Hello everyone welcome to this new video dedicated to learning of technical analysis today let's see how are built the Japanese candlesticks so I warn you this video is dedicated mainly to beginners but that was the question that was most asked last week so at the end of this video you go find out why we chose to represent the price in this way with the Japanese candlesticks and how they are built but also at what are the wicks and the bodies of the candles for that I'm going to broadcast an excerpt that will very well answer these three questions if you want to watch the video entirely you will find the link in the description then let's talk now about Japanese candlesticks then the Japanese candlestick is model of representation graph that is very useful because it actually allows and that's where it's interesting to summarize what happened in a move so let's imagine a movement that looks like that so it goes up it goes down it goes up it goes down a Japanese candlestick and effect with 4 gave so over a period considered imagine that earlier we saw that there was a graph that went from 9 am to 1 pm it's five hours so imagine that we take a movement over five hours and we want display the Japanese candlestick 5 hours ie a Japanese candlestick which summarize a five-hour move so I would take the beginning that would be by example here so let's imagine that one is 9 am we would take the end so 13 hours it would be the closing and then we will be interested in the highest of the period ie the highest that separates the opening to the fence is at the lowest so we have four give back what we makes the candlestick body and the extremes that is to say the highest and the lower so this graphical representation here what does she mean she is red that means the market has gone down between the opening here and the closing is the first information the second information is the extreme we know that during the period we climbed up there we are went down there up we know it was 9 o'clock here it was 13 o'clock by cons we do not know exactly when was done the lowest nick was done the highest and we do not know either in what way it's do we have it you have a plot that is done on the left but in fact we do not know not if we fail first we dropped everything down to after we went back to first come down all that we do not know when we just look at a Japanese candlestick the only thing we can know is opening and closing and the extremes in the period of the blow for example on this movement the Japanese candlestick would look like that we open here we shut up here so more high that clause opening this time the candlestick serene towards the highest in the period he's the lowest video ruler he's here with this type of movement we have a lower that is mixed with the price of circus we do not have small wicks underneath we have nothing at all we have a big green body and then we have a little bit above it can also look like that these are Japanese actually you have all the possible and unimaginable forms there what do you have you have an opening with a very big drop then all of a sudden in huge turnaround a very big rise and so we would have still a rise at the opening is lower than the fence this time it is the highest that is mixed with the fence so we have no wick superior by cons we have a huge wick inferior so why I you shows different types of fields the Japanese for you to understand well this story of summing up a candlestick sums up the story of a movement when you see a candlestick that looks like that again we do not know exactly what happened against what could be sure is that at one moment we were there and there was a gigantic mounts while before there had a gigantic drop so this is information that can be interesting there at point burn you see a field of the Japanese like that where he has a big reaction on one level or in any case there is a big bullish push that is setting in place ok so that's why it's important the word when we are going to change like that we know that there is a big push when we see the field of the east like that we think rather of indecision why because finally we see that the body is small we are montaulin descended but finally we did not do much so that's why candlesticks are interesting because they go summary information that will serve us for self trading plans are trading stages for example so since a candlestick summarizes a movement on a unit of time which is smaller it will symbolize a situation and that's what's important it's going to symbolize a situation of hesitation of frank movements of bullish push of bullish push etc etc etc so there for example you have some types of Japanese fields among the most classic so each one have pretty cute enough poetic names that is marabout ouzou where the hung them stuff I do not know what actually stop for a little bit do Japanese folklore with their super nice name now we do not care about names there is the hammer the thing we do not care all we are interested is that there are candlesticks that represents the vigor of a movement there are some candlesticks that represents a hesitation in the movement to say that it goes up it goes down it stagnates finally not much again compared to the opening if it's a daily circus candlestick wholesale opened here at midnight we close here at midnight during the day we ride on went down we went up my share did a lot okay so try to already started thinking about that first exercise that you could do is open our charts put them into candlesticks Japanese and already start to spot the different types of fields of japanese and look at a smaller unit of time what is it corresponds to this Japanese candlestick I see a big rise to what that is an excellent observation exercise that I will ask you to to do if you want to develop your acuity we will say visual it is to look at graphs on small units of time and to draw you even candlesticks you take a tool traced rectangle or pay you are and if he will train you to represent the Japanese candlesticks that is to say summarized the movements you see it's a good exercise for begin to understand well to find your way around the space etc so here I hope that with this excerpt you could understand how are built the Japanese fields is why we chose to represent the price in this way to conclude the Japanese candlesticks Summarizes in a single candle what happened in time units lower the Japanese candlesticks which we therefore allow to have more information than if we used a simple fight showing us only closing prices I hope you enjoyed this video as you have seen this weekend there were no videos of the technical analyzes the technical analyzes have been posted on the dedicated twitter which is corner newspaper buy some of the analyzes has already been posted yesterday the other part will follow today if you still have not seen the first two videos dedicated to the analysis technical you will find the corresponding links in the description thank you and I tell you next saturday for the next video of analyzed


