set up and I don’t like the level of customization, but if Tradingview comes through on that, I will be more than happy to completely migrate over to Binance from Bittrex.

Alright, so for a while now I’ve been watching Ripple move I got back in pretty early on it, but I think it’s gonna keep moving for quite a while There’s some rumors about Ripple going on to Coinbase If that does, we all saw it with Bitcoin Cash.

We know it’s gonna boom So, I’ve already got quite a bit of Ripple over on Bittrex, but I wanna show you guys how you can purchase Ripple through Binance.

Today, we’re not going to be doing a limit order Normally, that’s how I’ll be doing active trades, but because we’re gonna be holding ripple, I’m just going to go in I’m gonna do a straight market order.

Show you how to do that and we’re gonna be putting just a little bit over a thousand dollars, so it should give us a decent chunk of shares.

So normally, if I was doing my day trades, I would be going in and doing limit orders It gives you more control over the price and how many shares that you wanna do.

But today I’m going to be buying Ripple, which I think it’s a great thing to hold on to, so I’m just gonna be dumping all of the Bitcoin in my Binance account for now straight into Ripple and we’re just gonna go right in at market price.

Now, one of things that I do like about Binance platform is the fact that it gives you percentage based buy-ins, so instead of having to deal with how many shares you wanna get and all that, you can literally just hit 100%, dump all of your funds into that coin. They also have 75, 50, 25 obviously, and you just hit it, go Buy and the transaction is done.

Easy as that And there we go!

We’re all set with some Ripple! So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video We’ve got a link for Binance down in the description If you’re looking to invest in Ripple, this is a great, easy way to get going on that I hope you guys liked the video.

Big organizations that might be controlling your private key one of these days, financialization, ETF and more with Caitlin Long

Watch Adam Meister and Caitlyn Long share some advice


Hello, everyone, this is September 2018.

Strong hand long-term thinking uncomplicated Bowl and for this show we got to remember control your private key people that is very important but we’re gonna be talking about big organizations that might be controlling your private key one of these days because we’re trying to talk about financialization so we’re gonna talk about ETF.

We’re gonna talk about Africa we’re gonna talk about so much we got an international crew coming to you today farzam as Sahni is coming from Johannesburg, Caitlyn Long is coming from the east coast. Just like I am and Andy Hoffman is in the Mountain Time Zone in Denver kind of near where Caitlin’s from originally.

So welcome to the show everyone I am so pumped to have this all-star international crew here today to talk about Bitcoin and everything you love crypto Caitlin we’re gonna start with you you’ve never been on the show before these other two guys have been on the show in the past.

Welcome and let’s just jump right into it something that is part of your expertise it is financialization Bitcoin Wall Street background you’ve got talk a little bit about that but talk about good financialization versus bad financialization this is something you talked about actually on the trace Mayer show which I mean that was a must listen to everyone’s gotta check out that by the way everyone’s links are linked to below you can check out all of these guests below Caitlyn take it away welcome sure thank you it’s great to be on your show financialization is a word that to me brings negative connotations.

I realize that traces sixth network effect and he and I were talking about that before the backed announcement came out which is the first real move to using physical bitcoins again. I know physical kind of you’ve got to put in quotation marks a financial market term to distinguish between synthetic which is all cash base and physical which is actually settling in the underlying but financialization a lot of financialization is bad.

So you really do have to be very careful to distinguish between the good and the bad type financialization is basically what Wall Street does for a living and Wall Street creates regularly creates as standard operating procedure Moore claims to an asset then there are real assets. That’s financialization and of course, the Austrian school economics folks among us would recognize that as what Mises would have called circulation credit.

And I need to distinguish here good financialization includes the regular one for one backed debt there is absolutely nothing wrong with debt there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wrong with coin lending as long as it’s 100% backed by the real on chain coins when you start to actually have off chain claims to Bitcoin that are sold as if they’re Bitcoin and they’re no longer linked to the to the actual blockchain itself.

That’s when you start to get that circulation credit creeping in that’s the bad type of financialization I called it to leverage based financialization another way to call it as uncovered claims to Bitcoin that are not 100% backed by real Bitcoin there are lots of ways that Wall Street does this it’s very insidious and because of the way the accounting works auditors don’t even catch this either it’s something that builds slowly over time and unfortunately I think it’s probably coming to Bitcoin.

Alright now that’s just stares everyone right there that last line, unfortunately, it’s coming to Bitcoin yeah but how about it you can keep track of it on the blockchain you can require these companies give out a public address you’re saying they’re gonna be able to get away with this somehow nobody’s doing that right look at the products that are already out there involving physical Bitcoin look at GBTC look at ledger X are they disclosing public keys nobody’s doing that.

I think that Nick Bhatia wrote a median post and I get my hats the hats off to him saying if we really want to do this right and you are gonna be commingling Bitcoin in what’s called an omnibus account instead of holding it for individual customers on Wall Street.

You really need to be disclosing those public keys and I’ve been saying that to the regulators to use the blockchain to your advantage you can track this stuff and verify that there are no shenanigans happening behind the scenes because GAAP accounting is not going to pick this up which means.

The auditors are not gonna pick it up either all right now okay so bad financialization it’s coming but let’s good financialization is also coming it’s already here it’s already hit so this is we got a look at both sides now again we people are gonna say all of it it wasn’t meant for the bank’s Bitcoin wasn’t meant for the bank’s.

We can’t stop it it’s a done deal they are coming they’re not the Messiah they’re not the devil either. Because in the end of the day if there is a big custodial hack one day if there is this bad financialization.

I think people will demand that you know the public keys are revealed or are given out you know right I mean from what you’ve seen here I mean you’re involved on a lot of levels on Wall Street.

Here, do people even understand what a public key? And what a private key is? Are they just getting into this for greed well the people on Wall Street are well and then regular users?

It’s there’s a lot of there’s a big learning curve here there’s just a bad look.

I think the early adopters of Bitcoin clearly understand what the difference between a public key and the private key is hats off to Andres Antonopoulos and others who have been saying until.

They’re blue in the face you don’t own your Bitcoin if you don’t control your private keys but Wall Street isn’t built for that Wall Street is not built to handle bearer instruments.

They haven’t handled bearer instruments since you know stock certificates went immobilized and dematerialize those are the word that the lawyers would have used in the 1970s right so now you’ve got not just bearer instruments but digital bearer instruments.

The Wall Street’s gonna have to start managing when it’s stealing with physical bitcoins big distinction by the way the cash-settled contrast I don’t care about those because the Fed can always bail out an institution if it gets in trouble with cash-settled futures contracts and the like but the physical settled Bitcoin futures that’s different because Wall Street has to touch these physical bitcoins and we all know what’s happened how many hacks there have been in the custodial exchanges.

