too many bells and whistles here operating all of this on my own so so if you wouldn't mind again you know as I say Lynette and I'm going to make this brief, Lynette a is an excellent top financial analyst she works with an organization and it's called called diamond minute ITM trading since 2002 and she has been tracking gold and silver I know and has been analyzing what's going on with the asset classes the long-term trends and cycles and she does this very astutely from my estimation and she's trying to I think also make the financial system in the upcoming reset understandable to the general public which is to her credit so with that I'm very sorry about this beginning and if you could go right ahead and give yourself an introduction and also we want to go into the area of crypto currencies the whole virtual financial system that the changeover that's happening now and also the role of artificial intelligence if you have any knowledge in that area okay I really jumped into that pool in October but I've been in these markets on some different levels since 1964 so I like to say that I've been groomed for this moment in time and just when I look at that path my uncle was a major antique dealer and he accumulated in that capacity a lot of gold when it was illegal for American citizens to hold more than five ounces but he did it legally because he held it in the form that he could hold it in which were the 333 's but I've been a banker I've been a stockbroker I studied business finance and as a stockbroker I cut my teeth on government debt because I figured they could tax you and get the money to repay you while I was learning what I needed to learn and in that capacity I stumbled across what was called non dollar denominated part all that God will be do means the things were bonds that were issued in in different denomination and excuse me with different currencies and so that's when I that was 1987 and that's when I started studying currencies so not in my gazillions of economics classes did they teach me about currency life cycles but I am also an artist and I see pattern and so when I started studying currencies and in those days you could talk to the head of a trading desk so it was the head of Shearson Lehman currency trading desks that actually taught me about currencies and then studying in and having these discussions and that's when I started to see a pattern I mean there have been over 4,800 fiat which means by decree so government money that no longer exists and you can see the same pattern over and over and over again and you know everybody always thinks this time is different and who knows maybe it is that's certainly not within my control but when I see something that's happened more than 48 hundred times and it's happening right now in different places and has been happening to us but I see the same evolutionary my bet is that it's going to end the same way we're going to get the same result and so that's basically my my background my mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language so that individuals can make educated choices and I am a database decision maker so you know I go by the data and I know people like that I didn't really bring very much today but I go by the data and that's how I formulate opinion you have the data and you have a different opinion I can't tell you that your opinion is less valid than mine but I studied this all the time and you see no gaps because I actually we started out just doing it monthly but actually three times a week I do different levels of research reports so I am constantly researching and I'm looking through the holes what do people need to understand that they don't understand now and then I I just go from there and you know it's it's kind of interesting to me that I am asked to talk about crypto currencies because I jumped into that a little bit more than a year ago when people kept asking me for my opinion so I had watched that point since it was seven bucks one of my early clients had had seen it and shown it to me so I've been sort of paying a little attention to it but not a lot but when people ask me you know what I thought about it so I've been jumping into that rabbit hole quite heavily ever since and it's it's amazing the different directions that that takes you but it really is about all about money and it is about it we've said okay now I'm so there's a couple directions we can go with this at this time but I want to ask you if you're aware of the fork I believe there's another fork coming up with Bitcoin and that seems to be heavily discussed at least on the the YouTube channels the various ones and I think that that's possibly an indicator of something more than just you know the change itself and the split whatever you want to call that so III don't know if you're aware of the work of Quinn Michaels but he's kind of making a lot of waves out there at this time because his he's talking about the blockchain what really I guess what it's built of and also the fact that the person who originally came up with Bitcoin or the blockchain technology or the idea behind it the white paper is can't be found if I understand it that person so so the question becomes and I think I even heard you mentioned that you know we do know that the NSA wrote some kind of white paper over ten years ago if I under and maybe you could address that yes that they wrote that in 96 and then in and if you look at even just the index of that white paper I did a whole piece on it recently if you look at just the index you'll see the same kind of terminology that the wallet and having it be trustless and all of this that matches what the way that everything is described there so the person that magically I think the timing of when it came out which was 2009 was really interesting because that was at that was as the markets were imploding and they were trying desperately to get control of them and put them on life-support and it was March 9th when they started all of that that quantitative easing or massive injection hyperinflationary really injection of new money into the global banking system and yet magically that's when bitcoin was