Hello everyone welcome to this new video to learn the analysis technique in this video let's talk of a topic you have long been waiting for the technical indicator rsi here is the summary of the video I'll let you put it in jar if you want to read it then we'll start with some notions general about this indicator it was created forty years ago of years by welles wild hours who is notably the inventor of others technical indicators such as the tr abbey or the parabolic it the son rs is part of the category of bounded oscillators there are some oscillators that are bounded like the rsi the stochastic and others that do not are not stubborn as love has yielded so a band oscillator is a technical indicator that evolves between two extreme levels in this case here for the a6 between 0 and 100 when the rsi is between 0 and 30 it is said to be in an oversold zone when it is between 70 and 100 years born in the area of ​​purchase to be able to operate the acia need to be configured using a period for example if we take the unit so much of 11 and 14 period narratives goes be the average of the last 14 days in time unit purchases the stories 24 will represent the average of the last 24 hours we will now see the mathematical formula of the saw and understand how this period is important then as a calculation and the rsi the formula to calculate it is relatively simple you have it here it's a hundred times h / h + b with h that represents the average mobile rises over the last six periods for example if you configure a rsi 14 on units time d 1 h 20 correspond the moving average of the increases over the last 14 days b it's the same thing except that it's the moving average of the drops and worlds here you see understands the absolute value simply because declines are negatives and the absolute value allows us to get a value of ben is positive the calculation of this moving average for h & b can be from different ways be it arithmetic or exponentially for to be a little more responsive to the price here we will see three cases figure for this indicator the first is when buying towards zero so buyer 0 this means that the moving average of zero increases so when h20 the rsi is 0 and so we are well in dominating this beard in reverse when b time towards zero this means that the moving average of the declines tends towards zero is so praised to the girl should be worth without so we're dominating this bullish so it's important to remember when the rsi is in low values the underlying trend is bearish when the rsi has a high value close to 100 we are dominating this bullish end of the year case of figure is when we have the moving average the bones and the average mobile drops that are equal so when h and curved the rsi worth 50 this is called the level of neutrality the ups and downs go overcompensated you see to present walking the moment we're going to get buy signals or else from sale with this technical indicator so be careful unlike the ideas widespread we're not going to buy when we're in oversold nor sell when we are in overbought area simply because the rsi when in one of these two extreme zones can remain very long time and so if you took a trade the course can continue to to move in the opposite direction of your position I'll show you all this through a graph a little later in the video for the moment let's see when the rsi provides us with a buy signal or sell signal the buy signal is obtained when the rsi and will find himself in his oversold area and that he will cut upward the level of 30 for example here on this graph of the bitcoin with a rsi of shovels of 8 we have a buy signal connects girl you see that the rsi was in his oversold area so the overlooks sales here stood below the green horizontal line between 0 and 30 and that they cut here upward the level of the 30 and at that moment the asim gives a buy signal as you see on the chart the course subsequently evolved upward for the sell signal it will be symmetrical ie when the rsi will be in his zone over-buying and when the curve cuts down the level of 70 on the same rafik previously you find that the rsi was in his zone of over-buying so above levels a 70 and then cut down this same level and so we get here a similar sales signal you see on the chart afterwards the court has evolved downward so to sum up a buy signal is obtained when the rsi is in oversold area and that they cut at the raise the level of 30 and it gives us a sell signal when it is in its zone of over-purchase and that they cut the level of the 70 so now a crucial question that you have to ask yourself what is the period of rsi we have to choose given that we had seen previously on the formula that the rsi necessarily needed a period to be able to function and the choice of this period is going to be very important thereafter to start we will take two extreme cases let's assume you take a period value for the rsiq and so small by example a period of 2 3 4 or else 5 is much more this period value on the small and the more rsi will be responsive to market variations on this chart you see it with a rsi set with a period of 3 you find that it does not stop oscillating between these extreme zones of this buyout and oversold and this can give you many false signals has contrario if you took the value of alexis that will be high a lot by example 20 30 or 40 the rsi and will be much more stable in the face of variations of the market it will allow you for example in this case of highlighting the bottom movement of the market on the same previous graph but this time with a rsi dribbled over a period of 21 you see it's a lot less responsive to market fluctuations and never crosses the level of the 30 and happens relatively often in his area of ​​over-buying the ideal is therefore to choose a small period of rsi too weak not to to have too many false signals nil period of rsi too high otherwise you are not going never get buy or sell signals we'll see a little later in the video what will be the value of period to choose given that this period value will depend many of the crypto that you will analyze but also and especially the unit of time in which you are going to be knowing the rsi depends also of the current market state its use will be different in depending on the state you are in for example when you are in a range the oversold area or the overbought area to represent media to potential resistance for example on this graph of the monroe in time units buy you find that we are here inside an oscillating range between the 83 and the 103 dollars and we will use the rsi to lose 7 you note that this msi is relatively well tuned as we get it neither too high nor too little buy or sell signals for example at this location the rsi was in oversold area and he cut to the raised the levels of the 30 which could give us a buy signal which actually corresponds to a purchase on the 83 dollar resistance thereafter the rsi was in overbought area and cut down the level of the 70 so we have at that moment a sell signal this sale actually corresponds to the support level of 103 dollars a few days later the rsi provides us with a new buy signal given that we are in an oversold area and they cut to the up the level of 30 unfortunately this buy signal has not relevant to resume as subsequently the court to stagnate or even decrease again a week later we have a signal purchase here and the price has subsequently moved in a good upward direction et cetera et cetera as you see in the case of a stores steel signals for purchase or for sale can be very effective when we are in orange breaks what happened for example on the last signal of sale at this place the rsi gave us a sales signal but eventually the court broke down at the increased its level of major resistance this time around as part of a pronounced trend the rsi will be out of cycle and as we As we said before, he may be stuck for a very long time in one of these two extreme zones depending on the calculation period that you will obviously choose what will cause you to stay very for a long time contrary to the evolution of the price for example on this graph of bitcoin in unit so many with one period rsi 14 here the rsi enters in zone of over-purchase and as I wanted said previously this is not a condition to go back to buying on this rate crypt being given as you see the rsi and comes in area of ​​purchase and stay there for many, many days and this duration the price of bitcoin has only evolved with the purchase so if you were coming back here for sale you would have been during very many days in the wrong direction and therefore losing nevertheless for example to this place the rsi finally comes out of his area of ​​purchase and cuts the line of 70 this that could have given us a sell signal and that's what we're seeing here the bitcoin has very quickly with a large wick touched the level of 1100 dollars the technical indicator and stories that also be used on several units of time before that if you do not do not know yet what unit of time used in crypto I recommend to go see the video that has been posted on this same youtube channel about this subject then in the case of use on multiple units both the rsi can provide you with conflicting signals so let's take an example let's admit you're on the graph of bitcoin at a moment t and you put yourself in unit of time and 15 rsi will come out of his oversold area and fence at 34 what you gives a signal to the purchase if during this same moment you switch in it and in h4 you will see a rsi who will want for example 50 and also at this same moment in units in d1 the rsi will be able to leave its over-buying area and closed at 67 so finally in this unit time you would have get a sell signal so if we summarize this example if you had been in 8 and in m15 you would have bought since the deadline if you are given a signal to purchase but at the same time on the unit tries to a you would get a sell signal which is therefore in total contradiction that's why the choice of time unit is totally decisive if you find on multiple units so much is that you want to use the see if I recommend that you wait for convergences of signals on different units of time to improve the reliability of the signal for example if you're in unit so m 15 h cat and breasts and on these three units time you get a signal to buy on the rsi or the signal will be all the more reliable as only looking at one unit now we will talk a little about the different advantages and disadvantages of this indicator to start with the benefits this indicator allows for give an account of the power of a movement and its eventual shortness of breath we will also talk a little bit about it more in detail in the following video it also allows for bounds and price evolution within two fixed values ​​that its zero and 100 for example if you look at the graph of the bitcoin that has only gone up in 2017 you will not necessarily know what moment to buy or sell the rsi will convert this bitcoin cry into a which will evolve between 0 and 100 as if for example you predict a ranch what Of course, of course, it's not the same thing but it's mostly for you illustrate the idea now about disadvantages like the majority indicators the rsi is lagging behind the price since we had seen that in the rsi formula he needed a period you operate for example a period 14 he will average 14 last weeks of the last 14 days or the last 14 hours Anyway it will be a mean on the past and so the rfi will necessarily be late on the scream that if you look directly at the customer itself makes it the assumes the fact that transcribe through a formula mathematical price variations in this case as much look directly the cry evolve without an indicator on the other hand the laci can give you very good entry point but will not give you levels of profit taking which means that it is not an indicator that is it's enough for you want to use the stories complete it with another indicator technique for example the bollinger bands or an indicator stochastic finally the rsi depending on the period you choose or the asset you are going to study can give you far too much forgery signals this list is obviously not exhaustive there are many other advantages and disadvantages for this technical indicator let's switch to a new example now let's take back the price of bitcoin throughout all year 2010 is with a rsi settled on a period 14 and well as you see it during the year 2010 is the rsi with this period never returned to the zone of oversold meaning that there is no moment has given you a signal to buying so someone that he had only used this technical indicator last year and want to buy big town could never have returned to buy on this asset while bitcoin attack evolved upward nevertheless it gave a worse crisis of online sales signals and in d1 the first sell signal here the rsi was in overbought area and he has crossed down the level of 70 we could have gone on sale at that level indeed the bitcoin has subsequently dropped here we have again a sell signal the bitcoin has also subsequently dropped, however, if you had not put any teak profit you would not have had time to take your profits here to cause of this wick also on this third sell signal the bitcoin has also evolved downward etc etc but as you can see by example on this last-to-last sales signal bitcoin has evolved slightly down then exploded so the rs that as I wanted said previously the indicator pins that is self-sufficient especially if the bottom trend is very strongly bullish or bearish the rsi will not give you a relevant entry point for example in this case where the underlying trend is very strongly bullish there will be a solution that will make it possible to overcome the fact that rsi is not never returned to the oversold area and that's what we'll see from now so in a pronounced trend the areas will see if they can be moved to adapt to the trend as we had previously seen the l6 never entered the oversold area well you have the right to move these areas and limit 30 70 for the adjusted according to the trend for example if your trend is very strongly bullish you will be able to increase areas by ten years passing from 30 70 to 40 81 or 20 years from 30 70 to 50 90 on the same graph that previously here the beats anyway on the year 2010 is having raised the levels 30 70 years 50 90 you see it the rsi returned to the oversold zone and then broke the level of 50 and therefore a the purchase was given as we saw bitcoin then evolved on the rise the same here you could have retained a second buy signal the rsi is in the oversold area and has broken up the level of the 50 the kahn myth also has slightly subsequently evolved so eventually adapting its levels from 30 70 to 50 90 using only the rsi you could have gone back to buying at four times on bitcoin last year of course these levels of 50 90 have been traced to preco that's why you need to know the evolution of your assets to know what are the levels of rsi that you must apply to him as I wanted to said previously this is one of disadvantages of rfc that it will depend a lot on the trend in which you will find yourself but also the volatility of your crypto being given that you will have each time changed the period or else the levels so that they can fit there now we're going explore other uses that can be made of rsi stories can also be created quickly as if it were a price chart this is at say by applying the classic chartist figures that I have you presented in a previous video and whose link will be in the description here now we have a new graph always bitcoin in the unit pts in h4 is a period narrative 8 here I traced the oblique straight line that served as resistance to upward evolution of the story with four points of contact when rsi broke up his rights tomic we have a buy signal the price has subsequently evolved upwards ditto on those levels there we had a resistance that four times was price resistance the break here we would have indicated a signal purchase the bitcoin also has subsequently evolved with the purchase by cons here we have an oblique right that represents a support the rsi rested on it and broke it at that level as you see it again bitcoin has evolved in a good way afterwards and down we finally have two more signals here and there at buying so here's the second way to be able to use the rsi as if they are evolving and prime a tower creek and to be able to do very Anglo compression of the ranches of the channels etc to give you buy or sell signals now let's study two other uses made by the rsi the first which will concern the simple divergences and the second on the differences hiding then everything first what is a divergence a divergence occurs when the price and the rsi will evolve within opposing trends for example if the price of your crypto I will take for example the bitcoin if the bitcoin evolved upwards but your energy will evolve within of a downtrend you'll have a divergence we're going see in a few moments through the graphs then the simple divergences they will usually indicate a reversal trend or a shortness of the current trend on this graph of vercors we are there and in h4 with a rsi always of period 8 you see that the worm that has performed higher at this place which is higher than this previous above while the rfi has done even place has made a higher that will be lower than the previous one more up so the short here and uptrend while the rsi is in downtrend so we have a divergence here a simple bearish divergence more exactly and this divergence as the price here is trending upwards tells us a shortness of the current trend is so here we have a reversal in bearish trend a little later on the vercors here this lower is lower than the previous lower vercor therefore evolves in a bearish trend el assine in me to a lower one at this same place that will be higher than the previous one more high rsi is evolving in a bullish trend we then again have a divergence between the evolution of the price and evolution of this technical indicator and here we get a bullish divergence but as you can see later the price was returned and went back into another bullish trend to know about the simple divergences the points that I took here to relate the higher and here the lowest must absolutely were in extreme areas for example to connect the highest it must absolutely be above the level of 70 this plu aulas could not be taken this one either the one which is found above the 70 area could have been used to be able to to draw a divergence is therefore also this one that we have used this one this one or finally this last for the lowest they must be under the zone of 30 so this one could have been taken and what we used this lowest there or the one where this one given that they are in the neutral zone could not have been be used to spot discrepancies then to summarize the steps to spot a simple bearish divergence you need to locate the high points that are in the over-bought area you have to connect them and if these points to sound in trend bearish while the high points of the crypto are in reverse trend so in an uptrend you will have a bearish divergence and for the bullish divergence it will be the opposite obviously so what will differentiate simple divergences from divergences hide it here when we're in a bullish trend we will connect the high points when we are in trend bearish let's connect the low points for divergences hide this will the inverted when we will be bullish we will connect the points down and when the sound in bearish trend we will connect the dots high we'll obviously see an example in a few moments then first of all a little conclusion regarding the discrepancies simple in practice the success rate is relatively mediocre success rate of discrepancies hidden is nevertheless slightly higher now let's move on to divergences hide divergences hide unlike divergences simple are not going to indicate a reversal of the current trend but rather a reinforcement of this trend here on the court of monaco in h4 with the rsi of period 6 we get a divergence hidden here you see the course of the monaco is in a bearish trend this high point here is lower than the point to the previous one while the rsi makes a high point which is higher than the previous high points so we have a good divergence and more specifically a hidden divergence since the monaco is in bearish trend and we have connect points highs and not the bah points eventually you see it at from that moment on we get a reinforcement of the trend on which is therefore bearish and the course of the monaco stagnated then evolved to the down finally to conclude regarding the discrepancies hidden in practice their success rate is slightly better than those of simple divergences before moving on to next part I want to tell you that I am aware that I have you given a lot of information in a relatively short period of time so if for the moment you still have not understood some things do not hesitate to put life in pause to take notes and then see as many times as necessary if you still have questions regarding this technical indicator also other questions come to you do not hesitate to mix asked in comment let's go to present at the last part much less technical than the previous ones so should I use the rsi on the sign me personally I do not use it for the following reasons firstly as I wanted to show previously he's late on the price but also because it gives us far too much false signals it is an indicator that is incomplete because it is not enough for able to take a position nevertheless this technical indicator has also many benefits as it can be relevant by combining it with other technical indicators what I'm telling you so propose and try it yourself on different crypto with different units of time and different periods and from you in make your own opinion also do not hesitate to follow us on the dedicated twitter newspaper of the same hastily and where we are relatively active the links of the two videos that I have alluded to a few minutes ago in the description again if this video appeared to you relatively technical or if you have not understood some points do not hesitate to ask me your questions in the comments I hope in any case that she could you help she was able to answer any questions you asked me these past days regarding this indicator and thank you for keeping it so far as usual for the next video think well propose me a subject that you want me to treat in the comment space that which will be the most requested will be the subject of the next video Thank you everyone and see you soon


I do not know if you've seen, but what's happening right now in the market, it is not very beautiful And besides, there is BitConnect which threatens to close its doors

Well listen, that's what we will see in this video Hello everyone ! It's Rousseaux the good tips and this chain is here to help you increase your standard of living so that you can spend more time on what you really like So, what is happening already if we look at the MarketCap At the moment, it is not very beautiful, very beautiful to see We are at least 20% more or less mostly on average

Well, we climbed well before, but we'll see just a little already what happens the big elements So in fact we are on what is called a FUD movement So it's Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt So, fear, uncertainty and doubt So why, there is this? In fact, it has several elements that I analyzed which makes this trend on the market

First of all, there was always this new, somewhat latent of bah: Korea is going to ban Xchanges and others Even if this has been denied, there are still some articles that will relay that because, what you need to know one thing, it's that the articles on crypto-currencies, it works really well When I say that it works great, it means that it generates a lot of clicks So for the sites that make money for them, by making page views, since they have ads, they have "nothing to do" to link a news that is true or false or tendentious or even inside they will not tell you anything and take no position So, there are also other things, it's that bitcoin has reached before peaks, as he never reached

And so, that brought a lot of people who were there, who said to themselves: we will make money easily on the internet So, if you start wanting to invest by having this mode of operation, it will be very difficult Because, in fact, you're going to be fooled by your emotions and others and there it was precisely that, you say to yourself: good it goes up, it goes up, I put myself in it But the wave, she has already started you see It is not at this moment when one has to say to oneself: I launch myself

So of course, when it's green, everyone is happy, but as soon as it happens in the red, well, these people do what is called the weak hand That is to say, the weak hand And so suddenly, they are afraid and they sell everything So this creates a panic movement Well, we hit resistance on bitcoin

As I speak, we have not been below $ 10,800, since it's still a pretty big resistance at that time So just yesterday with several friends, here we did technical analysis about what was happening on bitcoin and it's true that it's hard enough to predict what that will give After good, we are here to look at the long term and me, you know very well what I think about it in the long run I will not tell you now So, if I can give on that part before going to the scammed BitConnect, it is already the first advice not to act under his emotions and that is

Emotions is the weak point of the human a little It is also a quality, but it is also a weak point And that's always what will control your decisions, unless you take, before you look well and plan

Then, it's always recrossing the news So, do not take an article for a bible what You look at other articles, you rediscover, you look if it says the same thing or not on twitter and others, it does not matter And if not also, you can ask if you have people in your contacts, on them what they think But do not believe that a person otherwise you have to be sure of what she says And the third point, the descent has something good

Why, I tell you that? Because if you're on a climate where it's always nice, it is always beautiful, big sun so, it's green, it goes up, it goes up If it is always beautiful and there is sun, it becomes a desert And that's not a good thing So, you see we need the most, we need this fallout It is something that is "good" for the market and something to be expected

So, there is something I wanted to show you also on CoinMarketCap I do not know if you have seen, but it lacks a tool there in the top 20 there We do not see him on the first page anymore There is one who has eclipsed What's this ? Well, it's BitConnect

And why is it a train to close? Look at the BitConnect price, it's down, minus 100% almost And there, it falls, it falls, but in arrow That falls and paf! So what is going on there? BitConnect closes its main services So, they've put out an article on it that I'm going to show you and that we will be able to analyze together Well, I've already analyzed it before otherwise I will not do the video