There is not 100% security in those custodial exchanges for the most part even even when there was a big run on coinbase a couple summers ago everybody survived it right and that tells you they’re not really playing three-card Monte behind the scenes we hope but we have no way even with those custodial exchanges to know whether they’re playing three-card Monte they don’t tell us what what their public key addresses are all right these are we’re talking about billion dollar tremendous companies that are gonna end up with these custodial accounts because everyone is so many people out there only are going to feel comfortable to own Bitcoin through these traditional financial mechanisms which is again you just said andreas gets blue in the face screaming you know control your private key right that’s only way you own it is right people don’t get that though they’re now they don’t get it and that was so anyway the these big corporations are gonna become Bitcoin banks okay yeah and these could what even though they are the richest corporations on the planet are they going to be able to have an unhackable account unhackable custodial organization or is one of them eventually gonna get it’s a honey pot I know you can tell where I’m going with this I think works I think one day it’s there’s good one think bitcoins gonna be worth $80,000 and one of these things is gonna get hacked and it’s quote it’s gonna be something like we never seen ugly absolutely and and the size I just was having this conversation yesterday with some important people in the industry the size of the Wall Street firms compared to the size of the crypto exchanges we’re talking about very different ZIP codes here because Wall Street is mad market and you know the crypto exchanges it’s the early adopters maybe some of the early majority that that are you know that have been involved I think in the you know in the in the big bubble that happened at the end of last year you know coinbase was opening something like a million new accounts a day right a lot of those faults probably don’t understand they don’t really own Bitcoin they own an IOU from coinbase right but but the magnitude of the Wall Street money that’s going to be coming in here is a different zip code because it’s institutional money and that’s that’s why this is it’s so important to get this right and to your point I am reasonably certain that one of these guys is gonna get hacked virtually every custodial exchange has already been hacked and I will also say the engineers who are in charge of those custodial exchanges they’ve been tried by fire the engineers of the big Wall Street firms I worked there for 22 years and very familiar with how they work and how their how their tech platforms work they have not been tried by fire and that this is not a skill set that Wall Street technology platforms have which is managing digital bearer instruments so I I if I were forced to keep my bitcoins on a Wall Street firm versus a custodial exchange like Gemini or cracking or bit trucks I’d rather choose one of the latter because they’ve been tried by fire for four years and the Wall Street firms have not and they’re going to be doing this in very large size and and the thing that really bugs me I’ll be very very clear about this taxpayer backed Wall Street firms should not be leveraging Bitcoin and it’s gonna happen and that’s what and it’s gonna burn them Wow pound that like button everyone we’re getting some real honest talk here and again I I want to I want to point out she you made a very interesting point there you’re comparing two different types of custodial accounts the ones they’ve been tried by fire the coin basis of the world and then the future ones that are gonna be controlled by these tremendous organizations and it all sounds scary but remember people you can avoid all that simply by getting your treasure or your ledger nano and controlling your own private key I mean it is you this all sounds scary what she’s saying but simple answer is control your private key and then you don’t have to worry about these shenanigans sure there’s gonna be a huge hack one day there’s going to have hurt the Fiat price of Bitcoin you all have to be comfortable with that fact that one day there is going to be a tremendous act like you’ve never seen before that’s gonna freak out the mainstream world but you just don’t have that you will still have the same amount of Bitcoin all right Andy Hoffman you got a lot to say about this you have you have been in a world with fake gold paper before what do you have to say Wow okay a lot of things here well first of all yes I spent 15 years being one of the most well known people in the world discussing the qualification of paper gold silver not to mention the manipulation of all the financial markets so I I watch this carefully in this question as to what will happen with Bitcoin with all of financialization is certainly something of interest to me starting with when the CM e futures and CBO a future started in December and I’ll talk of ETF etc and by the way I have never heard the term in all my years of all the of watching all the paper gold I never heard the term circulation credit so I got to add that to my repertoire so as far as a instable when I took money institutional ownership now now we’re talking about custody in general and the dangers of it and the funny thing is as as as much of a naysayer as I’ve been in general except seen the destruction that Wall Street has brought I just don’t see that kind of damage being done in Bitcoin I think a lot there’s a lot of fear out there because we’ve seen Wall Street do so much damage but they are not look but Wall Street didn’t create Bitcoin it didn’t make Bitcoin go to $20,000 and it’s not going to make it get widespread adoption it’s certainly especially during these bear market periods although I would argue the Bitcoin bear market bottoms in in February and we’ve just been consolidating altcoins another story you know during this period everyone’s looking for you know hot news topics that will get the price up all if an ETF is approved and yes FF the solid x ETF is approved on September 30th the price will go to all-time highs relatively quickly but I don’t think that’s gonna happen we’ll see what happens but as far as custodian in general the I agree with Kaitlyn completely Wall Street has no idea how this works I would bet most of all Street has not a clue what a public key versus a private key is until they do a little bit of research and even then they go well we can’t manage other people’s money with tracers so yes they’ll have to be solutions and yes it’ll have to come from mainstream players like owen sachs and all these guys and backed and i see and they’ll all do it in time now you know gbtc is an interesting case study because people forget that it’s been around for a long time it’s not a closed-end fun but it’s pretty close it’s a closed-end fund that can’t be increased in size and when we learned what we learned at the time that they did the B cash dividend a few months ago we learned that that gbtc is one of the largest Bitcoin holders in the whole world I forgot the number I was just trying to look it up it’s a big big amount so they’ve been Chris totally holding Bitcoin for an institutional investors for a long time now without any hacks and believe me I’ve been if not if when goldman sachs and all these guys get in and they’re all one you know every day a new Wall Street Bank comes in and the higher the price goes the more that will come in when they do it they will do it right I mean you know yes you could say it’s a honey pot but so is so is every Wall Street account now I mean you know hackers are more sophisticated they can hack in and steal your capital your your your cash account as easily as they could steal vitcon is my guest maybe less so I don’t know I mean yes you could have an inside job but you can also have an inside job with cash accounts with electronic holdings of bonds or stocks and probably an EMP will endanger you know an EMP will endanger a cash account just as much as a Bitcoin that’s that’s being held by a third party so I’m not so worried about it I do think that the custodian services are needed to get Wall Street in a big way I do believe that they’re gonna be there probably next year and I’m not so worried but particularly because like you say we you know the the the the small investors we hold it on traders that’s what we do so this is all will all be immune to this in time we’ll get to the question later on if you want about whether I think Wall Street can manipulate we talked about this before but that’s another topic okay okay farzam we’re talking about first world problems here did do you have I’m sure you’ve got some thoughts on it but you see this from a different perspective South Africa is is a first world country but at the same time it is a developing country also what is your take on everything that we’ve been say in here so yeah it’s I think it’s a very exciting time I think it’s important to put things into context which is we talk about cryptocurrencies and how it’s exploding etc and it has obviously but you know if we add up stocks bonds cash gold you look at the value of all of that which is about two hundred trillion US dollars we’re talking about a market that’s less than 02 percent of that those financial assets forget about real estate etc so we’ve got a long way to go for this to become a really systemic issue for the world and you know you talked about first world versus third world etc the thing I love about cryptocurrencies is that these assets don’t care who you are where you are where you’re from etc it’s beautiful and like it totally brings to zero a lot of these man-made assumptions we’ve made about ourselves an identity etc so I think we’ve got a long way to go I do think that they’re gonna be dangers that come about soon but I think that’s endemic in our financial system at the moment you know I think there are huge huge challenges right now just with straight out debt without any type of cryptocurrency coming along and I think we’re gonna see some huge ramifications all that over the next decade so that’s the one thing I’ll say the other thing I’ll say is that you know the crypto circles mean loud to talk about decentralization and how the world is gonna be decentralized etc very different perspective which is we came as humanity from a decentralized world we had bearer instruments people had their own gold coins silver coins etc and we realized that there are risks with having your own bearer assets and there’s security risks to that and so you know a couple of guys got together formed a little goldsmith etc and said listen we’ll take