born and this guy knows doesn't take credit you know I mean so you know maybe it was just this wonderful person that decided to bring this incredible fabulous technology to the world where maybe they knew very well because in in 97 yeah 97 we hit peak debt and what I mean by that is that that's when we could no longer by adding debt stimulate the economy and we can see that in the Federal Reserve monetary velocity graph which is how often money changes hands so how comfortable people are that they've got good income coming in and then that are willing to take on more debt and the stimulate the economy so they already knew going into 97 and long-term capital management was the first derivative speculative derivative implosion very new that the system was on its way out at that point for sure and and by design it is is there none them are designed to last forever just a certain period of time though okay well just to delve into that a bit you know and I I'm not gonna pretend that this is your area of expertise so don't worry about that but at this moment you know when you're talking about these events that were happening sort of all the same time and you're choosing I think the year 2009 and because I you know I have this whole other body of knowledge that comes from the secret space program etc etc I'm also looking to follow the artificial intelligence the development of that and I I was aware I don't know if you're familiar with the whole story behind promise software and how the promise software developed into what is in essence the AI and the that it went in the direction of not only targeting and profiling individuals but also being distributed around the world with a back door that the you know United States and the Mossad could get into etc etc but it grew into this huge database started actually in the legal profession if I remember correctly and then went into law enforcement it went into the intelligence agencies now it now it's it's it's well worldwide and it's it's gone way beyond that but the reason you know I know that back story so when you see this I'm wondering if the 2009 situation you said they were trying to get control what perhaps they were trying to get control of basically what was an AI at that point already and that this blockchain came out of out of this and I'm not asked you know I'm just throwing this out as a possible line of inquiry because you've got to look at the years and we had sort of this crash in 2008 with the housing debacle right yes and so go ahead well I was going to say that in all of my research and I research constantly there are all sorts of coincidences surrounding timing of things which I don't really think are coincident okay alright so what about this that the notion of I mean did you get in on Bitcoin I mean you said you only followed it maybe later and started analyzing it so you weren't you weren't in on the gold rush so to speak of Bitcoin no I'm not a speculator okay and I've also really had here's the problem people don't understand what money is but and if you don't understand what money is then what happens is you get blinded by numbers and the inflation creates nominal confusion and they can take advantage of you so no I'm not a speculator that is ether it's not real and in a money standard shift I'm not saying look I know that's where we're going I definitely do and I can also see some benefits to AI and to the cryptocurrency but I definitely am an expert on the central banks and so you know what I read and I read their documents all the time and I have for years and years and years and you can just see everything evolved it the this is about really us volunteering more and more of our freedoms and our rights until we are fully we're pretty much fully under the control of the central banks and the crypto currencies and artificial intelligence where they'll make choices for us if you read their documents when they talk about it even regarding automobiles and refrigerators I mean if they want you to spend money they want you to spend money but I go back to money to begin with is a tool the value labor and then if you have any excess labor it's a tool to store it for future use and the goal is to have the same level of purchasing power so the same amount of dollars buy the same amount of the services in the future bolds money silver money is labour based and it has full utility across the entire spectrum so there's always demand for it so if you're trading your labor for gold money or silver money you're trading labor for labor which is fair that's a fair way to do it but for governments that want to tax and spend that doesn't work very well because if they do that you notice it and when we're on a gold standard if you didn't like what the government was doing you simply took those pieces of paper that represented both so dollars gold dollars and you converted them into gold pulled it out of the financial system and created limitation around what the government could did and they had a real problem with this as all governments typically do so they transitioned us onto a Fiat money standard now the literal literal translation of fiat is by decree but the bottom line is this is government controlled money and it's based on well at first prior to the Fed taking over a twentieth of an ounce of gold back to one dollar bill and really you might have you had inflation within a narrow range as demand and a demand that supply vary but once the Federal Reserve took over that same 20th of an ounce now back to dollars and 40 cents and I have all the proof from the Federal Reserve themselves on how much new money they created created they created the Roaring Twenties average prices declined or the value of the dollar declined by 50 percent but the average income more than doubled so if things cost you twice as much but you have more money to spend you don't really pay attention to the D value of the dollar and so they created 1929 because they then the general population were never in stock markets that was for the elites but in 1927 they gave the central bank of Perpetual Charter the Charter was originally due to be up in 33 in 28 you had the