By the way, I want to congratulate the graphic designer from BitConnect because he's still good at thumbnails if you know what I mean So, they published an article Well, they said, "we're closing our lending platform and things so, in principle, we will try to reimburse you within five days " This first paragraph, he says here: "we take off from CoinMarketCap" And after that, it's the excuses So the first point they quote is: "We had a bad press There are people, they say we are a scam, a Ponzi scheme and others

" And then, we at the ??? So, state letters that arrived from Texas and North Carolina who told him to stop their bullshit This is already a blow Since, if we remember correctly, they had already had a letter where it was in England And suddenly, they strutted a bit because there was another company behind hidden, who actually did the services of BITCONNECT, if you want And after, they complain about a computer attack

So DDOS, They say here: there are people who only attack our servers, while we are nice and everything, thing It's not very cool And as a result, it created panic in the community Why, this created panic because the people who went on BITCONNECT, we sold them exactly what I said at the beginning You will make money on the internet without doing anything at home from your couch, without taking risks and others

And these people, they were indoctrinated, not by people who are not especially benevolent And so inevitably, when you lose access because it was not on their investment, when you lose access to their platform, there they are even more afraid So, if we take point by point, already the bad press Yes, they had videos and articles, but hey it's normal because they are looking for it a little bit That said, I've never seen BitConnect counter arguments and make us change our point of view

So already that, forgotten Then, the fact that the states got involved, Well, that's a good thing So, you're going to tell me: yeah, but if governments, they can ban cryptocurrency and the like, this is a little different, we are on a Ponzi pyramid We are on a diagram, in a Ponzi scheme forgiveness and we are on a pyramidal system So that's a good thing because it avoids this scam

And I see that BitConnect is no longer in the top of CoinMarketCap, it reassures me And after the DDoS attack, either it's through them, or it's really the cryptocurrency community In both cases, I mean it's a good thing Because first case, it's them, well at least we're done It's good, it's over

We do not hear about BitConnect anymore The biggest scam of cryptocurrency, we hear more about it The second thing, if it's the community so, that's a good thing too because that means she's on a benevolent side So after, they say, it's really short the little paragraph after, it is to say: do not worry, it's still going on, we're on another service So, they want to promote BitConnect Coin

So who will use BitConnect Coin The project, I do not even know what benefit it has I do not even know what advantage of these corners they say: "We will see that merchants accept the BitConnect Coin, you can still use it on X-changes " But for me, it does not mean anything So what elements actually proved it was a scam? Already, they had a pay model that was close to the impossible, say the stuff

They told you huge profits But having said that, you had to leave your money stuck on it When you even watch the presentation video on their site, you see that everything that is presented to you is an easy way to make money And that does not exist unless you are an investor and that suddenly you make your money work But there, they what they say is: you go on, you put the money

Afterwards, the more money you have on it, the more money you will get So, you see if you leave a long time, you will have more money It only talks about money money with money But, there are no key features of currency and the like And besides on BitConnect, they also said that they will continue to maintain the site to educate people with crypto-currency uses so especially BitConnect and for the Xchange

But then, frankly, I do not know how they will be able to do education because I do not know who will trust them The second thing, though, is when you look at the evolution of BitConnect, if you look at their roadmap they had in 2017, you can see that already they have removed it and suddenly it is not the same at all The third thing is the repertoire says top so the development And there, we see that it's been almost a year since there is nothing that was updated on it So basically, the technology behind is a bit of the bench

The fourth point, those who shared this, in general it was the same types of people who said: how to win for sure a sports or other bet You have people, it's a bit limited in the scam And they, there are some who made the big promotion of BitConnect Because that's it, all the BitConnect internet, it was that people talk around them and that it does the same thing And finally, the last thing, the last point is that Vitalik Buterin so the creator, finally one of the co-creators of the Ethereum said that it was necessary to pay attention, it was probably a scam

And like the creator of Litcoin So, I think it's still blockchain these two people and you have to listen to them on certain points, especially at the technology level So, you're going to tell me: yeah, you smile in the video and so on No, I'm not happy they have people who lost money on it There may be some who watch this video who lost a lot of money

Listen, we always learn In investments, you learn from your mistakes What you need is to pay attention There were many warnings on it But there are still people who have started

Why, I'm happy though? Because it was presented as one of the biggest scams and that's it and it's not in the crypto-currency anymore So that's a good thing This will reassure the community a bit Even if it happens at a moment where we are on a descent into the market, well I think it will bring something beneficial to the global market What advice can I give? Well already remember who told you about BitConnect, remember what was promoting it in video, I will not say go against them because I'm not there to stir up hatred, it's useless

But remember if next time when the person publishes a video or give you back our advice, Well, double check again because it's going to be hard to trust Of course always to cross the information by yourself because you are the only decision-maker in all investment decisions And finally, well, it's going to be to participate, I'm going to organize a workshop where I'm talking about strategies and others to invest in crypto-currencies and bitcoin And that refers to what I told you at first So, it's more than important to participate if you have not already participated

In any case, I hope you enjoyed this video Tell me what you think about BitConnect if you have invested or not invested in it If you are happy that it is gone or from your global point of view on the current market The comments are just below Well, if you want to take care of your money, do not forget to subscribe to the chain why not click on the little bell

I recommend you watch this video And most importantly, I say hello to you next time

Hitler and Cryptos

We participated in the ETH fork and moved everything to another wallet We have saved the key in an encrypted file and backed up everything on servers in Berlin, we also have several copies offline on our laptops in Paris and Argentina and finally a last copy on Ledger Nano S

I guess you used a new one seed for the creation of the key Mio Fuhrer Steiner Steiner had not told us he wanted to change seed

Steiner says she always uses the same Only those who do not use a Ledger, My Ether Wallet or paperwallet remain here But are you crazy ?! I wrote my seed on a public toilet in Russia! Now those damned communists will move my ETHs to Bittrex Now we're fucked, those will buy that shit of Ripple I knew I did not have to fork you, I had to take care of it myself as I have always done

You are a herd of defectors who buy BTC at the top hoping to make 200% when instead we had to buy a tide of bitcoins 9 years ago My Fuhrer could not know that the Chinese New Year was coming Bullshit! I bought a Chinese calendar on purpose! Precisely to avoid this thing! Mio Fuhrer we bought BTC at the top because of the Cryptokittens It seemed like ETH would collapse, eh? Instead, the value exploded You do not understand anything! Do you study the MACD and then? You read it to the contrary I was not the Arabs, you come to tell me that Ripple is a big coin, which should be bought Instead it's a shit with a fake blockchain in the hands of the banks, moreover, 60% of the coins are in the hands of Chris Larsen who is richer than the CEO of Google And the value of ripple could collapse if it decides to sell en bloc You made me buy 1,000,000 when it was $ 3, now it's 1! How heck do we do now ?! I had chosen you because you have been trading for months, but you're hallucinating cazzari who can not place a sell order

Have hours on the phone to sell at market price I can not believe it Now we have lost 75% of the value because the whales have sold out and my wallet has been stolen by Stalin

There are only XVGs left that will reach $ 1 in 2 years if all goes well We also had to undermine Monero, but you said we buy some asic and we undermine BTC The network difficulty was exorbitant and I listened to you as an idiot Do not worry, we are participating in some promising ico We have to find a way to crack Nakamoto's wallet, so maybe we could save ourselves

And then sell Sell ​​a part and bring down the market At that point we will buy bass while everyone will panic sell and then BTC will bounce stronger than ever We will become bloody rich and hodleremo I just wanted to buy a Lambo


You may have wondered whether cryptocurrency mining it was still profitable today Because, yes, if you make an investment, it is to still have a return on investment

Well listen, what we will see in this video Hello everyone ! It's Rousseaux, the good tips And this chain is here to help you increase your standard of living so that you can spend more time on what you really like It was a question that came back pretty well in the comments and which I had not answered yet I was asked: is mining always profitable? What do I think of mining? And should we invest in it? And listen well, we will do all the calculations together in this video and you will be able to see at the end precisely your own opinion

Moreover, we will make the comparison between a minor and an investor In the very last part, I would make a small point on the possible scams that there is in this environment for a small warning So first of all, we will talk about cloudmining So, that means you're actually going to pay a subscription to a company and she's going to say she's allocating some of her mining What you need to know is a model that is usually quite seldom profitable for the user

Because what's going to happen is that you, you'll put your money all right from the beginning and after the business, she's going to use that money, for example to make a return on investment, on its equipment or use it when mining is no longer profitable for it There are very large mining companies that go for example, having only 10% of total cloudmining capacity mining Because good yes, it's true that, if it's more profitable for a mining company, why would she run her machines? You see ! So to do this I have prepared a little doc So in this doc in fact, we'll see, I'll put you the link just below I have someone who bought a contract to mine Zcash on November 7th

These are real numbers that I took on a French mining platform So the number of Zcash on the day of the contract is 0 If you are an investor, the price of Zcash was 22875 € So you have 0

008 Zcash So the value is € 179 if I take Then, if we take the value today at 29/01/2018, the value of Zcash is 37014 €

So, the minor precisely on the account had 000135 Zcash The investor always has 0008 Zcash If we convert to euros, I let you see, the minor him to 50 cents while the investor at € 2

90 Now that we've seen the rendering on cloudmining, it's only on a provider You can compare on many other suppliers and do your calculations And I'm going to show you exactly in this part how you can do your calculations for mining So, let's take it now if you buy your own machine

So, you branch to your home to undermine your cryptocurrency So, I'll take a machine that can mine 25MH Ethereum We will spend on the Ethereum and not the Zcash and that costs 925 € The pool fee is 2% on that, all right, and that consumes 200 watts So now, I'll go to a site called CoinWarz and on that, you put all your information

The price of the kilowatt in France is 15-16 cents, so if we put it in dollars, we will make 018 The power as I told you, here it's 200 watt and here your pool fee and there the cost of the hardware, so the cost of the machine that I converted also in dollars To achieve the return on investment, here it will take 381 days, which is more than a year It's still pretty huge because suddenly you will be profitable after these 381 days if the technology has not changed too much because let's admit, there is an evolution on the type of mining or other, Well, I do not know how you will do to be more profitable

Mining for an individual below $ 1200, Well, we'll have to avoid thinking about it I was just telling you about cloudmining How do you calculate it? Well here, you'll put the power you can buy with the service You will remove the power since it is not you who will pay for it It's the same for power cost

It's the same for the pool fee And you'll just put here, well the annual cost where the monthly cost I do not know what subscription it will be, but in general you put your annual cost So, if it's a monthly payment, you put it in annual mode It's good, you understand, you do what

Now, we will take something completely different, it's going to be a machine that's a lot bigger She € 16,000 It can produce 750MH and it consumes 3,750 watts The pool fee remains 2% So, I put all my information here in the table of course

Voluntarily, I left the same power cost why? So, it's true that on an offer like this, I would say maybe they have a business contract or they have a bigger contract at the electricity supplier But, there is a second parameter to take into account, is that on a machine that is like that, finally several machines, well it will enormously heat your room So, you're going to need to cool and that's why you might have air conditioning So, I will leave the same thing I put the cost in dollars

I click on calculate And there, it tells me that it will take 200 days almost to repay Finally 195 days Of course it's much better, it's an investment that's pretty big right off the bat Let's compare it again with an investor

So, I'm going to take someone who participated in my training, this is a real case, which has invested € 15,000 in a fund that has been presented This fund, it has already done more than 3 times and the person is already at 53 550 € So, I take it over a period of only 2 months for the fund We are still talking about something that has surpassed the evolution of bitcoin and surpassed the overall evolution of the cryptocurrency market So, it's not anything

It was still something with a diluted and fairly secure risk Well, past performance does not engage future performance, as you know it So on this case, again the investor has largely won So, however, and I must add to a point, it is that the minor has certain advantages He may resell his equipment

So in the case of a complete cryptocurrency crash, there will be a lot of materials that will be resell So, the value I guess it will have dropped dramatically But nevertheless, as we are in a period where it breaks out on crypto-currencies, we are still on an evolution that is positive in the long term, Well, you can even sell it with a surplus value Because there are people who are not going to do the right calculations and suddenly will buy and end up having to repay over 2 years or something like that Knowing that we stay on technological products