your gold from you will become a centralized institution and we’ll give you an IOU and people said hey some risks of a year but that sounds pretty good and so we moved from a decentralization to essentially a centralized system and now because of all the the lack of trust that many people have in these institutions people are trying to find a way to get more decentralized again now we couldn’t do that with digital instruments obviously because there was no way to prevent double spending in the past but now this whole idea of the prevention of double spending using this technology has brought about a whole new world that actually opens up possibilities that are glorious so you know last time we chatted Adam I was the blockchain D that the largest bank in Africa I’ve since left to start Valerie calm and the premise of that is that we’re moving towards a decentralized world but where there will be central intermediaries that people do trust I think is inconceivable that everybody will be holding their private keys in the future some people want to be able to reset their password they do not want to have the responsibility of safeguarding their own private keys so I think we’re for anybody that kind of says it this way or that way I think we need to have a little bit of humility to say we’re at the beginning of this huge Cambrian explosion of assets and business models etc where we end up we don’t know it’s a very exciting journey ahead well I’ve gotta agree where we end up who knows that is a great question at this point in time I’m good I’m gonna agree with you I think most people they want to have a Bitcoin back they do not want to control their own private key they would love there to be on the corner a Bitcoin bank and then they would gain the Bitcoin let someone else hold my Bitcoin I think I think those people right now far outnumber the people who are willing to take personal responsibility over their own over their own Bitcoin and I don’t I don’t know how it will change or if it will change there’s there’s a lot of opportunity for that you know people say the banks are gonna go out of business because a Bitcoin no I if it comes to a point where Bitcoin is huge they’ll just all become Bitcoin thanks I think and then at people will gladly just let someone else hold their their Bitcoin something that I want to quickly get to because again you’re in Africa and we’re talking about these I guess big picture type of issues financialization are people talking about this in South Africa the financialization aspect of Bitcoin or is it more a down-to-earth thing like how we’re gonna help the people or how are we going to avoid the uncomfortable aspects of Bitcoin you know busy you know in some of these countries we’ve had governments take away assets from people Bitcoin is something that you know cannot be taken away what is the purse is there a different perspective there in South Africa and in Africa beyond you’ve got a unique I mean we want to hear yeah you know I think there’s a little bit of difference in level of conversation obviously with the CBOE and the CME and the futures trading and in the US and also you know platforms in the East with that I have quite sophisticated platforms for trading and derivatives of the of different crypto type of assets we in South Africa aren’t talking too much about that I think the the discussion is mostly on is the retail market going to get access to buying crypto through the endorsement of institutional or institutions we talk a lot about institutional money but there’s a huge thing about institutional endorsement now it started slowly with the likes of Goldman etc and you know having been in a bank over here there is a lot of skepticism and there’s a lot of concern for reputational damage to get into this area and to so-called endorse it now I think we’re getting to a point relatively soon that that reputational risk is gonna shift right now it may have been a reputational risk not to touch this stuff but sooner will be a reputational risk not to be involved with it because as soon as you’re you know a financial institution and financial institutions we’ve had them for ages they’re not dollar based or fiat based institutions right these institutions deal with what humanity perky’s perceives to have monetary value so as the monetary instrument changes to your point earlier there will be certain institutions that are too addicted to their current cash flows they cannot pivot and they will go out of business but there’s no reason that the current incumbents cannot change their business models and take advantage of this new world so that’s one of the biggest things for me is this dichotomy between us and them I don’t think it’s that cut and clear I think you know there’s a there’s a kind of a morphing in between these worlds and I think the the the winners are still to be determined so in South Africa we are expecting towards the end of this year a regulatory or some regulatory guidelines as to how cryptocurrencies will be regulated right now for instance they’re not part of what’s called the financial markets Act here they’re not into securities they’re not deemed as currencies either the central bank has come out and said that so we’re still waiting for that but I think there’s a lot of progress with the regulators over the past six months the central bank has held two big conferences with probably about 400 and 700 people respectively to bring the community together to seek their guidance and their input as to what the regulatory framework should be so I think it’s really encouraging in South Africa and I think something to note is that the central bank the sarva South African Reserve Bank recently won the central banking award for the best distributed ledger initiative around the world and they actually put together an ethereal based platform where they were investigating the ability to settle rands on a blockchain using quorum and aetherium and so it’s a whole separate discussion as to you know fiat currency on a blockchain but I think it goes to say that even though we’re here in the south of Africa we were still we still like to think we have a right to be seen on the map all right and you know any any country any state can step up there’s no there’s no gatekeepers here in the land of Bitcoin if you want to be the Bitcoin capital of the world you can be Wyoming if you want and we’ll get to that in a second um and you could be the Bitcoin cap the world nothing nothing could hold you back um first of all we have put a lot on the table here in terms of topics do any of you have questions for I know so much that I didn’t want to cut anyone off do any of you have questions for the other one no no no questions I just think I’ll note that tomorrow marks the tenth anniversary of the Lehman bankruptcy this is a well time financially themed show absolutely indeed Caitlyn I have a question for you what what Farzin just kind of implied is that eventually you know the the institutions maybe right now they’re putting on the face that they’re it’s it’s something they don’t want to be involved in but eventually it’s something they will want to be involved in uh on the in illness in the scene on the wall street scene right now there’s still a lot of talk that it’s coming from there that it seems like if this is something that they’re not too comfortable with but behind the scenes are they 100% comfortable with Bitcoin and are they making plans to like totally I mean you’re rehypothecation and all that stuff totally financial eyes it well they’re never gonna be a hundred percent comfortable with it I thought I don’t think anybody who uses it is 100 percent comfortable with it right it’s to be honest because it is scary it’s a digital bearer instrument and you’re always worried that something’s gonna go wrong or that you’re gonna get hacked or you know kidnapped or something right that’s digital bearer instrument inherently have higher risks that you have to take responsibility for but but but yeah Wall Street is going to react pop the Kato the perfect example of this is Citigroup announced this week that it’s going to be creating depository receipts for Bitcoin okay a depository receipt is just a it’s just basically like a little trust accounts that’s gonna hold Bitcoin and it’s going to clear and settle through the Depository Trust Company we haven’t mentioned them yet but basically that’s where a lot of the sloppy accounting takes place in Wall Street that allows a lot of the accounting systems to get out of sync with one another and the big example of that is dole food case right right we’re one third more shares were created in Wall Street’s accounting system these were valid legal claims to dole food shares that didn’t exist and that happens through the DTC and so when I saw that Citigroup is doing this depository receipt with the DTC I just left because we’re trying to fit the square peg into the round hole and there are going to be accidents here the DTC is not set up to handle clearing and settlement for a digital bearer instrument and you know if anybody wants to set up one for one non non leveraged back non leveraged based financialization bitcoin Godspeed right that’s what all the crypto currency exchanges have done and you know it does appear that they’ve survived the run on the bank the big exception of course to date of wealth couple of amount GOx of course but okay Y X most recently did a bail in that you know that if you’re playing around with leverage with with cryptocurrencies there is no lender of last resort and so you really do need to be careful who you’re doing business with because there isn’t anybody to bail out those those crypto entities what’s different about Wall Street firms is that the clearing and settlement infrastructure is is fundamentally designed to lose track of who really owns what and that there’s fault-tolerance Patrick Byrne refers to at John Kenneth Galbraith phrase the bezel in Wall Street and it’s there and and it’s not it’s not necessarily purposeful it’s not necessarily nefarious it’s just inherent in the clearing and settlement infrastructure so now Wall Street’s coming and saying well we want to put Bitcoin into our clearing and settlement infrastructure to use Jameson lops phrase Wall Street needs Bitcoin more than Bitcoin needs Wall Street mmm indeed it’s it’s an I I love that line it it it’s set up to lose track of stuff I mean that’s that’s that’s disturbing and it’s like a trillion dollar it’s amazing it’s the mainstreaming it’s the mainstreaming of Ponzi schemes because it has to be more and more demand for something that we know that there’s an unlimited supply of legal that’s the yes I mean full tolerance is a good way of putting