industrialist the people in the know the one-percenters though it's at the top that sold into the general public that was attempting to emulate that but they were making they saw the markets going up up up they wanted in so the guys in the know the insiders got out in 28 and our government in our banking system loaned the general population lots of money to buy these worthless stocks these worthless pieces of paper they pulled that Punchbowl they created 1929 this is a normal pattern of a money standard shift and then they use that crisis to take the only tool that the citizen had to protect their purchasing power and hold the government spoke to the fire away that took the bold away in 71 what Nixon really did there was a run on the dollar by other countries converting dollars into gold so by 1971 we had less bold than we had after the confiscation and 33 so I mean I understand why Nixon did it but what people don't understand is at that moment what he really did was he handed over full power and control of inflation to the central bank's and that's why we had two cents four cents left out of the original dollars worth of purchasing power but for those of us that were there in 71 and I was you know if you had a $20 bill in your pocket in June and you had a $20 bill in your pocket in September even if it was brand-new they looked almost identical but you went from a bill that was at least partially backed by gold and so there created some limitations on spending who a bill that was fully backed via debt so just to kind of back up move forward and then take us where we are right now we had World War one in 1914 first war war that ever existed we do not think it was a coincidence that the First World War coincided with the era of Perpetual central bank central banking so he had Wars you had chaos you had a stock market crash you had inflation they reset they reset the dollar from $20 to an ounce of gold for $35 to an ounce of gold when you the citizen you just lost a whole lot of your purchasing power 70% like that and the same thing in 71 you had civil civil rights you had women live you had the Vietnam War you had all of the protests you know you know there's a lot of chaos 37 percent inflation 405% stock market decline and then think about the 80s was the 1980s were are roaring 20s it was all about Rita's hood and the big shoulders and opulence and we're entering that period again now if you kind of notice and so taking us to where we are today when they make a many standard ship they always allow the normal guy to make more money in terms of dollars okay then he normally would make so that they embrace the change they think look at this is good for me yes and then in fact we call it the carrot and the stick you know routine and also I you are sort of centralizing this it seems on the United States but I was this a worldwide phenomenon yeah absolutely global yes okay so are then what you know what I'm seeing right now is actually I guess the carrot side of it what we're seeing the the basically things are going up with Bitcoin but they're starting to be a bit of a rocky nasai think with the forks and then there I oh de I you studied iota or are up to speed on that seems to be a challenge to the Bitcoin even technology on a certain level although not very many people are talking about it and then of course the entry entry of the question about AI and and who runs the AI who orchestrates it and who's in charge of it and all of that so can you package that together I can package that together I find it interesting that cryptocurrency is in particularly Bitcoin are always portrayed as both and there's a finite amount of it well I'm sorry but there's more than 2500 new cryptocurrency so there's not a finite amount of it and every time there is a fourth it's my and I am NOT an engineer but every time there's a fork now there's two more crypto currencies and I think are you talking about this segment – with this work that's coming up you know it's in that that those that are part of this currency the community there get to determine all of these rules but you know who really really chose them it's it's anonymous which is what they need they need that anonymity and theirs does seem to be some dissension but right now what I'm seeing is an awful lot of development and the central banks are not alone in that development we have some central banks that have adopted a sea chain which is a cryptocurrency out of China who holds title or digitizes title to hard tangible assets and that's their goal and when you use either Bitcoin or aetherium to buy a sea chain that turns into an SDR now real rare that one I listened to your show about it I don't know that my audience will be familiar so you might want to lay that out a bit for them because the link between you know the ACC and the SDR you know it's not going to be not that clear to everyone I don't think okay so I'm going to back up to 71 again because it was in 69 now we okay I'll back up a little further to move forward okay in in 44 the u

s became the world reserve currency which means that globally all assets were now valued in terms of dollars and the IMF the International Monetary Fund was developed at that time to oversee us to make sure that we maintain the value of the dollar and that's $35 to announce them whole and then globally all currencies were pegged to the dollar okay so that was actually and and the countries could convert dollars into gold at $35 and out so that was a huge advantage because we were the only country on the planet that could print the money they needed to pay international debts so that was a very big deal but it became very apparent as we were financing in the Vietnam War that we were printing a lot more dollars to the goal that we held in deep storage and so there was a run on the dollar and you saw foreign countries converting dollars into gold pulling them out of the system so we already knew then that the dollars hold as the world reserve currency was coming to an end and the international monetary fund created whom the SDR now it stands for Special Drawing right but it is not a claim against anything it is a