I do not know if you have already done a PC yourself, but for example a typical PC after 2, 3 years, finally, it is completely outdated in terms of technology So, you imagine on crypto-currencies where it goes even faster or you face companies who develop special components to mine faster who have insane mining farms, the balance will be a little unbalanced So, just the point on the scams There are some cloudmining offers that you can find which are actually totally wrong where people are just giving back a small percentage at the end of each month, but they do not have any machines at all So, always try to look if the company has a good history, if they showed their machines and others and if the overall opinion says it's good, they really have the machines

Then, try to look at profitability, either by doing the calculations on CoinWarz, either by looking in the forums and others Try to find as much information as you can on the internet To come back to the benefits I was saying about mining, Well, listen, there are still some questions where you might have the answer What are we going to do when we go to proof of stake for example On the Ethereum if we go to the proof of stake, there is more mining via the machine

How are the miners going to do that? There will be other crypto-currencies to be mined, but will it still be profitable? The second thing is how do we do if tomorrow there is a new system to undermine more simply than they found Because as you know at the beginning, the bitcoin that was done with the graphics cards, the same After that, there were the ASICs that allowed to mine much more quickly and consuming a lot less energy The third question is mining Is it profitable when you are self-employed? I mean if you compare against an investor profile

So, I know there are people watching the channel and who do the mining of the blow, I would like to know what is your opinion on it and especially when mining, it can be more profitable than investing Because I could be competitive in the mining industry, you have to have a cost of electricity that is much lower than everyone else or last generation components and others So, he really It's going to be really those two things that will allow to have a competitive advantage So, I hope this video you will have more What I advise is to always redo these calculations by oneself, always look before an investment and others Maybe a mining company running with an ICO So suddenly, we would have parts in it, well it would be quite interesting, since there is a distribution of profits that is done directly

So, a little information why it's the second time maybe you see this video This is because in the first version of the video, I made a miscalculation So, this happens to everyone especially when you are an investor, since every day you take risks Because if you do not take risks, it means you do not do anything So, what I did in fact, the mistake is that the service that I presented, I said that the subscription was monthly or the price that was shown was annual

It was not marked directly on it and I made that mistake So, I should have rechecked this source maybe and also have a site that says explicitly whether it's annual or monthly In short, I apologize for this mistake, it can happen Listen, me necessarily, when I saw the error, I did: ah I was a little upset with myself So I removed the video and I preferred to do another without the calculation error After, you see that's why I always say that one must always redo one's own calculations because it can happen to everyone But even if there are people who double-check, well, we are not immune to something or an error Which is normal since we are all human

Here you have the answer now, the question if you wondered why you see this video again But listen, what I would like to know, well that's what you think of mining and that you can say as I told you just below in comment I've put the sources in the description and with other links that I found useful While waiting for the next video, listen well, I invite you to watch this little video on it And I tell you ciao next time

Stocks, Cryptos Crash Today (and Tomorrow)

– [Instructor] Hey Guys Pretty ugly day on the markets today

Dow's been down as much as 400 points, which is pretty significant And if you've been following us for any amount of time, you've been knowing to prepare for this, and to position yourself accordingly, and so what a lot of people are losing a lot of money today If you guys have been paying attention, then you're in situations or set up in a way that you're actually going to land on your feet when this is all said and done So I hope that is how you're set up, and this is opinion not trading advice Markets are down pretty significantly today after what they did even yesterday when they were down as well and we believe that this is just getting started

So we'll take a closer look at the Dow Jones Industrial average, this is a one month chart And you can see the last two days of trading This is provided by bigchartscom You can see it dropped off a little bit of a cliff here and yesterday was a down day

Opened here and it closed there Today it gapped down which is a very negative signal, or negative sign which means that is very likely to continue to go down this direction (mumbles) pointing it downwards rather than anything else, and this is the trend now There's a change in investor psychology Everyone's pointing to, on the financial media and everything and saying, yeah, well, this is what's happening in job growth and earnings growth and all that stuff None of this will be relevant at this point

The market has risen for a long time, way beyond realistic valuations, which we dictated by price discovery And has been fueled by a lot of outside influences, such as foreign central banks buying American stocks, by the tune of trillions of dollars There's all sorts of things going on, we've got incredibly low interest rates and excessive money creation, quantitative easing So there's a ton of money flying around It's not costing anything for it, and there's people coming in, buying stocks, including our own government buying stocks on the market, and this is what's been pushing the price up, and people are saying that, well, there's gonna be tax cuts and infrastructure spending

And yes, there is, and it's probably going to be good in some ways but it's not going to justify the stocks draining the way they have been, this is crazy time, we are into, la la territory None of this is realistic, it's unsustainable, and it's going to get, I believe, much more ugly and significant than most people expect We're not talking about a, say 5% correction, then everything goes back to up markets again We are having a break down in crypto currencies, and the indexes, and bombs, and dead loads, and real estate, and everything is going to be getting a little bit more tentative We're going to see a lot of flight to safety

And if you want to check out here, I took a look today at some of the, some of the various crypto currencies, this is provided by coinmarketcapcom, this is the market capital of all crypto currencies And here's how they're each trading So for example, bitcoin's down 9% today Ripple's down 10%

And you can see that what people expected, 'cause we didn't know, we didn't have enough history, I've been watching for this the whole time We haven't had a down market, a really significantly negative day to see how the crypto currencies reacted and a lot of people would say that a lot of these are going to be like a flight to safety, just like gold will be Where, if the markets are breaking down, then people will be throwing their money into this kind of stuff, but apparently, that's not happening, and that's a really bad sign for the crypto currencies I do believe that most of these are going to disappear, I believe a few of them will survive till the end of time, such as bitcoin, ethereum But it's definitely a losing game, even if you buy the good ones, you gotta try and pick which ones are gonna actually survive and be left standing at the end of the day

And this is a three month chart of my favorite penny stock, (mumbles) I've made a video about this the other day, but you can see the price earnings ratio This is new Okay? They did not have earnings for years I mean, maybe over a decade And they never actually had earnings I guess

So then, they have them now for the first time, and that's significant Because they're really high growth companies, so it's okay for them to have price earnings ratio so high But what's going to happen, is that the PE ratio's going to decline So the earnings will grow, that will make the PE ratio approach something a little bit more enticing, so to speak, under 100 for sure, but probably around 60 to 80, for the PE ratio, and that's absolutely realistic for a company that's growing this rapidly You can see here that, and I wouldn't use technical analysis with any stock, which is so thinly traded, I mean, this was a good day here, but it's generally really thinly traded

It's even thinner traded on the pink sheet markets, because they have a US listing as well What you can see here, if you were to use technical analysis, which you wouldn't on a stock that's this thinly traded, and if you were to see a lot more trading volume, which you don't, then you would be able to rely on the fact that what you're seeing here, and it looks almost like a flat line here, which is probably a good support level, that this stock might not drop below this again, and we'll have to see If it does break through, and if this is a support level, which I don't think it really is, but if it did break through that, that will be very negative for the future direction of the stock, but if it does hold this level, this may be as low as the stock price is gonna trade for a long, long time and it's probably gonna be a lot higher than this for the rest of our lives But we'll have to wait and see, it's very risky, very speculative, and definitely not for people to invest in, and I if I forgot to say it earlier, which I don't think I did, this is all opinion, not trading advice, do not listen to any of this, do not do anything, do not look at this stuff and then make any actions or make any decisions because I don't want you to be upset at me I'm just telling you what I'm doing, what I believe, and what I see

Hopefully it helps you, and maybe it doesn't, and if it doesn't, I'm not even really sure why you're here But you're finally see, this is CNBCcom, you're finally seeing some of the red or the down days here This has been green for as long as I can remember, every day Even before I get out of bed, the futures are telling me that the market's gonna have another good day

You're also gonna see a jump in the Vix, this is the fear index, so the volatility index, but it's been even a little bit lower, but it's bottomed out, and we'll pull up a chart for that just to show you This is the volatility index Vix, the fear index, and when it's lowered, showing you that there's more complacency among investors, and then when it spikes, there's more activity in the put options, the options betting against stocks are being used as hedges or defense mechanisms that, if you buy put options, the market's going down, the stock's going down, and that put option's increasing in value, and that's what they derive the Vix, of the fear index from So, when it's trading here, and it's showing you this really high complacency among investors, the lower the fear, the higher the complacency, and that is a warning sign, what's what I told you ages ago, I don't know if you guys are even listening to this stuff When the complacency among investors gets really high, and their fear gets really low, and then they're looking more towards read that fear, you set yourself up for what we're having yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow and the next day and the day after that too

Maybe I'm wrong, I'm wrong plenty of the time That's why I tell you never to listen to anything I say But this is what I believe, and I feeL pretty confident that this spike in the Vix was long overdue Vix will not stay this high for too long though, it always, as you see, it'll spike, but then it'll decline, it'll spike, but it'll decline over time, so you're seeing a spike now, and it doesn't just keep on spiking Think of it like a heavy object, always being pulled down by gravity

You can throw it into the air, but then you have to catch it again, 'cause it's coming back down So to summarize, I believe that the fear index will come back down a bit, but I'm liking to see that I was right when I was talking about it and it was down at these levels, and I said, this is ridiculous, that it would spike Now that it has spiked, it'll come back down, but you are going to see a really big uptick in something unrelated to this Inflation Inflation's already started, you've seen inflation in house prices, in crypto currency prices, you've seen inflations in products, you seen factory inflation, where you open up a bottle of pills and it's half full, or a box of cereal, and it's got less cereal in it than it used to

You're seeing this everywhere Prices for certain items are really inflating, while others are not, they're staying the same, but overall, to buy the exact same basket of groceries, of everything in your cart, you're going to be paying more for a lot of that stuff, and it's just getting started But you will almost certainly see further declines in the stock markets overall This is two year chart of the Dow Jones Industrial average And you can see that I did pretty crazy

But this is the first gap down day here, you don't see many other gap downs, you see a gap up there, and a gap up there, but not a lot of gap downs We haven't see stocks drop off a cliff like that, and I do believe that, very strongly believe that this doesn't bounce and then start moving back up again Because all the pressures and the things pushing the stock prices higher, are all incredibly auspicious right now, they're very risky and they're just getting worse, and eventually, reality always sets in This is just the beginning of a move back to being sane and I mean, reality in the way that we have proper price discovery and how we make money on the markets and we see this value Everything's changing, everything's shifting, just like with bitcoin for example

Everyone was interested in bitcoin, 'cause it just kept on going up and up and up, and the value of bitcoin was that whatever you buy, you'll get more for it later, was the assumption But now, we're seeing, for the first time, that yeah, it can be risky too, and it took sort of the wind out of the sails of a lot of investors And the answer that bitcoin enthusiasts will have, is they'll point to the details, so get (mumbles) and say, yeah, but this is limited, or it's technology, it'll change the world, this, that, and the other thing And none of it matters What matters is the psychology

We went from a buying psychology across the board, people don't know anything about digital currency, some of whom don't even have computers, looking at ways how they can find out about bitcoin Those people are now gone, and to a certain degree, some of those people, their interest and their buying demand helped push up crypto currency prices And when they leave, no matter how great the technology is, we'll only be looking at a decline in the demand of crypto currencies and a decline in the amount of money just chasing the concept It has nothing to do with whether or not it's a good technology or if it will work It's kind of like, eventually, a tulip bulb is going to be recognized, and it is not worth as much as people are thinking that it was during the frenzy

And you also just keep on seeing a decline in the dollar, it's just getting started as well, the US dollar is pretty much pooched And it's got a lot further to go, and it would've already dropped by more if people had been ready for how much it's going to decline But one of the things is, just like we sell crypto currencies today, they're falling What else is happening, is that there isn't a flight to safety yet, but there will be, and when there is, a lot of the money that's coming out of the markets is going to find its way to things like gold and silver and other things like coffee, which are purchased with US dollars Pries will go up, because the dollars used to buy those things, will be relatively less expensive