it meaning everyone it prefers ignorance over you know ignorance is bliss but again the same thing will happen with Bitcoin I I just I I agree with far ism I just don’t see a world a decentralized well yes the trend in general is people are angry at governments and financial institutions but they’ll always be big government’s a big financial institutions the differences with Bitcoin they won’t have as much control there will be in increasingly in increasing use of cryptocurrency which is outside of the system and competes with it so they won’t be able to dominate everything and as far as in malls and as far as I’m also says the debt issues in the legacy economy will have to be addressed I mean I was just looking you know the national debt was 10 trillion dollars the day at the Lehman bankruptcy today it’s 21 and a half plus the 5 trillion that they put on their off their balance sheet with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and it’s only gonna get worse now interest rates are going up we’re seeing record inflation readings everywhere and we’re seeing for fiat currencies around the world collapsing the South African Rand is a perfect example but it’s not exclusive it’s everywhere so all these issues yeah yeah yes yes and all these issues are going to be addressed at the same time that the demand for cryptocurrency around the world increases and then of course the wall street people who all they care about is profit you saw it when they came in January first but their crypto hedge funds just like I said they would and look what they did in just a few weeks I’m well they’re gonna do it you know permanently and well you know now that we have backed coming in and ETFs and futures they will you know this fall tolerance will will will move over to Bitcoin and will be a dramatic increase in institutional ownership it’s just a matter of time you know the price goes up and they buy and the price will go up whether they’re or not yeah I’m not sure I agree with that because one of the one of the big wall street folks with for whom I have tremendous respect put it this way that Wall Street needs to Excel bitcoins scarcity problem they look at that 20 minute 21 million cap and say that’s a problem we look at that and say that’s a future that’s a feature not a bug they look at it as a bug right and so by creating these on back that people think are real bitcoins and passing them off as if they are they are going to bring more supply that is why the price of Bitcoin dropped on the backed announcement I believe there wasn’t a lot of other news in those first couple of trading days and the price went down 20% on the backed news because markets this is the wisdom of crowds markets discount future activities when they’re announced into the price of anything on that day and what this is is a license for Wall Street to start creating unpacked claims to Bitcoin and in their words solve bitcoins scarcity problem I don’t think it’s a problem but they do well that that’s that’s a speculation if that’s gonna happen and again you know the price of Bitcoin a day doesn’t respond necessary there’s very few news of items that make Bitcoin move at all and whether there was a coincidence about that day I don’t know I’m not I’m not disputing I mean maybe people do believe that but there’s so many reasons why bitcoin is different from other assets such as gold that we’re gonna that are going to develop in time so I’m not disagreeing or agreeing I’m just saying it’s something to be watched but you know the thought that oh oh this is just like oh they’ll just do the same thing I mean I strongly disagree with that’s that’s another story yeah no no I where I was disagreeing with you is that that they are going to be creating they are going to be artificially increasing the supply that is their business model they are going to be creating unpacked claims to Bitcoin through all these various insidious mechanisms like rehypothecation like margin loans at less than a hundred percent like collateral substitution rights in clearing houses where you can’t you don’t have to post actual Bitcoin you can post Treasuries of cash on your exposures there are ways lots of different ways that that that unpacked claims to Bitcoin are going to start leaking into the system and their inherent in the clearing and settlement infrastructure of Wall Street but the beauty of it is you know this is like your show like with my Krieger and Blake that you know the delivery process for a let’s say gold is essentially impossible I mean central banks can’t even get their gold and they don’t even really want their gold even if they could get it in the case of Bitcoin the Bitcoin community if they sense this big whales I can just take the Bitcoin yeah I mean you can’t stop them that’s like my I want my ten million dollars worth of Bitcoin now and that’s it so you know again it’s a developing thing it’s just a matter of we sort of us have been watching Wall Street do this for so long and again on the anniversary of Lehman this is why Bitcoin was created on the 10th anniversary of Lehman basically the white paper came out October 31st of 2008 as a response so in time I’m confident in time not saying tomorrow that the Wall Street mechanisms for solving the scarcity problem will be defeated but we will see what happens in the near term because they are going to try as Caitlin said yeah oh sorry go ahead one just quick addition one of the things that would keep Wall Street honest that would make me say yes you’re doing this right is if they actually offered clients as you as you said a right to settle in physical and you’ve talked about it we could just withdraw our bitcoins a problem is with the ETFs and with the futures contracts there is no right to settle in physical what they when you sell they’re gonna pay you cash so if they actually did give you the right to settle in physical which I completely agree they should and would be easy to do then it would keep them honest and I’d be a lot more comfortable ok well that that’s kind of like the GLD and the SLV in the sov you could theoretically get it except you’d have to get thousand mountain silver bars that no one wants and yes they can i Papa gate so yes they are gonna have all their built-in bells and whistles to favor their system we’ll just have to see if their system can beat the ultimate financial creation by the 99% yeah far down your bow just a small thing just to add on which is you know I think the thing that many people forget is that all monetary value is relative great so you cannot express a value of something in monetary terms with that relying on referring to something else and by default we do it in the currency of our country so it’s dollars it’s that right my god I love I always do a little thing when I talk to people I take my phone I ask an audience how much is this worth and invariably if I’m speaking in South Africa the people in that room have a and figure in their mind I’m speaking in the US as a dollar figure and Japan is a yen etc so we’re so socialized to think in terms of the fiat currency that we’re used to that we forget that things change that money changes and money involves we forget to the Fed you know so let me put it this way the bank that I used to work for and many banks are much much older than the Federal Reserve the United States the Fed is a hundred and five years old that’s not a long time the dollar as we know it today is about 40 47 years old that’s a really really short lifespan half a human lifespan so I think a lot of people talk about the the experimentation or the you know that the jury is still out on Bitcoin I think the jury’s still out on the dollar and I think we’re going to see in in in you know I think in my lifetime there is a very good possibility that the dollar does not exist I agree this discussion or this discussion about what is the you know Bitcoin worth and is it going to go up and down and and and and one last you know anecdote that I like to give is you know Jim Bob were talking about Africa was one of the most stable countries in Africa it was the pride of Africa two three decades ago I remember friends of mine I used to live in Nairobi going to Herrara coming back saying wow that is such an amazing place so you would never have said you know that in two three decades from then that we will be dealing with an economy as it is today and when you think about the price of a Bitcoin in terms of the Zimbabwean dollar sometimes people like no this is involved in dollar doesn’t exist well yeah it doesn’t but there’s still an exchange rate the exchange rate is infinite and you know it to be ever the dollar does die and Bitcoin outlives the dollar by definition the price of a Bitcoin in terms of dollars is going to be infinite right and the thing is that all of us secular Americans at least Kaitlyn and I and Adam we all think in terms that the whole world uses dollars when in fact only eight percent of the world lives in America and yes more of the world uses dollars than 8% but most of people don’t and so when people in America read the top read stories about emerging market currency crisis they don’t realize that this is the vast majority of the world they don’t realize that in India where ability to have people live the Indian rupee just hit an all-time low last week this is a year and a half after a Modi creatives cashless society or that the Chinese you want as much as it’s it’s being managed is very close to breaking the 25 year low of seven to the dollar which these trade wars will inevitably push it to and then of course all the other countries in the world I mean I remember when I went to South Africa ten years ago was six to the dollar now it’s 15 to the dollar and there are far worse places in Africa and far worse places on other part of other parts world so when we say will the dollar be the same as it is today in our lifetimes maybe it will maybe won’t it certainly will have less purchasing power but many the other currencies the world won’t exist at all in our lifetimes and that is guaranteed yeah one other thing too to add which is when we think about institutional money and we think about all these currencies that and you just talked about and that the world is shifting you know this idea of unconventional monetary policy is a term that’s just come about in the last decade yeah and we don’t realize that what that means is that conventional monetary policy stopped working otherwise we wouldn’t be using unconventional monetary policy so the fact that we’re here that we’re by some accounts over the last few years have had interest rates that have not been lower than this over the past 5,000 years where we have the Fed’s balance sheet of 4.