basket of currencies so US dollars back in the beginning they were like I think 16 or 18 different currencies that were in there of the German mark at that time etc in the early 80 they consolidated that down to five currencies when the euro was created in 99 that went to poor where it's remained until 2016 but when China was was put into the SDR but you see people put value in them but these things are made up and they're made up out of nothing they say that the IMF has between this balance sheet who doesn't have to run debts because it pushes a button and bam you've got a boatload of SDRs but back in the 60s the SDR was created to take over then as the world reserve currency and in fact we volunteered the dollar but then Kissinger went to Saudi Arabia created the petro dollar so Saudi Arabia would refuse and they controlled the Middle East oil supply refused to accept any other currency but US dollars for their oil and so the petro dollar was more so you have two things that are the foundation of the dollars global prominence which is debt the Treasury note and the petro dollar well 2016 and some runs and hope that's not apparent to the normal person because they don't know how to look beneath the skin that's what my work is about just showing you where to look right but the SDR created back then what's called a substitution fund and all of these mechanisms weren't disbanded he just went to sleep when the crisis hit in 2008 and they had to put the system on life support in 2009 China said what about the SDR and as soon as I heard that I said well that makes all the sense in the world because everybody has a go to the USPS or any postal service website around the world and in their shirts Bart put us to yours and you're going to see them pop up so they didn't have to reinvent the wheel they nearly had to tweak the wheel that was already in place and they did after China said what about the SDR they tested the system by injecting a massive amount of new out of thin air STRs and injecting them into the global system and they also brought back the substitution fund now the substitution fund is significant because if you are holding dollar-denominated debt were alone well whether that's another form of debt or dollars and you're a country Aurum or a global corporation you can deposit those instruments into the substitution fund the IMF well boom boom boom convert them into SDR denominated instrument so that does a few things but all of those excess dollars that are no longer required through the global system comes back to our shores to generate that hyperinflation so they're gonna try and moderate it through the saw through or control it through the substitution fund but remember all of this everything that they're doing is experimental everything that they've been doing since 2008 is experimental just like they say they're gonna run off their balance sheets now they're not gonna buy anymore mortgage-backed securities I mean it's it's garbage that it's experiment all I don't think they can do it but the but the IMF in 2011 gave us a blueprint of how they would roll this out and they've been executing that blueprint okay but I guess the main question that someone would ask is that has their plan changed in other words has this introduction of the cryptocurrencies is that all part and parcel of the plan and if so how do they how do they merge how do they come together oh that's a good question though yes I mean they've actually been trying to do away with cash since the 20s okay so this is not a new scene and they've been looking at it all these years that NSA white paper that was written in 96 I mean you know can I say that absolutely yet no but do I think it is yes so I definitely think that it's planned and just recently the Bank for International Settlements the biz so those are the two key banking and cartels in the world the IMF and the BIS they just came out with their money flower on showing how they would convert the currencies and even allowed some paper currencies to coexist and even some may be private Kryptos to coexist with the central bank Kryptos and i think we're seeing a movement globally right now for different central bankers adopting different of the crypto currencies I don't see them as adopting one consistent one yet but I think there's our three that just came out that many have adopted I'm pretty sure as Cambodia that adopted the a/c chain but the SDR stated in that 2011 document that one of the they had two number one they had to create a market for sdrs and China has been asked with bringing that forward and then they had to also have global assets value in terms of sdrs right now they're valued in terms of dollars but value in terms of SDR so the octane accomplishes that okay then the ACC chainer you say I'm just going to touch upon the AC change okay so it's valuing are you saying assets around the world and when you talk about assets of what are the assets is it labour gold silver metals you know what it's assets well they would like all of the above but so far they have done T I mean it's new it only started last May was the first IC up and it holds to these physical assets and so they've done t they've done property in Texas they just did another one I don't remember what it is but yes they're evolving into every tangible asset and then there's some and they're also doing something with stocks but taxes I mean stocks kind of straddle two fences because they're obviously not tangible you get a certificate and the theory is that it's part ownership and a corporation but but each sorry about that but the way that these are set up means that the way that the that the stock market is is set up that if you don't really hold it and you don't really own it it's owned by the big banking cartel Stevan company DTC I mean there's so many topics we can talk about carry I know I been lied to yes you know okay but but my understanding is also that some of the cryptocurrencies if not all could be viewed as stocks I mean that becomes that's a question right like an investment manual well I wouldn't think of it as an investment okay well how that how how the IRS is gonna I