I believe that gold is going to get to $1,800 And that doctor copper here will do pretty well as well, and also silver will do even better than these, platinum will do better than gold Palladium will do better than gold on a percentage basis And this move's just getting started, then you're going to start seeing companies which mine for the metals, such as Barrick Gold, which I own call options on Barrick Gold You can see they have a pretty good price range ratio if you guys form (mumbles) and stuff

But you can see that the last week or so, it's fallen back off a cliff, and so then you worry, okay, what's going on with Barrick Gold? Well, you know what, grab an advanced chart here, let's compare it and see, is this just trading in sympathy, or what's going on? So I compare it to a gold and silver index, and why don't we throw a couple more gold stocks on here as well, and we can compare all of them together, and you'll see, that it is kind of a trading in sympathy sort of thing, whereas the last few days, there's been declines in Barrick Gold, there's been declines in the index and other gold mining stocks that all look almost the same So this is not a company specific problem, this is not just with Barrick Gold, this is not just with Gold Resource corporation, or the whole index This is with all of them all trading, in sympathy together And guess what? They all trade in sympathy the other way too, and that's about to start The only concern that I have in terms of this, is that maybe the recession which is coming this year, positive about that, maybe it sort of is worse than most people anticipate and there's a lot of negative reactions which can come from that

And at the end of the day, it may stoke a little bit of deflation, where even prices of things like gold decline, but that will be temporary, if it does arise at all And then, either way, gold spikes dramatically higher And now this is the GLD ETF, and you can see I traded just all the gold mining stocks now And it's going to find bottom here It's tough to say 'cause this is a ETF, so we can't really look at it the same way you'd look at a stock, but if this was a stock, you could say that it's going to find bottom here, 'cause it's based on the stock rather than a whole bunch of different stocks, there's too many moving parts in the ETF

But it'll slow down here, and then it's going to spring higher in my opinion, I believe And it's already being bought like crazy overseas, in Asia, in a lot of developing countries They cannot get enough physical metals, this is not a physical metal, so it won't trade the same way, but if you go just about anywhere, and you try and get pure, physical gold, it's very difficult to do right now, but it's only going to get much, much harder and when that happens, when there's a demand for the physical metals and there's not enough of a supply, you're gonna see some pretty serious spikes in price immediately when that happens And just a quick note, we have the Peter Leeds Academy The leading course for mastering stock market is going to be released, it's coming together even better than I hoped in my wildest dreams

It's being released in the next five days, at which point prices go up $60, and we're gonna keep creeping those prices up all the way to $999, and that way, it's still selling at a fraction of what it should be valued at I think that we should sell it for $1,999 But I won't do it because, you know, I don't need to squeeze money out of your pocket so I can put it in mine, I'm doing okay You guys will get all the benefit of the course if you buy it now, it's only $369 or something like that That's good for another five days, after that, prices go up, and they just keep on creeping up all the way to 999

So, congratulations if you were one of the people who bought early, because you want to help support what's going on here, you'll absolutely benefit from this, I couldn't be happier with it Now let's give you a little quick view of some of the parts of the course here, you see, looks like a lot, but it's incredibly easy, all this stuff, you'll see, when you guys get into it I'm so excited, you guys are going to love it All right, talk to you soon, make sure to subscribe to the channel

JTduCoin #19 – la Russie va réguler les cryptos !

Hello everyone, it's Roman, we meet for the 19th issue of the jt du body as every monday we will do together round the news in my exciting block crypto money chesnais subscribe to no miss any of our videos and started to spill by a small dot on the cryptocurrency market when we could have hoped for a recovery after the relative stagnation of last week it's finally a true descent into hell that happened we went from 600 billion dollars of capitalization to 400 small billion is a new down 30% of the mark and course if you had an eye on the fields but bitcoin this week we could have thought of a flip ning and no bitcoin east and rome have maintained themselves and have even slightly price of land to the opposite bitcoin ripoll reverse of most other crypto currency that lose by dominating this we are in the fourth consecutive week of down on bitcoin rolls the drums it's time for the requiem hope we will not have to wait three long years as after the explosion of the bubble in 2014 for bitcoin to renew with its highest do not go for a minute of silence but if you are at home do not hesitate not to who knows maybe the market will hear you bitcoin is around 6000 euros is about 7400 50 dollars must still relativize after a such progression it is normal that the price corrects strongly do not hesitate to follow us on our twitter dedicated to technical analysis this week we are going to make a point regulation and institutionalization to the international and especially in Russia we will then talk about your sisters credit of youtube and facebook of beats rex and btcc de ripoll of fellow beats from the biggest Russian bank that wants to open a crypto platform in europe of a fact-diverse glos that took place in england to finish with our people of the week charlie we attack with international news and our weekly update on the various regulation in the world directed by thomas our budding lawyer big subject this week the Russian government is finalizing the federal law on crypto regulation helped to hoist up the bill regulates creation issuing storage and circulation of digital currencies according to the text of the law the crypto currency defines as a type of assets created digital financial accounts recorded in the register distribute digital transactions by participants in this registry in accordance with the rules of keeping the digital transaction register the dc is born defines him as a type of digital financial assets that is issued by a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur in order to attract funding and which is registered in the register of digital records as to the mining it's considered an entrepreneurial activity aimed at creating a cryptocurrency and / or validation to receive compensation in the form of crypto currency mining activities are subsequently described as actions legally valid the document also states that the Russian citizens have the right to exchange their cryptographic currency account other digital assets and national currency account it also imposes restrictions on the bill's portfolios provides that a portfolio must not be opened by the operator of the who after having passed the identification procedures of his owner in accordance with the federal law of 7 August 2001, a large part of the document on haiti it specifies the rules applicable to sales of such tocane mission procedures as well as the documents and information must be disclosed before the sale for each case here to the issuer must also provide an information note on investment in all the information relating to the transmitter and auto kent to terminate at this time of fire the finance minister of south korea reaffirmed that the government did not intend to ban crypto money in the country in response to a question from a legislator about government plans to regulate this industry he said there is no no intention to ban or delete crypto currency the securities and exchange commission of the philippines is working on a regulation of as you and cryptocurrency the commissioner of the sec has stated that the latter will finalize the regulations this year the regulation is currently in the drafting stage the official added we have to act because here at the germ everywhere we want to develop our own regulation, care must be taken to protect investors in this new space unfortunately there have been a lot of cases where haiti promoters are volatilized the european commission launches an observatory is a forum devoted to the study of the chain block that it qualifies as a major breakthrough by making a real eulogy of the protocol used by most crypto currency the commission knew how to surround itself since it will lead this initiative in partnership with account 106 which is a honest cryptome-related start up incubator we talked to you about it ago some time the South Korean authorities carried out a tour inspectorate in the country's six largest banks in connection with crypto currency the two regulators south korea in charge of inspection the ffs and the fillon would have recently received a request from the US government to obtain the data resulting from this inspection just a few weeks before the launch of the state cryptocurrency of venezuela on petro new legal provisions were made by the government in effect for several months the mining of honest cryptome is considered illegal in the country and several arrests of minors had even taken place it is now an old story because the superintendent of crypto currency of the Venezuelan government carlos vargas confirmed yesterday that mining was now totally legal he even said the mining is now quite legal we had talks with the Supreme Court so that the charges be dropped for all those who have been victims of seizures or imprisonment in previous years the bitcoin and the cryptocurrency have a huge success in nigeria which is starting to worry the Senate which demanded the opening of an investigation on the exchanges of BTC in the country the governor of the central bank of country even declared crypto currency or bitcoin are like gambling and everyone must be very cautious as a bank central we can not support situations where people risk their saving on gambling we continue the weekend with the news of crypto world agricultural credit recently announced that they were going to test the protocol x crown of the company ricol they will begin by focusing on the issue of wage transfers in Swiss francs of its 90 thousand customers of the regional border funds and the agricultural credit the ex bank in switzerland the goal of this partnership is to reduce delays before a transfer takes effect regarding the tester a crypto currency that is always supposed to be worth a dollar us the company has just announced in a release ends his relationship with the audit firm friedman a new who arrives in the midst of uncertainty about the reins holdings of the sister company indeed if one were to realize that the business practice the fractional reserve in printing of summer is a non covered by dollars that would risk according to some analysts to trigger a bloodbath in the cryptocurrency market I take this opportunity to remind you that the last week bloomberg announced that acf 66 US has signed beat finexs and and sisters to appear before the courts a disturbing case that we let's follow very closely to the kuwait newspaper the script as for it was found in advertisements on youtube as a reminder about yves l a most used script when it comes to mining and digital currency on a pc often unbeknownst to its user recently micro trend a Japanese cybersecurity company has revealed that the script was introduced on youtube ads she said youtube was probably targeted because that's the hater is usually on the site for a while it's a target of choice for malware in this way because longer users mines plus money accumulates the see you of bitray ex bitchy arts has recently been interviewed by rahul sood he took the opportunity to declare collects I aimed at the institutional investor market other interesting information betrayed would actively seek to integrate the us dollar to his platform even though it's unclear if this news pairs will be available to individuals or only to institutional investors btcc the famous bitcoin exxon platform has just crossed a new course indeed the start up has recently been bought by an investment fund based in Hong Kong the goal of this association is to establish itself as a leader at all levels in the digital currency ecosystem the platform will focus now on three products a mining hen his wallet bitcoin moby is an exchange service usd btc a new class action was filed at the kentucky court of justice accuses beat connect to be a ponzi scheme it aims to obtain financial compensation the amount of which is unknown this is the second complaint of this type against beat connects in less than a month followed a temporary restriction order to block connect beats assets issued by the kent court yuki this ordinance asks live connect to unveil his crypto addresses as well as the identities of all those to whom connect connect will have sent currencies digital over the last 90 days defending them ten days to cooperate a period during which all transfers of assets are prohibited largest Russian bank the sberbank would be developing an ex young crypto should move to zurich a senior bank official commented on the decision to take over Switzerland arguing that this was done to avoid contravening regulations in place while serving customers within a popular market for some investors the platform will be at first only open to institutional no information on the arrival date this project is currently running more crypto pub on facebook indeed advertisements for idiots or crypto currency in general abound social networks few filters are put in place and it is not uncommon to see ads for really dubious projects facebook has therefore decided to take the bull by the horns by prohibiting all advertising for Haitians to the two digital cities and we chained this with a jt various crypto which invites us to the utmost caution in england four men armed with pistols have entered the house of a trader crypto they have pointed so that they transfer it bitcoin according to the daily mail the trader's wife was tied up and their infants put outside the house in a pram once the crime reported a helicopter was dispatched its success since the suspects are always in the nature we will finish this day by our people of the week and this week it's charlie ni and creator of the iphone and old director of engineering at kanbay lucas has transcribed for you a interview done by corinne telegraph where he speaks about the like honey on recent issues in the crypto universe article links in descriptions we also did a krill interview a start up who is launching it's you for developing a platform that will allow users to create trading algorithms in a simple way and intuitive there are function tiles still a very project interesting that aims to reduce the loss of time induced stress and fatigue through trading by allowing the automation of a large number of tasks the user can for example created a strategy and will have bricks a little like lego that he can assemble it will thus be able to create a logical sequence of trigger and action that will follow a predefined plan all this will be run in the cloud and can be created and launched from any computer for more information follow the link in description if you are looking for a platform to drag your crypto currency in a simple way we will advise years ago that is currently one of the platforms the cheaper market and has a large number of crypto in stock follow the guide the day of the cohen it's over for today I hope it will have pleased you as usual subscribe to our crypto opportunities for to receive the technical and fundamental analysts of our analyst from dm trading hakim subscribe also to 24 hours on planet krypton and receive a free morning news summary of crypto news miss any of our videos subscribe to our channel and let us have an inch blue find us also on facebook and on twitter all the links in descriptions to find all the articles evoked in this lodging and especially not to miss the news of the Belote Chesnais crypto currency go to our website www for a local newspaper like me Say hi to all if we find ourselves very quickly for a new video lease