5 trillion us dollars we do not know what an unwinding of that looks like I think it’s actually getting to the point that and maybe even irresponsible for a lot of the institution not to have a little bit of a hedge in this new asset class there might be a hedge to the let me not say shenanigans but some of the instability that’s inherent in our current financial system.

I would agree that the challenge though of course is that the institutions like pension and mutual funds will naturally want to buy a Wall Street version of Bitcoin because it’s because they want to fit it into their clearing and settlement infrastructure right they don’t want to have to deal with holding their private keys the huge pension funds like the CalPERS of the world.

Absolutely could they have a capability to do it the big hedge funds are doing exactly that, but most institutional money is going to buy The Wall Street version of the product and to quote Jim grant from his wonderful essay that was printed on the 10th anniversary of the financial crisis talking about ETFs.

Being the tail that wags the dog proverbially he said look no one knows what’s gonna happen when there’s a rush for the door in an ETF and if indeed we have these unpacked claims that I strongly suspect are have crept into ETFs all over the place just because.

I know how Wall Street’s accounting system works and you don’t know this until you have a reckoning event you couldn’t have told how big that bezel was in the dole food situation until there was a merger I experienced it in my pension business at Morgan Stanley until we actually tried to transfer all of the bond portfolio from the pension fund over to the insurance company that was providing annuities to the pensioners and we were freezing things in place so the musical chairs stopped we did not know that there was unauthorized securities lending happening in that account that it was not discoverable until you have that reckoning event and what Jim Greg is talking about is these reckoning events are going to be ugly and and you’re gonna see a big collapse in the price and the tracking error is on those ETFs is gonna be massive I think he’s right but I but none of us can prove it because with only a few limited exceptions we really haven’t tested the ETF market yet yeah and I’ll certainly bring up my area of expertise the GLD in the SLV which came out China over what years it was now the latest yeah yeah late 2000 2008 and yeah yes to this day they have not been audited it’s no different than the Fort Knox gold all things literally there’s no requirement in the in the disclosures for them to ever be on they can also subcontract custodianship of the gold and silver to other entities not report who those entities are but they don’t have to be audited and of course you’re they’re allowed to re you know lend out those quote gold holdings and they have and we just don’t know how much so yeah to that end this is what they do and I’m sure if there’s a Bitcoin etx ETF whether it’s a solid x1 or another one it’ll have those salt same very loose loose loose wordings that allow the custodians to do whatever they want and curious to see who the custodians are because in gold and silver you have two of the biggest criminal banks in the world they just be single and JPMorgan and silver but again there’s just too many there’s too many things going for Bitcoin that were not going for for gold and silver for instance which was their primary competition before the digital age started for one of course governments don’t own any Bitcoin they can’t pretend they can’t they can’t be like the US government saying we have 8,000 135 tons because we know that they don’t have any we know that pretty much no government has any and they also governments don’t have the same goals when it comes to fiat currency they all had the goal of keeping gold down in supporting fiat currency inflation but they don’t all have the goal of keeping Bitcoin down and I don’t think most of them even understand how it works and then of course is the delivery issue and the blockchain transparency all of these things are going to be fighting a titanic war in the early stages of the wall street financialization a Bitcoin yeah I look at the Vanek solid X filing with the SEC for the ETF and you’ll be interested to know I have two beeps with it the big ones are that the that they say nothing about custody there’s literally one sentence in there that says the trust has no sense exactly they say nothing about whether they’re gonna be lending it out there’s just nothing disclosed about custody and the other beef I have with all of these Wall Street products is they’re not making any commitments on Forks or airdrops yeah hmm so you know what are you really buying I I was joking with a regulator who speaking with recently that I’m an attorney but I but I’m non-practicing might reactivate my bar membership and start suing fiduciaries for buying some of this stuff because there’s no promise in that it’s being made to the investors where is the investor protection in this stuff when there’s no compromise okay then question for you though so what type of kind of commitment would you expect because I think that’s a very difficult thing to to expect from an institution regarding the fork so what would you have well it is interesting I would I must say gbtc is the best one of the ones i looked at including the the synthetic ones the CBOE and cime futures which are cash settled I was merged in the physical settles because they have to actually deal with it as opposed to just try to track it synthetically but but gbtc is the best one it actually is the most specific I think they if I recall right they actually are doing they said something about whatever’s the longest chain within 48 hours but but one of the big but not all the other ones including benaki centrally just says the veneks holodecks application says that our risk and management committee will consider the appropriate course of action so basically there’s not you have no enforceable legally enforceable promise sorry go ahead yeah well of course that’s not an issue anymore it was an issue at the time that jeebies TC was dealing with the be cash fork as to what they would recognize fortunately bitcoin is one the scaling debates so the issue will not be whether or not bitcoin will still be bitcoin after for the issue is how they will handle the dividends and you know exactly that’s indicate and again fortunately because the bitcoin Forks have kind of fizzled out there is really that’s not an issue anymore because like the diamond and all the super bitcoin aren’t worried but heirs right we don’t in the air drops I got might be rhodium clock behind me it’s about to launch later this month there will be air drops that are going to be worth a lot and they’re gonna have to decide if they’re going to get those and give out the dividend and yes you VDC did actually give out a B cash dividend when it was worth something good for them but my bigger question I’ll ask to you because you read all the filings so with all this talk about custodianship and ETFs and the sec they may approve the holodecks it’s backed by the CBO and everything how could they possibly approve a Bitcoin ETF that doesn’t even suggest anything about custodianship in the filings isn’t that a good question but you point out exactly the same thing is true in these other ETFs for other scarce assets like gold and silver is ec’s job is investor protection and the you know Sun sunlight is is the is the best cleanser and they don’t require disclosures on on some of these things and and again the thing that’s so amazing about blockchain is we’ve got the actual public chain why not use that technology in forcing disclosures of public keys so you have a verifiable net asset value or you can verify that this you know your your your your financial institution is indeed not playing three-card Monte with your own coins behind that behind the scenes and again I want to underscore I’m not against banks I’m not against and I completely agree with your statement earlier that this they are always going to exist it’s the playing of the three-card Monte with the client assets that’s the idea yeah all right let’s uh we were bringing up the word the van eck Kaitlyn is it so is it gonna get approved and or you think they’re gonna wait till the last minute I think the last possible minute for it to get approved is like in February of 2019 are they gonna keep putting it off what do you what do you think I don’t have any better insight than anybody else okay okay no no special well here here’s a question that Andy actually brought up at the very start of the show with all this three-card Monte stuff that’s going on long term long term can these Wall Street organizations manipulate the price of Bitcoin long term not not short term long right right well I I gave my opinion in the last answer that there’s just not enough reserves out there or governments that have the same goals and of course that there’s there’s so much more transparency in the blockchain and in the delivery process so I think a lot of the government’s are going to be fighting each other in the ultimate game theory see who gets the most Bitcoin not who can suppress it the most I don’t think there’s going to be any ability to do that the real to me the real manipulation in this case is solely going to be what Caitlyn’s talking about Wall Street as opposed to in gold and silver where it’s Wall Street aiding and abetting the the central banks of the world who were trying to support beyond currency alright Caitlin your thoughts long-term can they manipulate the price no long term nobody can mitigate Bitcoin they definitely can short term I think they already have but but no bitcoins gonna win it’s too decentralized they can’t control it they and anybody who really tries to play three-card Monte to trace this point the community will just fork them and and and reveal the magnitude of the insolvency of the financial institution this gets back to my earlier very strong statement any taxpayer backed a Federal Reserve back financial institutions should not be leveraging cryptocurrencies and people people also need to remember I know everyone thinks that the Bitcoin market is so liquid because you know you put on like BitFenix and you’ll see a lot moving or trading but the fact is first of all most of most I would say 95% of it for Nexus poofs almost everything is fake and especially at least it got it got reasonably liquid during the top in like the summer in January but right now yes it’s much more liquid than it was two years ago but it is an extremely illiquid asset that can be moved around especially now that you have futures and and a handful of big sophisticated whales and Wall Street doing their thing but as it becomes bigger there will be letting far more liquidity and these games will be far more difficult to to perpetrate and yeah I’m interested when you say 95% is spoofs I’m sure you’re talking about wash Trading and the like do you have any evidence for things like that or is it just a hunch or one I can’t I’m not specifically saying wash trading because I mean that there’s no way of proving that but you know for someone who’s who’s watched tick for tick not this big coin but gold and all kinds of other things it’s pretty obvious and it’s funny I was just noting that the last 2 or 3 days when the price started moving up all the sudden the spoofs disappeared but I’m talking about for pretty much is it bear market year going back to February March if you just watch BitFenix for any given period of time you’ll be like wow almost everything here is fake every move up is met by big bids that go away every move down by big offers there’s far more of the offers I would say for every fake bid this 10 fake offers I mean it’s really embarrassing to watch it’s worse than watching the GLD or the comics but it is a fact of life in