mean we have this sort of discussion with Paladin I guess and he's sitting here listening to this discussion and going to ask any good questions that come to his mind and I will credit him when he does but but in other words you know so I don't want to get off topic here though so do you want to finish your thought with legal because what they're really doing with the proposed is they're creating a product but where does it have utility outside of its one sphere which is really simply as a tool of barter which goes back to our training we used to trade our labor for somebody else's labor then we traded our labor for government debt that we were required to repay now we'll be our labor for an algorithm I work too hard I don't want to trade it for an algorithm though you know I want to trade it for something of value I'm definitely a tangible kind of gal and I'm not saying that I will never own crypto currencies but the primary and the most important function of gold and silver is to hold your purchasing power intact over time so in the future they need a big crisis just like every single monetary ship they need a big crisis to conclude this transition and here's my bet my bet is that when the crypto currencies are crashed because you're right the IRS and regulations and blah blah blah you know is they've stopped they've shut down exchanges they've said they have created the governments and central banks and create a lot of problems for crypto currencies they can make them illegal they can do all sorts of things but what they want right now is they want that critical mass and yeah it's my understanding or some say that 3% is that threshold when they get acceptance of it they make that transition from from some kind of crypto currency to a dollar point or a Fed point or an SDR pointer which is just digits in the computer and you're comfortable with it so you volunteer it just like we didn't 71 just like we did in 13 and 14 and we don't even know that we're volunteering it because everything is going to be run by a smart contract and people don't read the dumb contracts now you think they're gonna read the smart contracts that sit on top of the blockchain that guides everything I mean you talked about artificial intelligence examples from the IMF of this blockchain technology with the artificial intelligence talks about well okay he's bought a car and you haven't made the payment or maybe you haven't registered it or licensed it well they could remotely the contract would would disable the part and with artificial intelligence it could even drive it home within a certain period of time whatever however the contract was written so you know they talked about refrigerators having the artificial intelligence and ordering you you need orange juice so they order the orange juice they take the money out of your out they hire the orange juice delivery then if you don't want it you send it back so what they're really trying to do is make it easier and easier and easier to spend your wealth and the thing about the AC chain point holding titles let's say that a crisis happens and okay this is what happens to a mortgage during these periods of time after a planned reset on average about nine months the bank will come back and they will reset your principle payment and they will reset your mortgage payments you haven't told such-and-such a time to pay it off that's not every single resets well most people can't do that they will not have the money to pay it off and or maintain it so there's a lot of property that would normally come onto the market but what is the government because they're so awesome says here if you would simply put the title your equity or your title onto these coins we'll forgive this part of the mortgage there are a lot of people that would put that property on to the point but it's not like five hundred thousand they break it down into little digits because crypto currencies are infinitely divisible and because in crypto form they are also globally transferable like that before you know it you need money you've got everything you get comfortable putting everything you know in the crypto space the title to every and you are just a renter you're renting everything ultimately and this is how they would do the wealth transfer but that's how the SDR would back all of the assets and then they could say well look at this now we have an SDR and it's got all these tangibles trees properties glasses you know whatever any tangible asset on there and now all of a sudden they have something of value and they have full control and they're technically run elected officials their job is to support the system not to support the individual and which is one reason why I believe they chose China to be reddit and and by the way in order for China to be included in that SDR basket the us had to agree to changes in the way in the rules that enable them to become through that basket so you know we know what's going on and I think we're we're part of it okay so I I don't I don't know if this is off topic but I I do I liked when you talked about the fact that the dollar had a basis like because it was a currency it couldn't go below zero you said but that when you get into the crypto area they can value it at less than zero and that that's quite think that's an interesting dynamic can you talk about that oh my god yes this is they've been talking about this and a lot of their documents the IMF for years and in 2015 they did a paper you can google it it's an easy read breaking below the lower zero bow and in it they talked about how they would easily take us cashless and get you to volunteer it because hey you know we've got especially those of us that are older we used to cash and we wouldn't just give it up easily but they can get us to volunteer it it's globally eighty five percent of all transactions are still cash transactions I'm not talking about the size of the transaction you're not going by a million dollar out with dollar bills but of the number of transactions so they have to get rid of cash because cash is a debt instrument with a zero coupon does it pay you interest and it doesn't charge you