Le krach du Bitcoin et des ‘cryptos’ se poursuit, les banques réagissent

The crash of Bitcoin and 'cryptos' continues, banks react Jean-Noël Legalland, published on the 05/02/2018 at 22h26 (Boursier

com) – The fall continued Monday on the digital currencies Fears of tightening regulation and various recent cases have accelerated sales in the cryptocurrency market The Bitcoin plunged an additional 15% to $ 6,976 according to Coinmarketcap, falling below $ 7,000, the lowest in nearly 3 months It has lost one-third of its value for seven days and more than 60% since its recent highs recorded in mid-December LEthereum dropped Monday 18% to $ 679

Over a week, the Ether dives by 40% The Ripple corrected by 13% to $ 071 and unscrewed more than 43% over seven days, while the crypto centralized was the star of the end of 2017 The Ripple was still evolving in early January on the $ 3! It has just lost three quarters of its value in a few days Bitcoin Cash dropped 23% to $ 874

Cardano fell by 155%, Stellard 14% and Litecoin by 13% The NEM, which made a splash just recently after the record-breaking coincheck hacking, dropped another 17 percent to $ 045 Lloyds prohibits purchases of Bitcoin by credit card

Lloyds, fearing a further decline in prices of cryptos, has forbidden its customers to buy Bitcoin or other digital currencies by credit card The ban takes effect this Monday for customers of Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland, Halifax and MBNA However, the decision does not apply to debit cards, but only to the 8 million customers in the group with credit cards US banks also cautious Lloyds has thus swelled the ranks of the big banks that have opted for prudence on the subject of cryptocurrency

Citigroup, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase have also suspended credit card cryptography purchases By Friday, Bank of America had begun to deny credit card transactions with platforms known cryptocurrency swaps, according to a message that took notice Bloomberg Agency On Saturday, JP Morgan followed suit, unwilling to bear the risks associated with these transactions, in a context of general cryptos crash Finally, Citigroup warned late last week that it would also prohibit, for the time, these purchases of cryptos credit cards The bank will study the evolution of the market, in order to eventually adjust its policy

India remains hostile to cryptos Arun Jaitley, the Indian Minister of Finance, told the local parliament last week that the government will take all the necessary measures to tackle the crypto-assets related to the financing of irregular activities and to withdraw the crypto-currencies used as part of the payment system This intervention was seen as a desire by India to completely ban cryptos Facebook will dispense ads for crypto-currencies

The California social network Facebook simply prohibits advertisements promoting crypto-currencies, ICO (Initial Coin Offerings – fundraising in digital currency) and binary options According to the company, these advertisements are frequently associated with deceptive or misleading promotional practices The Bitfinex platform is worried US regulators are interested in two cryptocurrency players, whose activities raise a number of questions A few days ago, Bloomberg revealed that Bitfinex and Tether, two companies headed by the same managing director, had been assigned by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Bitfinex is a digital currency exchange platform, while Tether is the issuer of the eponymous cryptocurrency The Tether is the 22nd digital currency by its capitalization, which amounts to about 23 billion dollars Crypto Tether is backed by the dollar (its value is stable at $ 1) The firm claims to have enough greenbacks in reserve to cover the chips in circulation

Some experts doubt that the company actually has $ 23 billion Tether severed his ties with the audit firm Friedman LLP, which had undertaken to review his accounts Neither Tether nor Bitfinex has publicly communicated the location of their headquarters, the identities of their managers or their financial data Bitfinex's parent company, iFinex Inc

, is registered in the British Virgin Islands and claims to be based in Hong Kong The hacking of Coincheck is reminiscent of the risks The NEM Foundation continues to track the NEMs stolen by the digital robbers of the Japanese exchange platform Coincheck, thanks to the blockchain traceability system This case was a record piracy in the cryptos, the stolen NEM representing an amount of $ 530 million at the time of the theft According to the foundation, the perpetrators would try to operate multiple transactions to derive the virtual loot

The thieves tried to move the units on six different exchanges, in order to resell them The NEM is a cryptocurrency and a blockchain platform launched in early 2015 This blockchain is tested by financial institutions and private firms, particularly in Asia The NEM crypto-currency has suffered major piracy on the Japanese platform Coincheck 523 million tokens were stolen for an amount totaling approximately 530 million dollars (58 billion yen) – based on quoted prices at the time of the breakage

Approximately 260,000 Coincheck users would have been affected Coincheck intends to repay them in full Coincheck has been strongly criticized by the Japanese authorities for its weak governance and weak security After this record piracy, the Japanese financial regulator promised a general inspection of local cryptocurrency exchange platforms The FSA (Japanese Financial Services Agency) has asked Coincheck to make the necessary improvements to its operations

The Japanese regulator expects a detailed report from Coincheck about piracy The preventive measures will have to be specified on February 13th The Coincheck case reminds Japan of the sad memory of the case of Mt Gox, a platform whose collapse in 2014 had left trouble in the cryptos' little world Gox, then headed by the French Mark Karpelès, was

the main trading platform of Bitcoin At the height of its glory, Mt Gox accounted for up to 80% of the total bitcoin trading volume In February 2014, the platform abruptly halted its activity, after the loss of 850000 bitcoins, which accounted for about 400 million dollars at the time The Japanese exchange had collapsed, insolvent

Marijuana Stocks & Cryptos Update from Paradise! with Rich TV Live

Marijuana Stocks & Cryptos Update from Paradise! with Rich TV Live david moadel welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell today my frequent repeat guest is a very special gentleman in a very special place he is rich from rich TV live rich where are you sir hi guys I'm live from the Dominican Republic Puerto Plata actually a city called Cabarete and this is my villa here in the Dominican when I'm here and yeah it's a five bedrooms six bathrooms illa you can find it at Villa Blanca drcom and when I'm not here at my Caribbean paradise it's being rented and yeah I love it and I'm just happy to be here Dave well happy to have you on the show always and you're from a remote location which is so cool it looks beautiful over there how is your experience in the Dominican Republic so far it's been amazing I've been here since I got here last Wednesday so I've been here for about five days now and uhm yeah I really enjoyed it the weather is beautiful I've got a little bit of a tan trying to stay out of the Sun too much because I don't want to get burned so I'm slowly working on my tan so yeah I'm feeling good about that and I've been able to actually do some work for a client that I'm working with very closely it's an ICO called dorium and they focus on social economic problems people that are unbanked in Republic it's actually quite a large island there's actually ten million people here and here in the Dominican Republic unbanked probably I would say about 90% of the people so you've got millions of people that are unbanked and dorium happens to be a company and a new ICO that's focusing on helping people that are unbanked oaken's the sobs tokens as a currency which they have unlimited tokens to helped social economic problems and social economic issues in third-world countries specifically like the Dominican Republic and one of the countries that's attached the Dominican Republic is Haiti and Haiti was devastated a few years ago I don't know if you remember but massive like environmental issues right now earthquakes and just massive you know environmental issues that utin that are meant not man-made issues that are just environmental issues you can't do anything about yeah so nobody's really done anything to help them they're living in tents their entire country's been devastated so companies like dorium are going to be making a difference and essentially giving away millions of dollars worth of sobs tokens to be able to utilize to help rebuild infrastructure in countries like Haiti ok that's that's great a social cause I like when the blockchain and the social causes are combined in a way in a way that really helps people so I think that's fantastic you know if you give me that link I'll be glad to put in the description of this video if people want to get involved what is do you know the link offhand well they have two websites it's dorium dot vision and dorium dot world okay and like I said they're brand new ICO and like I said you know rich TV live and obviously looking at the markets with David Modell we're not licensed advisors yeah you know you don't own the company I'm simply working with the company because I believe in the cause and I believe you know I because I have a property here in the Dominican Republic I've seen the poverty firsthand I just have to leave the doors of my villa essentially like I just have to get leave the gates of this gated community to see the poverty it's everywhere and that's what I wanted to show people with the video that I did which we we will have which you can see right now on rich TV live so I've actually gone right into one of the nicest cities Cabarete here where there's a lot of very wealthy people that have much bigger homes than this and more expensive that are worth millions and then right next door there's poverty so it's interesting you see a very very large amount of wealth beside the poverty and it's right beside each other and it's just interesting that there's not more being done in such a beautiful country and that's something that I really want to focus on in my life is not just making money but also making a difference yeah I think it's really cool but you are making money obviously you know to have a home away from home in such a beautiful place and to be able to live in that community where you live that's fit for anybody who's doubting rich and his ability to make money for himself and for others I've seen the emails that he's gotten I see the Facebook messages that rich gets people thanking him for his you know like his call on ripple way back when ripple was much cheaper and you know his his marijuana stock calls have made people a lot of money so he's living the life all right I wanted to talk about what's going on in the markets just generally because we are looking at the markets and by the way people should hop on over to www