a thin market these big players move the price around with fake bids norms in fact if you look at my tweets like I mean I tweeted so much about this I’ve put one in a few days ago I said watch on bid for next the five biggest fake spoof offers are for 32 29 17 11 and 5 and then after that I’m watching it sure enough those numbers just keep popping up over and over again so yes it’s a very illiquid market right now but much more liquid than it was two years ago I want to ask Caitlin you you talked about the wall street it’s not a feature for them that they’re only going to be 21 million Bitcoin they’re going to try to create ways to make it look like they’re more Bitcoin how about this is an option though and what how about all coins with them have you heard talk about them wanting to get into alt coins are they interested in aetherium because there you go there you got more cryptocurrency to play with there you’re not limited to just 21 million which are you a Bitcoin maximalist what’s your take on Wall Street all coins and your thoughts on all points well yeah they’re definitely interested in aetherium so that’s coming too right behind Bitcoin may be I don’t know six months behind Bitcoin in terms of Wall Street creating you know if they’re in based packages and I think over time their goal is to trade anything that’s liquid and do what they do if anything that’s liquid so they they’re you know they’re they’re not going to get involved in all these fights between the that the tribes if you will but in this in this industry because they just want to do what they do they’re they’re all about capturing bid-offer spread and and inflating the supply of assets so that they can trade even more and capture more big op bid-offer spread their you know and then they take their money and run this is not they’re not gonna get tribal about this whatever’s liquid is what it is whatever they’re gonna want to trade yeah but it might have Bitcoin maximalist yes I am I think it’s gonna take 20 years for that to play out and I do think that there is real room for other blockchains I think aetherium has amazing applications for tokenizing things well Bitcoin be the better use for that over time maybe but right now if there is got lead in in tokenizing assets and then and there is real value to that about because I do believe that the cruft that happens on Wall Street can be fixed by blockchain and at this point it’s wide open in terms of fixing the cruft on Wall Street with blockchain clearly Bitcoin has a big lead on money itself and and really etherium is not really going after Bitcoin in terms of monetary use alright farzam you mentioned aetherium beforehand in South Africa is it a is the Bitcoin maximalist homeland or is is there a lot of talk about these other do people want to diversify there I mean as you can see on Twitter in the Western world there are some passionate Bitcoin maximalist it is it the same in South Africa what’s your domain we get the passionate fights and disagreements and debates over here for sure but there’s a lot of talk about alts and I’m on a whatsapp group called alt Ghana Stan so there’s a lot of information and kind of different views and I really agree with Caitlin I think I still think it’s early days and I think right now there’s been a you know this kind of law in any Forks etc but you know I still think it’s important to note that we haven’t sold skating you know and a nice stat I’d like to give is that when we think about Bitcoin and you think about Venezuela and if we said listen let everybody in the world just give all the capacity on the Bitcoin blockchain network to Venezuelans then effectively each Venezuelan would only be able to submit one financial transaction every about two months that’s simply not doable right so we’re getting there the second layer lightning etc but I still think we have to have little humility things change quickly so I personally am a crypto let’s say I’m agnostic crippled agnostic I don’t know what will win out but I’m super excited about this ecosystem because I think just the cryptic I think is huge and I think those are the conversations that we’re having here and so that could be like everywhere else in the world by the way for farzam Lorien Gamera said hi he wanted me to say hi to you speaking of guys you know Andy I’m very familiar with your your feelings your thoughts about all coins and everything do you have anything to add to what was just said right but but but Wall Street plus all coins is the question yeah and of course we’ll look first of all we know I mean don’t I mean like what Kaelyn says I mean the answers is the sky blue there’s a bear crap in the woods well Wall Street embrace all coins you’re kidding me this is the greatest invention in the history of Wall Street because they’re so illiquid in Solvang a huge bid-ask spreads and there’s so many suckers that get involved in these things 80 percenters that’s how they feast it’s the greatest invention ever and altcoins will be a Wall Street playground forever and you know as far as um where were we talking about oh yeah we have goldman sachs you know they blood baloney acts through their circle venture capital that i think they own about 30 or 40 percent of that that’s the first warning shot but they will all be in because if everyone remembers just less than a year ago how liquid those old coins got when people are into them and i’m not just talking about aetherium which went to a hundred thirty-five billion dollar market cap for absolutely doing pretty much nothing but a lot of these smaller ones became very liquid too and so they will do it they will create they will create ETFs for aetherium they’ll create basket ETFs that have all different all coins in them just like we have baskets of pretty much every sector and and you know again of course I’m a Bitcoin maximalist but only in terms of its monetary impact on the world you know the tribes there are no tribes anymore I mean in fact if you saw I just saw the headline it said watch Jimmy song and Raj of arrogant to a 5/32 and you and you and you look at this and you was there you believe there was ever actually a war between Bitcoin and and these idiots because there’s no more tribes bitcoin is the king of money and will be as far as cryptocurrency as long as exist but both coins are going to be a huge part of the environment for years to come and Wall Street is going to capitalize in a big big way all right I want to thank everybody in this super chat by the way Jim my buddy up in Pennsylvania and pension sent some contributions thank you guys thank you very much for that there is a question that is gonna kind of refer back to what was talking we were talking about before but it’s a it’s a it’s a deep question this is for Caitlin I would love to hear your thoughts about privacy upgrades on the big coin main chain potentially making rehypothecation possible so we’re talking about it would be great it would be great to have privacy upgrades on Bitcoin but there’s a darker side to it there yeah Thank You Reid office Kate yeah so what are your thoughts on that that’s crazy it’s a great question I thought where they were going was a point that under is made earlier which is that the problem with Wall Street is because of the Bank Secrecy Act that Wall Street whales are going to be influencing the technology upgrades and specifically privacy upgrades and he was making the point that the Wall Street where whales would try to block privacy upgrades to the Bitcoin core software and because their compliance departments won’t let them trade in any of the privacy coins how would how would they how would they be able to his point is since they can’t in other words if the community Forks young upgrades upgrades Bitcoin core to include privacy all of the in all of its versions and Wall Street can’t follow that because they can’t comply with the Bank Secrecy Act his point is Wall Street’s gonna fork into what he calls corpo coin and that may very well be what happens if if a privacy upgrade takes place and Wall Street can’t follow it for compliance reasons but that your question are asked to different question which which is wouldn’t Wall Street want to benefit from that because they could play even more games if they do and the answer is yes but I think the bigger obstacle is Wall Street it’s not going to be able to because of the Bank Secrecy Act they have to know their customers that have to comply with anti money laundering laws and they also now have to own the bet know who the beneficial owner of the assets is Trump has gone you know in the very wrong direction on financial regulation he’s making it worse not better all the deregulation talk he’s had in other industries it’s been he’s done some good things but in finance he’s gone backwards we’re getting it’s getting worse in the Bank Secrecy compliant Bank Secrecy Act compliance in financial services so Wall Street can’t deal in privacy cloyd’s yeah I just wanna add I just think it’s funny talking about the concept of Wall Street whales you know it’s with quotes around it will try to block privacy on Bitcoin which is for one you know the term Wall Street whales who is that exactly and of course what exactly is privacy on Bitcoin but more importantly mean it was just a year ago when the most powerful miner in the world probably aided by the most powerful government in the world and the most powerful Bitcoin investor in the world threatened to fork and break Bitcoin in two and a month later they were destroyed and they had everyone on board they got all the Sigma 2x everyone possible and within a month’s time they were humiliated and defeated and now Batman is gonna go bankrupt and Roger bear has become persona non grata so to think that anyone could stop anything in Bitcoin let alone some kind of small protocol change which is gonna happen anyway it’s not like it’s gonna be hard for it’s just gonna happen naturally yeah they’ll be sitting you know they’ll think it’ll happen off chain all kinds of stuff the AML kyc again it’s laughable it sounds like a big story now because they’re trying to create ETFs and Goldman’s like whoa we got to create a policy if we’re gonna have crypto but in a few years time everything about cryptocurrency will be so anonymous and decentralized that there’s nothing they can do and that the same thing goes like the SEC just admitted that aetherium is is basically decentralized we can’t call it a a currency or security because the fact is even ones like etherium that have an ethereal foundation become decentralized we talked about steam on my thing last week’s team is already decentralized to the point where Dan Laramie really isn’t even a part of it anymore and it’s gonna happen a court with all these new technological innovations to the point that you know AML kyc is gonna become the biggest joke in cryptocurrency well you know I I welcome them here and let me know one more thing again the more money you know the way they talk about these decentralized exchanges and one says oh it can’t happen because if you need more fear but it’s cryptocurrency becomes more valuable more and more of the worth of the world is going to train on decentralized exchanges so then what trades on Wall Street is going to be the minority of all the crypto that’s trading in the world the won’t even matter just one can I decide once increase please so I think that brings up some good points I think in the short to medium term though I think oh I see and I was gonna be a big thing because we’re talking about the on-ramps between crypto current guess yes you’re a migrant yes right so so that’s gonna be that but I think very few people kind of look forward to seeing okay what is the implication on this for tax collectors for the revenue services etc and I think as more people more and more people start losing trust in their governments this is a more people who start using trust in their financial