interest you do lose purchasing power be inflation but at least it's a zero debt instrument however in order for them to get you to spend they now have to attack the principal so they need to get rid of cash and the way that they're going to do it according to breaking below the lower zero balance is that the central bank window where all of the commercial banks go to get hash okay now remember central the commercial banks would be like JP Morgan Chase Wells Fargo Bank of America you know the big buy and then the little guys the community banks the the saving the loans thank you with savings and loans and the oh I don't know but any anybody in that money realm has to go to those guys to get the cash so all the central banks have to do and they say they can have this in place within weeks during the next crisis is sorry just have to UM see if I can lock the room no doesn't look I don't know why this happens but go ahead I'll just have to kick people out if they try to come in ok well the way that they the way that they would do it is to charge eggs interest at the central bank window so I'd be invisible you would never see it they would subsidize those fees until they tested everything and then they would have the banks like the chase of the commercial banks transmit those fees to the retail public so now you go in to Starbucks and if you use your debit card or your credit card it's five bucks but if you use cash it's six bucks well what are you going to do you're going to use your debit or credit card and then they will translate it because they always want distance they don't want you to understand that this is the central bank policy right so then they so then what they would do is when you want to make a withdrawal or a deposit the see that would be charged would be large enough for you to notice and they would put a time stamp on that cash so it's not like you can take those paper dollars and stick them under your mattress whenever you would go to use them or spend them then that discount to that fee would show up wherever it was and in that way because it would be larger than always larger than the fees for using the digital money you volunteered the cash and you don't even know that you've done it then they say this I just read another report on the first of this month from these guys once they're there once everybody's digital there are no limitations to how low they can push interest rates which means how quickly they can charge you when they want you to spend those dollars to stimulate the economy okay so what you're saying is is how long does this go on this sort of transitional state what is what it sounds like where cash is still in an operation but becomes I guess worth less and less and less and less useful so what do you what is the period of time that you think that lasts well we're pretty close to the end now and actually you know it's four cents according to the Federal Reserve but I was just looking at that graphs on prepping stuff for tomorrow and it's consistently just going down I don't okay here's the thing and going back to cryptos and kind of tying all of this in there's a tremendous amount of research that's being done on all of these new technologies including the quantum technologies and the ability to change the both of those whatever still the love the money that's in there when presuming they can presuming there is no Black Swan event that takes the control out of their hands and they can control it I don't feel as if and I'm not seeing that the technology that they're ready for the full transition I'm thinking we might have another maybe year or two I don't know that we're at that critical mass adoption yet either it doesn't mean that nothing happens between now and then because the problem is is that they had and maybe purposely painted themselves into a corner because the debt levels and the leverage with all of these derivative bets that have been created since 97 all of this speculation that's been created since 97 the banks the markets cannot afford to fall four percent where you've got Deutsche Bank morgan stanley a lot of the banks completely insolvent and because they're all incestuously intertwined like deutsche bank is classified as a global global Universal Bank which basically means that they in some way or another touch every single financial product on this planet so doesn't matter it could be a CD it could be a bond it could be you know those are products that's all they are they're products and it's about managing how you think about them and what value they can get you to put in them but they're just products which Bank has the largest derivative bet on the planet and so when they go that's it it's like dominoes falling or what are the other big guys okay but yeah I did I have heard that the concentration or the attention is on Deutsche Bank but if it's no accident that this is a German bank right no no no it's definitely no it you know there are some things I'll saying some things all things alright but what I will say is that the European Union was due to fail from the beginning because you have all of these different economies that are now pegged to the German economy and when something is pegged to it that means that it has to behave like it so while they couldn't go in and take over Europe militarily well they're doing it fiscally and this is the way that they're doing it because they benefited tremendously over the years just like China has with our agreements has benefit over the years with that pegging and allowing others to borrow at really take on a lot of debt at really cheap levels that really shouldn't have I mean if you think of an individual if your credit rating is bad how likely are you to get the best interest rate out there you know you're not you're gonna get the highest interest rate out there but if you're tagged in this union like they were they were able to borrow a tremendous amount of money very very cheaply by a lot of German products so that's the wealth transfer mechanism and particularly with Greece you know Goldman Sachs through the use of derivatives had enabled them to hide a lot of their debts to qualify to