markzwarecom watching yeah I'm watching the markets you know the the Kryptos are up today so that's good they're everything pop 10 is in the green so I love that I've been telling everybody that Bitcoin of 5,000 was a buying opportunity of the century yeah when things go down in both the marijuana stocks and the Kryptos that's the time to buy I just keep explaining it to people I keep saying it to people and you know I think people starting to learn Dave I think people are starting to see that they're like okay there is a bottom with everything there is gravity in the market so I think people are not panicking as much right now which is good because I think there's been a lot of panicking to start 2018 both in the marijuana stocks and in the cryptocurrencies and that's totally normal when things go down and there's been a massive correction in the stock market yeah obviously that's Sophia yeah yeah oh the whole world economy is having a massive correction now you know is that a healthy thing is that bad I think it's healthy I agree you know trees don't grow straight to heaven as they say that's an old saying and so it might have seemed like the the cryptocurrency tree would go straight to heaven but it doesn't work like that it's more like a staircase up up up like three steps up one step kind of one step down three steps up one step down so right now we're going through one step down and for people who are maybe new to the financial markets maybe even their first investment was in Bitcoin or one of the other coins and they're not used to this they're not accustomed to holding through a correction this might be a little scary same with marijuana stocks maybe marijuana stocks might have been somebody's first investment and then they expected just their investment to just go up and they're not realizing that it's like a staircase it also goes down a lot of the time is is hotle hold on for dear life is that still your philosophy for these things absolutely I mean I have a lot of examples of that I have a coin called uny unity and got that I invested in a long time ago it went all the way down and it just came back and it was right back to where I was and and and I've been waited a long time for that yeah so there's a lot of examples of that and it will happen over and over again when you invest in you hoggle I have a lot of different investments that have gone up and I have a lot of investments I've gone down the key is you have to keep finding ways to generate income yeah yeah I don't put all my eggs in one basket right I have estate I've got real estate in multiple countries I own homes in multiple countries this villas paid in cash I don't have a mortgage on it so you know what I'm not here I'm you know I'm renting it it's it's its revenue generating I have right of the revenue generating assets I don't just have real estate here I've real estate another country and not just in Canada and not just in the Dominican Republic and I'm going to continue to accumulate more real estate that's a big part of my plan that's always been a big part of my plan and I love to travel so for me it just makes sense and if I'm gonna travel I don't want to rent I want to own so so real estate stocks and crypto currencies I always think about buying low and I always think of a haughtily how'd all these are assets you know I don't own gold but one day I'm sure I will for me physical assets accumulation nation rich TV live has always been accumulation nation right I just accumulate you know people panic and I'm like why do you panic and like just get more you know like the whole thing is just get more you know that's that's kind of the rich TV life philosophy like you know that's the whole rich system it's like buy more as long as it doesn't go out of business you can always lower your cost and as long as you lower your cost and you keep your eye on that asset eventually it will hit a bottom and when it hits the bottom it will do a dead cat bounce and when it does a dead cat bounce that will be your opportunity to exit your position so what you need to do is you need to watch it at all times when it goes down you need to lower your cost average which means don't put all your eggs into one investment if you put everything into one investment then you will not be in a situation to be able to lower your cost average so I don't do that I actually put my money in a lot of investments I spread it around I don't put all my money into one investment I've never done and I never will do that and some investments go good and some investments go bad I mean that's part of investing yeah anyone that invests will tell you that that's a great philosophy and it helps people I've seen in your whatsapp chat there which people should definitely join rich TV live on whatsapp and I've seen rich on their really comforting people in these tough times giving good ideas again we don't tell people what to buy what to sell but giving great ideas during these tough times when things correct sometimes you get people who are a little bit panicky it's understandable but rich actually has a great sense of calm to him and he helps other people achieve that sense of calm as well do you actually recommend when when these types of Corrections are happening do you actually recommend that people step away from their computers step away from their phones so to speak and not watch the markets at all is that a possibility I don't know I always I always watch the markets yeah I'm not gonna lie to you and tell you I'm not watching the markets I'm here in the Dominican Republic and I'm watching the market so yeah I'm not gonna say to you I'm not gonna lie to you and say to you I'm not watching the markets but should somebody not look at their computers well when the markets are down I do not look at my computers okay unless I'm looking to buy right you know and when the markets are up to be honest with you I'm not looking at my computer unless I'm looking to sell hmm the only reason why I look at the computer is to see if I have an opportunity to sell okay now I'm in a position to sell I'll just put my sell order up I don't really even have to look at the computer and then I'm just gonna look at it at that point in time just to see if I actually you know if I was able to you know confirm that order if it got you know it actually got built if the order gets filled I'm gonna look at it if it's not filled before I look at the price I said okay never got to that price there's no reason for me to look at it sometimes put it in a market order for 30 days right but right now I'm not really looking to sell anything Dave I'm just gonna keep accumulating I I'm not even really worried about any of my investments I believe that they're all sound investments and I believe that with all of my investments even if they're down right now any money that I'm generating from other business ventures I'm gonna be buying more and I'm gonna lower my cost and I'm just gonna position myself for a run and when the run comes they'll be selling yeah and that's what I do and right now if things are down then they're down that's the time to buy but right now I'm not really looking to buy anything either because I'm in the Dominican Republic you know I'm just I'm not in that position to want to buy I'm not in that mentality in my head where I'm like you know I'm in a more of a relaxed state I'm more in of just enjoying the dominican because I know in a few weeks I'll be back to Canada and be a different environment so I'm trying to I guess not focus on the markets as much because the market yeah the markets can be stressful and even though right now the the cripples are up you know and I believe the marijuana stocks last time I look they're down slightly today yeah but like said for me those investments are more long-term because I believe the marijuana stocks are gonna make their move between September and December based on historical patterns and trends and based on what happened in 2016 or 2017 yeah and you've made that call before and it came true so actually two years in a row that this has happened so will it happen this year there no guarantees in the stock market but seasonality is a can be a very strong factor so I wouldn't be surprised if Rich's call comes to fruition once again wouldn't surprise me at all as far as the marijuana stocks should people be focusing more on the Canadian side of things or on the US side of things what do you think I I said it before on the show and I'll say it again I believe that the Canadian stocks are the way to go but I believe that the American stocks are going to explode because I think Donald Trump is a very smart guy and I think that Donald Trump is a businessman and as a businessman he's gonna realize that statistically Colorado has been able to generate billions of dollars because of medical marijuana and he's gonna look at the numbers as a numbers guy with his advisors and they're gonna say hey let's open up Vermont let's open up Vegas let's open up California which is what they're doing and little by little the companies that are in those markets are going to explode and I've already done an interview with see xbs corks Biosciences and Shannon Briggs and I really believe in that company because they have a license for CBDs for cannabinoids which I believe the future of medicine and they are able to with their licenses distribute manufacturer profit from see and in Switzerland and in Africa they have licenses and they have licenses for California and Vegas so companies like that in a country like America that is ten times the size of Canada I just believe have huge growth potential and I believe that the American Medical Marijuana stocks will do better in 2018 than the Canadian ones mm-hmm interesting okay personally I'm bullish on both so I think a good mix wouldn't wouldn't hurt people can always invest in the hmm J or H MLS F on the on the United States over-the-counter markets which is an ETF for marijuana stocks get yourself a nice basket of stocks kind of like a mutual fund that's one way to to approach it if you don't want to be a stock picker or if you do want to be a stock picker look through riches videos the link to riches YouTube channel is going to be below this video in the description there you want to click on that and look through those videos he's got some very specific picks that he believes no guarantees but he believes will be poised for growth this year and beyond very cool let's take a look at what else let's see oh I want to look behind you look at all the I think we're getting a little tour here little impromptu tour yeah that's the 60-inch big screen very cool the inside of the villa as you can see we have you know everything here is just like home yeah the steel appliances you know we eat pizza here too yeah yeah I mean you'd see the fridge yeah we got beers in the fridge yeah I mean crow knows that yeah I mean do you get a sense that I saw Pizza Hut over there do you get the sense that the Dominican Republic is becoming more Americanized as time goes by oh my cleaning lady's here oh okay I'll answer that question sure sure and for everybody's watching again we are talking a rich from rich TV live look at that beautiful look at his pad there look at look at the villa it's amazing rich is making it happen with investments so head on over a rich TV livecom all the resources there he's got links for crypto currencies marijuana stocks and all different kinds of investments this is Yanni she is the best hello Yanni she is the she is my personal she does everything here she takes care of everything like personal assistant here at the villa she is amazing but taking care of this villa for years Wow it's so much she's the greatest that's great hello yeah you're on you're on video okay cuz there's people that don't believe that I own this they think I'm like Tai Lopez and I read this I'm the owner right okay just checking I just like to prove it to you guys very cool Thank You Yanni appreciate it alright so there we go we have witnesses they heard say that guy's not now this is what you're watching there's a reason he calls a rich TV live this is live right now what's happening here no no editing no nonsense so but yeah again do you feel that the Dominican Republic is becoming more westernized more or I should say Americanized oh yeah absolutely I mean it needs the funding it needs the funding that's what's lacking and that's why I'm here is to and I'm working with dorium to make that difference because they need the funding because there's a lot of rich and there's a lot of poor yeah and the the middle income doesn't exist here hmm so it's either you're rich or you're poor there's no middle income so they need the infrastructure the roads have a lot of potholes in them there's no drinking water that's fresh you'd have to get bottled water I have a bottled water machine here you know I have a cooler here water cooler here I have to drink bottled water I can't drink the water so when you go to the Cayman Islands which is also in the Caribbean you can drink the water there you can drink the tap water yeah so why is it they're able to do it in the Cayman Islands why because it's a rich island let's be honest all right and the government spends the money on the infrastructure mmm so that's acting here and that's the problem that dorium is trying to resolve so what I'm out here doing is I'm working with them to try to find a government official and if anyone's watching if your government official and you want to work or dorium anyone in the world that contacts me or dorium that's a government official that has 15 years of experience in an industry a specific industry an environmental concern government anything that needs support or finance we can utilize the sobs tokens to fund those projects for free David okay talk about making a difference that's what I'm that's what I want to do that's what I want to be my legacy nobody's gonna remember how much money you have right but you know if if one day we can make a difference and we can help people we can have clean fresh water here in the Dominican if we can help rebuild Haiti and give people a real infrastructure there yeah because what's happening is the Haitians are coming into the Dominican Republic because the Dominican is a nice developing country but it's still not like North America it's not even most ok and if you take a look at some of the videos that I'll be making out here you'll see the poverty it's real and but the people are the nicest people you'll ever meet yeah like I walk around in the dark I can walk around the night in the day and I'm not concerned about my safety whatsoever right right okay let me be right I'm not some people might be but I've also been coming here for years right right right I've owned Villa since 2011 okay so I've been coming here for a long time yeah gotcha but it still it looks amazing over there I'd I would love to be there with you meeting these amazing people and you know I'll tell you you know I I envy you when you're in a paradise like the Dominican Republic but I also envy you when you're in Canada even if the weather isn't quite as good there all the time because Canada has such a progressive attitude toward the marijuana industry compared to over here in the United States where we're still struggling with you know it's it's legal in certain states but it's illegal illegal federally it's very weird it's not consistent we're still working it out for people you know sometime people ask me they say Dave what do you think is gonna happen with marijuana laws I mean it's got to go toward legalization sooner or later marijuana can't be illegal forever in the United States what what's what's your projected timeline for marijuana legalization in the US I know you don't live in the US but I know you read a lot about it you hear a lot about a lot about it what is your projections for that uh marijuana legalization in the US I think that it's going to happen it's going to be a rule out of state by state and similar to what they've done in Canada they've kind of like slowly ruling it out in Canada but they're gonna do it nationally but some people are saying there's gonna be delays that's why I believe there's gonna be ups and downs in the market in Canada and we've already seen some huge explosions in Canada so you're not going to see these massive thousand percent runs now you may see hundred percent runs but you may not see thousand percent runs so I believe you will see those runs in America because it hasn't happened yet because America hasn't really gone legal the way we have in Canada like in Canada Vancouver is pretty much legal okay like it's pretty much legal you know they call it like the Amsterdam of Canada you know like it's over is it's the hub of marijuana let's be honest it is the heart of marijuana country for the world for the free world a lot of the biggest medical marijuana companies in Canada are from Vancouver that are licensed ok a lot of them are also in Ontario because Ontario is the largest province in Canada as far as population so because of that they can have more licensed producers out there so but as far as quality as far as growing capacity Vancouver's the best place in Canada to grow because of the weather okay the weather in Canada in Vancouver it doesn't go below freezing but in Ontario it gets freezing and Alberta gets freezing so British Columbia is the only place in Canada where the weather doesn't go below freezing and because of that you're able to grow outdoors all year long so gonna laughs Lowe's the growers the growing capacity and the weather and the climate and the water in Vancouver is the best in Canada yeah so because of that the quality of the growing and the quality of the buds and the quality of the marijuana in Vancouver is just better so and Coover is like the producer for all of Canada right so before it became legalized which is pretty much in the process of happening right now it was kind of like all kind of happening very quietly in Vancouver yeah yeah and I tend to agree with you I don't think that legalization can be stopped not for much longer certainly not forever we're going through these growing pains here in here in the United States as far as the attitudes toward marijuana you know I remember when I was much younger the the thought of marijuana becoming legally becoming legal in the United States it wasn't even thought about and now here it's actually happening it's in process and I think we're gonna catch up to Canada just with a little bit of lag time that's all I I wouldn't be surprised if a majority I don't have any facts or statistics but I think a majority of people in the United States probably have a more relaxed attitude about marijuana legalization than they used to 10 20 30 years ago when I was a kid so yeah I'm just curious over there in the Dominican Republic do I'm guessing that they probably have a more relaxed attitude toward marijuana use legalization that kind of thing am i right they're working on legalizing in here but it's not legal right now so right now it's actually very see I'm drinking bottled water it's it's actually a it's illegal right now so it will be it will be legal hopefully soon they're working on it okay but they don't have a good marijuana here the marijuana here is a joke compared to Canada in the United States they don't know how to grow it really it's illegal right so you can't grow it so you know like it's just not something they do so yeah it's a it's a it's a different country you know they have different things that they grow here they're actually known for other drugs and that's uh that's just the way this country is I mean every country is different but yeah but you know the everyone here drinks the drink of choice it's called the Presidente that's the national drink to be the national beer and it's usually about a dollar okay a national beer this is new okay I do we have a national beer in the United States not really okay we drink everything over here I guess I would say it's a dollar it's probably more than a builder it's a hundred pesos so your pager Reeboks okay oh wow okay and is it one of those situations where like people drink to escape you know a dire situation especially if they don't live in and yet like you just mentioned there you got people who are either well off or they're living in poverty do you do you see people like probably drinking just to escape their situation maybe they want to just relax from a you know a really tough day over there is that what's going on Oh everybody that people here just live life they drink they enjoy life they dance they listen I music they're always outdoors nobody watches television here really okay oh yeah people don't watch television here it's a totally different country yeah you just I all their buddies they all just be hanging out on the street and they be playing like baseball with like a stick yeah and a top of like a bottle of a water bottle huh I swear that's how they play baseball here for fun with their friends and they all hang out on the street and they take like a stick and the top of a water bottle and they throw it and they play baseball and they'll do that all day long wow that's you know what you don't see that in in the United States too much huh everybody's even kids are on their phones all so it's oh here they're all on their phones too though it's hilarious they're all on there they all have phones and they're all on their phones I'll be on my phone don't like go man get me a phone man get me a phone really like man these are Sam sighs man you know these are expensive phones like no we can't get them because they can't afford one of these here so they have like the cheaper phones some of them have iPhones they'll get like older version of the iPhones you won't usually see them with a samsung s8 though like they're not gonna have the new version of stuff yeah but they'll like they'll get like you know the older the older models of the iPhones and stuff like that and usually that's people that are bringing them those phones tourists and stuff not that you can't buy them you can buy them but you have to remember like the average Dominican like income is just much lower than what we're used to in North America sure right so they probably the average person here maybe makes like maybe like $100 a week right whereas in North America the average person probably makes like six the $600 to $1,000 a week yeah Oh something like that I don't know the numbers but I'm just kind of guessing yes in that region $500 to a thousand a week somewhere around that so that's kind of average so so you can see it's like probably like five times more so that's where you see you get much cheaper labor here so that's kind of like a part of like how the economy sustains itself as tourism one of the biggest parts of the economy here is tourism yeah oh if there was fresh water fresh drinking water that would help tours yeah yeah and and then oh yeah yeah and and that's why you're getting involved over there it's one of the reasons besides the fact that's a paradise over there to live in you're getting involved in charitable causes to really help the people over there and around the world which i think is very I think it's great and then finally to wrap things up here I'm looking at the markets are there any new investments that you're looking at right now that maybe you have not announced yet or you have announced but on your channel and not on anything you're getting into financially that that people should know about or just a little preview oh man putting me on the spot I'm putting on the spot I have a lot of investments I'm looking at I'm actually looking at gbtc right now okay I think gbtc being a nine point nine percent Bitcoin price right now at around $14 is really really attractive to me right now so I think that that's gonna make a run at some point and you will see it at 20 so you know it opened up at 18 when it's highs about twenty came back down to like I believe it was as low as nine now it's at fourteen and a half I think that gbtc is gonna make a run at some point with Bitcoin when Bitcoin breaks 10,000 I think you'll see gbtc go to 20 bucks so I think there's a good opportunity to make a nice spread there I'm really looking at it myself there's a few other cryptocurrency related stocks that I'm looking at hive is one HIV II I really like it it's a cryptocurrency blockchain related locking stuff yep yeah le gr ledger is another that I believe is a cryptocurrency related stock that I really I'm looking at there's I have a list and I can't remember off the top of my head right now because it kind of put me on the spot oh that is a yeah he gave us a couple of tidbits right there le gr hive I've actually reviewed hive with somebody else before I'm looking at the markets I believe in you know any any blockchain related you know stock or ETF is worth looking at I mean I think that's the future even if you don't believe in Bitcoin or any particular coin blockchains not going away it is a technology that is here to stay in my opinion and it's powerful I like the way you know it's decentralized it's it's harder to for the government to manipulate blockchain technology so I think it's great I like hive ledger as you said and good old gbtc which has been around for a little while now it took quite a hit there gbtc but you know what that doesn't mean you have to be afraid to get involved in it it could like you said it could in price could hit 20 we don't know but obviously it's 99% a big point yeah and you think bitcoin is gonna go to nothing which I don't believe it's going to right um you know I believe Bitcoin is going to do really really well and it's going to surpass what it did last year yeah I really do it's just another asset and assets go up and down and they need to go down to what I believe will do really well I believe Bitcoin cash will do extraordinarily well I really like Bitcoin cash if you want to ask me my number one crypto to buy right now its Bitcoin cash okay and Ripple to be honest with you those are the only two that I would even consider buying right now I'm gonna be honest with you okay yeah and we appreciate that ripple and Bitcoin cash are the pics right now from rich and rich TV live so I'm so glad that we got to connect today I'm glad to put out this video and show that you are in fact living the life that you do in fact own the villa we had the proof today people can't the people are the best people in the world I'm telling you they're the nicest people in the world she's always got a smile on her face Wow for years I've never seen her at a bad day Wow well I'm not kidding like you know she has children she knows we're friends on Facebook she's photos of my children I see photos of her children I've watched her kids grow up she's watching my kids grow up no Joel right that's great well it's true you know what you might you might see me there soon you never know you know I I mean I I I always look forward to hearing from rich and rich TV live and today we got to do it on location from a you know something different and we're always gonna try to bring you something different and next week you never know what you're gonna get from rich and rich TV live here we will do it again bro we'll hit it we'll hit it up again and Beach next time we'll do from the beach this time from the villa okay how about that there you go a little preview of next week from the beach different locations but it's paradise wherever rich is so I don't have any I don't have the rich TV live take us out music but maybe I could add it and later we'll see so from looking at the markets visit rich TV livecom visit his YouTube channel links are on the description below this video and we'll catch you next time thanks rich always a pleasure all right