institutions which they are and you have a medium of exchange that allows for all the privacy that we’ve talked about without relying on a trusted financial institution we’re in a whole new world where our current regulations our current paradigms just do not apply and at the end of the day money is a network effect so even if a government says you cannot use it but the people want to use it and because of its scarcity it still maintains some value it’s very very difficult to shut down and I think very few people especially in the establishment right now recognize that or if they do recognize it what do I actually acknowledge it publicly I want to say Kaitlyn brought up corporate coin that you know if privacy becomes an issue that they some of these big organizations they’ll just form their own Bitcoin yeah they’re welcome to fork off I you know if they want to give me free corporate coin hey cuz I know a lot of people will buy into it they’ll get really excited o Goldman Sachs is gonna have their own Bitcoin so many people will buy it I mean it’s complete nonsense in my head and in most of the people’s heads is watching this but hey yeah dubby I mean that’s a very interesting I mean we don’t know what the future is gonna bring but there might be corporate bitcoins these huge finance Wall Street corporate coins this is my unlearning stuff and you know what and again I don’t support that stuff if they want to give it to me for free heck give it to me for free operated for up trade it for the real thing because nothing sir I’m not just banks I mean you know we talked about Amazon Facebook Starbucks everyone will have a coin because because they’ll they’ll be like the tokens you know the Oct 22 and this year if people think there’s money to be made off it everyone will make one and of course is everyone starts making one in crypto becomes a bigger part of the global economy everyone will feel that they have to and again it will it will by de facto make things more decentralized and cut out tax collectors and politicians it’s just a trend over time that can’t be stopped yeah I think I just I just fascinated by the fact that the privacy addition is gonna force them into a corner possibly yes this well it will because they cannot adopt a private cryptocurrency they can’t they couldn’t be doing this with Manero for example or Z cash yeah and we the funny there we can see the beginnings of that that truth that basic truth because coin base which is not a big financial organization they won’t list Manero yeah no but that was exactly under aces point like you know the coin basis of the world actually had a big impact on the debate last August they didn’t influence it and again back to my earlier point I wanna clarify I don’t think Wall Street’s ever going to be able to control the debate but are they gonna have a big influence because they’re whales and again we think coin basis of we’ll wait till you see core Wall Street market infrastructure coming in those the coin base is not going to be a whale compared to that you know just by coinbase for pennies on the dollar would be like them buying Polonia x to laugh at it yeah it’s a B what we’ve seen so far in the crypto space is really small compared to what’s gonna be happening now that core Wall Street infrastructure is coming into this space it’s gonna it’s gonna have a big impact but will it control no but will it have an influence just like coinbase did relatively last year of course it because these are gonna be big whales pound that like button everyone this show has been freaking on fire I’m pumped but we got I told everybody just an hour so we’re already there so I want to get to the conclusion airy remarks and I mean there’s still some questions out the all these guests will return of course and again we do this this week in Bitcoin is every Friday you get to hear the best guests in the space I bring on this show I work very hard to do that farzam I want it was anything left out is there anything you want to add is there any any topics and also you got a mention what your emceeing the event next year at the 2019 blockchain event in in johannesburg but take it away the floor is yours yeah there is a big event March called the blockchain Africa conference which shall be emceeing we should have hundreds of participants it’s always being a great conference I think it will be the fourth year that it’s running right now so it’s a thanks the fifth year yes I was at the first yeah I’ve been at to 2015 and eight things in it yeah I think the last thing I’ll probably say is it’s a social comment which is that the world is starting to recognize more and more its own unity humanity is one and even though we might have some hiccups along the way like Greg’s it and politicians that are really gunning for their own geographic space if you step back and you look at our money and let’s just take it for the American audience and for the Americans on the panel you know I think we’re really really grateful that we don’t have a Brooklyn coin and a Manhattan coin that when you go from Manhattan to Brooklyn you need to stop and pay somebody a few bucks to change it and then actually go to the restaurant in Brooklyn thank God we don’t have that we’ve just got the dollar they don’t even have a New York coin and a California coins thank God but the fact of the matter is we do have a us coin we have a China corn you have a Japanese core in a South African corn etc so even though we’ve seen this flourishing of assets of crypto assets and tokens I think because money and when I’m talking about specifically the utility nature of money in the currency nature all of these coins that we’re talking about because it’s a social network I think we will be converging on to one two three I don’t know but a few we’re not gonna be I don’t think we’re gonna have a huge explosion you might have them but I mean the point is it’s it becomes infeasible for people to start calculating what is this Starbucks coin in the JP Morgan coin etc humans need a kind of consensus of how they actually look at value and I think we’re moving slowly in that direction I don’t know exactly what it will be but I am extremely excited and tremendously privileged to be in this community great conclusion there I agree with that all right Kaitlyn moving on well welcome to the show again on your first occurrence is already legendary in my head there anything you want to add and there’s I do have a specific question you got to talk about Wyoming and you got to talk to Tyler you’re home well that’s what yeah yeah there’s something epic happening in Wyoming on Monday the 24th of September we’re having a legislative task force meeting and both Jimmy song and Tyler Lynn home with their gigantic cowboy hats are gonna be there so we actually get the two of them in the space at the same time that’s that I can’t wait we’re not done it with creating favorable legislation in Wyoming and I have a request for your listeners if you are a crypto company that has trouble has had trouble in the past getting or keeping a regular business bank account because the banks are closing you out send me a message on Kaitlyn – Shalom calm or on Twitter or on LinkedIn we need examples for that legislative session these are going to be mostly American companies but anyone from outside the US is welcome to send me a letter as well we just need to be able to put that in the record because we are going to be proposing what is effectively a money warehouse bank for the crypto industry to help make sure that crypt legitimate crypto businesses that can comply with know your customer and anti money laundering all that stuff are not going to end up losing a bank account so shoot me a message if that’s happened to you and you’re willing to go on the record because we’re gonna try to fix that in Wyoming we’re not done all right so uh conclusionary remarks from the show today anything that was left out you wanted to add about financialization to calm people again don’t fear people don’t fear we’re this is just the beginning big players are coming and they’re gonna play some tricks what do you have to say any conclusionary thoughts hey I would just add traces point which is if law Street is gonna come in and suppress the price with all these these games of fixing the supply problem quote-unquote that just means that it’s cheaper for the rest of us to buy it and and what I mean by it I mean buy it and keep your private keys because I completely agree with everything long-term this is gonna be you know Wall Street can’t really mess with this this is what the bitcoins gonna win but that doesn’t mean in the short term that they can’t create buying opportunities for those of us who are not afraid to take our own personal responsibility for our own wealth excellent per source I love it personal responsibility is the new counterculture people remember that Andy Hoffman tie it all up here man that was left off what do you got to add okay well first of all you remember yet Brian Kelly on your show back in October talking left the wall of institutional money headed for Christo remember of course that I wrote an article two weeks before that saying that it was coming the second that Bitcoin hit $6,000 which was a 100 billion dollar market cap that’s when the whole rally started and of course the Hoffman line the hundred billion now market cap is now held for the entire year that means the institutions have started to come in they are never going away and so when we talk about will Wall Street try to suppress it and yes there’s been a lot of talk in this call about the things that Wall Street has done to suppress assets Wall Street also props assets up they’re the ones who created the bubble in January that that put a theory about 135 billion dollar market cap and cryptocurrency which is the beginning of you know of a new is in a bull market as opposed to gold which is at the end of a 5,000 year old Stone Age so Bitcoin Wall Street’s main goal is to make money on bet on bull markets and this is a decidedly bull market that’s just starting so for all the talk about what they will do to suppress it this is gonna be far more that’s done to make it go higher and there’s gonna be a lot of money that’s going to be coming in to crypto and we’re about to hit the 10-year anniversary of the of the Bitcoin blockchain we’re also going to hit you anyway first again and there’s gonna be a lot more crypto hedge funds now that so many have done their research this year and oh yeah if there happens to be an ETF Katie bar the door we will be at twenty thousand dollars before you can blink your eye and I just wanted to clarify two things Adam because over the years you’ve said the word conclusionary at every one of your calls and I looked it up because I wasn’t sure if that is a word it is in fact the word Adam so yes you can say conclusionary remarks at the end of every show but one other word that you do get really wrong it’s not hypothec asian it’s high publication guys on here – you know correctly Denton’s – translates as the Baltimore accent is oh alright so anyway it has been a blast today I’m sure everyone’s excited about getting their corporate coin in 2021 from sex and everything but I mean that was a I love that point about privacy is gonna push them into a corner Wow I can make I want to make ten different shows about that and on that note I post a new show here every single day so remember people subscribe to the channel and every Friday we have this week in Bitcoin on even when I’m in Santiago Chile next Friday we will I will get a show together somehow beyond Bitcoin show is on Saturday pound that like button everybody this one really deserves a big pounding because it was a great show thank you everyone have a great weekend i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video check out the notes section below for everybody’s contact information thank you again guests everyone bye bye