Investir dans les CRYPTO EN 2018 ?

Hi smart investors it's Bryan, we meet today for a new video completely off topic with our subject of predilection of usual who is real estate! Today we will talk crypto currency why I want to talk to you about crypto currency is simple we hear about it absolutely everywhere it's the buzz on TV that make the buzz on facebook it's the buzz everywhere you see ads to every time you open an ad an internet page sorry you see an ad on the side with buying bitcoins and precisely I wanted to give you a little bit my opinion on crypto currencies that are exploding in this moment fincke have already explode well last year and that are in the process of continue to explode and the points of vigilance on which you must do be careful if you get into alms crypts so before that like usually for all those who are not registered to the chain I invite you to click on the subscribe button here we talk about furniture and we talk also alternative investments like crypto currency so we go there first thing if you're interested in crypto currency started to understand what they are we quickly realize by talking with them people who today crypto currency it's a lot of noise against it are 90% of people who do not understand what it is so crypto currency it's simply a trading currency that is now being internet but beware it's a currency that has not today regulation that has no legal tender unlike the purse that is regulated the cryptocurrency have absolutely no regulation the states do not handle absolutely nothing it's courses that are completely apart so obviously states start to put a little nose in it's going maybe change a day but for now there is no regulation on crypto currency so that's already really something you need to know before you start is that it's basically a bit of a bet that's either you bets to tell you crypto currency is the future and I believe in it either you say damn it's risky and I'm not going that's a choice of everyone I think it's the future honestly I think it's the future because the technologies embodied by crypto currencies are really powerful and can not really honestly revolutionize our ways of payment is probably the world in a short time but that's still only my own opinion which is not that is obviously not shared by everyone then if we make a parallel we in our investments if we draw a parallel with real estate on the stock market at this stuff it's the advantage and cryptocurrency disadvantage already if we compare against our domain favorite crypto currency you have absolutely no leverage the real estate you want to buy an apartment at 100000 euros you go see your banker you had you have zero in your bank account you have the opportunity to borrow money crypto currency and good if you have zero euros in your bank account you can not buy crypto currency it's mathematical it's it's a little bit the same of the benefits as the stock market and you are obliged to commit your person your own capital second point if we compare a little bit because we often hear too talk yeah it's a bit like the stock exchange crypto currency yes and no careful stock market you can buy different types of type of investment but you have the current investments that people are buying these are business investments that is to say you buy the values of a company you buy admit I do not know I'll take an example at random total you buy shares at total you pay 100 euros shares even if your gasoline action drops more of the stock market and that total will pay dividends so even if total pays you it's not I mean anything but 10 euros a year of dividends you know very well that even if you buy the action 100 euros after 10 years worth 100 euros will be refunded no would be that by the dividends during all the years you will have touched 10 euros so your action will be refunded and no matter ultimately whether it's mounted or if it came down since in the long run you will already have at least repaid your action if it is still rising the better you can sell it more expensive or keep it and it is worth more money if it went down too bad but in any case you did not lose money encrypting but today it does not work like that there is absolutely no dividend there can be by things that what we calls the household or rather the forging for some a new types of crystals crypto currency that came out not long ago but here I am not going to go into details about it, understand that there is no no dividend in encrypted currencies and that the only way to make money is 2 basically what is called trading that is to say you buy the values ​​at a price you buy let's admit bitcoins at 500 euros and fowler sell 1000 euros to make money or 550 it does not matter but you have to buy it cheaper than the price you pay them to sell that is the basic thing to understand is that crypto currency there is no other remuneration than buying cheaper and resell more expensive then if we continue a little bit on crypto currency if we develop a little bit of attention the currency crypts are only not the bitcoin bitcoin is a crypto currency but crypto currency are not not bitcoin what does that mean as I told you before decrypt money there is a lot more than 1000 there are some that appear every day there are also who disappear here is the bitcoin it's the biggest crypto currency today it's the crypto currency of reference it's the one which was created first is the one that today on all exchange platforms allows to buy and so-called halls kane ie the others the other crypto currency but the bitcoin this is not the only crypto currency so be careful if you get into the crypt to currencies not to necessarily buy that bitcoin the bitcoin that's a value then that's for sure the bitcoin what happened in 2017 and early 2018 is that the bitcoin from a value to its value increase so I do not know percentages but let's say 300% let's say that early 2010 8 at the relapse so is if you take a bitcoins I do not know early 2016 there was at 400 dollars 300 from the end of 2017 it was having updated to the day the bitcoin if it is 10000 of 8000 alternate a little but beware I do not go too much into the details on it bitcoin it's done what is more or less called a bubble in the stock market, that is to say that he left Bart he climbed ipo and there he came down sharply until he goes down we do not know maybe he'll go up here is crypto currency it's really a new market nobody knows really how he reacts so he reacts a bit like the stock market with the speculation of things like that but there are always differences so be careful you should know that bitcoins is a crypto currency but if you buy crypto you are not not have to buy flex bic it was number four point at wholesale from what we said since earlier if we continue for a number 5 the cryptocurrency me how I advise you I advise you as diversification for me if you want you build a wealth if you want to make more money I think crypto currencies can can be a very good vector of especially now it's because I almost want to say it's easy because the market is easy in cryptocurrency in the meaning where it's almost going up so even if you're void most of the time you buy you sell later it's you have almost made money, which is not the case in a more complicated market on the stock market for example but in cryptocurrency today it boils down to a little bit of that so obviously it's not so simple but if you're interested in it a little bit today it's still pretty easy to win the market is still pretty easy it will obviously change but beware of that and so I think crypto currency is a very good means of diversification if you have already purchased property real estate or if you have had capital that serves you for nothing that sleeps on a book y'a you have thirty thousand euros on a booklet to say go maybe holds that I take 1000 2000 3000 according to your risk appetite and you try for example the cryptocurrency if you have nothing it's all crypto currency is still something that is very risky we do not know what's going to become maybe that's maybe the future that it's not at all maybe bitcoins in two years or in 5 years it will be at $ 200 or that it will exist even could finally brief I do not know but what is certain is that we do not know where we are going with crypto currency so there is still a part of risk that is still quite important and so I think it's smart to use it as diversification no focus on putting all his money on crypto currency but sailing to you build a real estate heritage that will allow you to have a foundation fixed to have rents that come back to you constitute a heritage in hard something real something you know where are you going tomorrow real estate we will not tell you that the price of your building price of your apartment the price of your no matter park is an island divided by ten the crypto currency we can tell you so here I think that in a first time what is smart is to build up a real estate heritage and why not diversify into calf crypts so to close a little bit this video I put you in link in the description platforms trading that I use for cryptocurrency where you can buy just then I use three agencies and the three majors that to my sense it's the best ones who are bi holding kraken and beat rex why I use those there simply because it's the ones that allow to buy the most crypto currencies alternatives I tend to like to diversify my portfolio so as not to have bet all the eggs in the same basket and its platforms there allow to do it you hear often talk maybe if you're interested in littorals things like that it's platforms which are super limited and are great for beginners me my favorite in history is ebit rex except that beat rex today at the time I'm talking to you they're getting more new members since ben in fact at the end of 2017 2018, which has so many people returning to crypto currency that they had been able to follow her I think in terms of funding which they blocked the news registered so you will not be able to register on the beat rex by cons you can register on the other two that jose me binoche and crack and kraken it there are the links just below to sign up here if you're interested have what it takes so here I will close this video like that I hope that you have a little bit understood what I wanted to tell you start with to make immo to build you a reliable heritage and why not so you have sleeping capital I want to say who is sleeping or who you dare risky but now think well in your head that what you put in crypto money you have to be willing to do because today we do not know how does the market work you can end up at what they be multiplied by 100 but you can also lose it that's an idea that you must have clear in your heads Here I hope you enjoyed the video if you liked it, do not hesitate to like do not hesitate to comment if you have questions, I tell you next video! Hi !