What is MIOTA or IOTA and how to buy or invest in MIOTA (IoT)

The IOTA project was born in 2014 but began trading as a security with its MIOTA coin on June 13, 2017.  IOTA is a crypto currency focused 100% on the online world that focuses on serving as a pillar of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The name IoT refers to the fact that anything or anything can be connected to the Internet. It is estimated that by 2010 billions of objects will be connected to the online world.

Today’s MIOTA / IOTA price

How to buy MIOTA today


Technology makes and will make possible the sustenance of the IoT project. On the basis of the Internet of Things IOTA is born and its virtual currency called MIOTA. As I said at the beginning, this project began in 2014 by the hand of David Sønstebø and brings many novelties and advantages over crypto coins already known as Bitcoin or Ethereum for example that we will see later.

IOTA came to the market with a value around 0.60$ approximately. But recently this crypto currency has closed agreements and investments with important companies such as Fujitsu and Microsoft (see news).

These news made that the value of IOTA will increase in 800% passing in just a few days from having a value of 0.50$ on average to reach 4.30$, something never seen before in any crypto coin.



IOTA has some very attractive features that make this crypto coin a very attractive value for the immediate future.

Decentralized and private, like any crypto coin.

Red Tangle. Main competitor of BlockChain. This network lacks blocks and its transactions are processed in parallel. This results in faster, more efficient and commission-free transactions.

Zero commissions. It will no longer be necessary the figure of the miner to solve hashs in the blockchain to confirm transactions. The operations by IOTA will only need two transactions in the Tangle network that can be turned out by any modern device either computers or smartphones.

Fixed monetary offer. The amount of IOTA will never increase or decrease. The total offer is set at 2,779,530,283,277,761.



At this point you will surely be wondering how to buy IOTAs. Directly it is not yet possible using any of the platforms we already know for acquiring crypto coins.

In other words, to buy IOTAs you must first buy Bitcoins to make an exchange and exchange these bitcoins for IOTAs. Buying bitcoins is very simple, if you are from USA or Canada you can do it through Coinbase.

Do you already have the bitcoins? Then simply create an account in the exchange Binance, search and select the currency IOTA and buy it through bitcoins.

Create a BINANCE account and buy IOTAs


Once you have bought IOTA you must have a purse where you can store them. It is not advisable to leave the purchased crypto currencies in the balance of the exchange itself as it may happen.



Today there are still not many online brokers who offer the possibility to trade with IOTA. Although we have available IQ Option, one of the best and best known online brokers where you can buy, sell, open CFDs and binary trades.


Plus500 Plus500

Veteran online trading platform. Minimum deposit of $100. Trades through CFDs in crypto currencies. Available Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and IOTA.


Libertex Libertex

More than 20 years of experience in the financial market and online trading. Minimum deposit $|€100. Allows trading with IOTA, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more.

IQ Option IQ Option

Popular online trading platform. Minimum deposit $10. Allows trading with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Monero, OmiseGo, Zcash, TRON, IOTA.

As you can see, from $10 you can buy and invest in IOTA through IQ Option. Don’t miss the opportunity!



What to say…a crypto currency launched in June 2017 and that at the end of the year two companies like Fujitsu and Microsoft are interested in it is anything but negative. It will be necessary to follow the progress of this new currency, as its value fluctuates as well as all the news that talk about it.

At the moment it is quite unknown to most users. Due to this, you won’t be able to find too many investment pages that allow you to trade or buy IOTA as well as free pages that allow you to earn small fractions of MIOTA Faucets style, Paid to Click pages or applications.

What I do advise, if you can afford it, is to buy some coins now that their value is affordable. Who knows if that coin you can now buy for $4 in 5 or 6 months is worth $200, $300 or even more, who knows!