be in the EU and and you know look at what's happening in Greece that's what we're looking at okay well what about the Rothschilds because my understanding they own most of the banks and I think it's as high as 95% or more and so what what is your understanding because there's a link from the Rothschilds to the Vatican as well and how this whole system is run at least from the top down and then there's a role that the IMF plays sups you know subsidiary to that and so and so forth so what is your understanding in that regard well you know I really always sort of mirror away things that I can't personally prove so I don't really like to comment on them because I'm a database I'm a database decision maker but we certainly know that up until I believe it was 2013 don't commit to that date but it could have been 2013 the Rothschilds set the price of gold and that twice a day and I mean that's still the way the process is done but they were they were the ones that actually were the key players in there and they got out of that several several years ago so Rothschilds I'm not saying that they don't own gold I'm just saying that everybody always likes distance so are they moving things as is wealth transfer so yeah and there is definitely a hierarchy and people are blinded by dollars or euros or yen but that's just a symbol and it's just a number the real wealth that's dynastic well that's the kind of wealth of thankful okay real estate rare collectibles angle all right well okay what about the gold so how does the crypto and the gold back currency or silver back in other words is there a relationship there and and how does it it's going to continue in or is it going to be completely separate in other words is gold and silver can arise and value as has been predicted like the dollar no longer I don't know is the reserve currency if that dynamic ever really happens and then is the are the kryptos kind of contributing to that push and then how did the kryptos relate to gold and silver okay well this goes back the normal life cycle of M currency and so what happens end up in hyperinflation now they want you to think that the Kryptos are as safe as gold so a lot of people that had been strangled and there's not a lot particular and there's more outside of the US than there are here so they've been flying to the Kryptos ultimately when the whole system crashes everybody will lose confidence that's why they need a trustless system however they need to crip those two crash as well so that they can introduce the central bank Kryptos allow you to convert those cryptos into these but there will be and the IMF has talked about this there will most likely be a component of gold in there which is why you see China and India and Russia the IMF has the third largest gold holdin resuming you know everybody's revealing but they're holding gold because they need our confidence to use the currency and imagine the level of confidence when all of the stock markets the bond markets the derivative markets and I want to talk a little bit more about that and the crypto markets implode what kind of confidence are you gonna have anything that ok and and you know Paladins raising the the shanghai gold exchange and and we know that China's been hoarding gold you know around the planet and no gold leaves on earth it's not anything you've got a gold necklace on you better declare it on the way in cuz you're not taking it out right so that's got to mean the stuff that gold is gonna be very significant in the future right exactly you know what what people miss is the utility okay there's a reason why gold is all intrinsic value and that's because it has properties that no other mineral on the planet has plus it's indestructible so we can account for it but the cryptos are used in cyberspace as a tool of barter but you can always convert and this is my intention I know that that's where we're going but I want to wait until I have to convert my hard-earned wealth into some speculative or crypto currency because gold holds your purchasing power over time they can manipulate they can do anything they want with it it's cheap the buck ten for a central bank to control a hundred ounces of gold one dollar in ten cent and I'm not exaggerating PME group publishes the central bank a special program so they can make things look like anything cause they're just on a computer that's a button push it doesn't cost anything to do it but yeah I've wired the central bank's buying gold like crazy except for apparently the US if it wasn't going to play an important role it's a same role that it played in 33 you can trust the new money listen from Roosevelt's fireside chat you can trust the new money because it's back with hard with good money which is the gold they confiscate so that will happen again so yes I believe gold was going to have a very important role in the transition and the other part is going to that is how do you do a reset oh it's real simple it's the same way they've done it those forty eight hundred times you take something that has no intrinsic value dollars euros yen whatever no one transit value it's used in one place for one purpose and it loses value over time and you re value reset it against gold money that is all intrinsic value because it's utilized throughout the global economy and then both in terms of Fiat dollars rises to cover some portion of all of the new dollars euros yen all the new fiat money that's been created so I use a really really simple formula I'm not trying to get you to the penny or turn you into a technician but in the system money is created from debt in the current system but now in cyberspace it's created via transaction but okay in this system it's created from debt you take all the debt that exists and you divide it by all of the bowls in which there's a finite amount of it I don't care you know how much there is but there's only so much and you divide the debt by the goal and that will get you somewhere near what that cover what that number would be I just to make my life easy I use the Economist Dec ha and I use data from the World Gold Council as well as the Department of the Interior so I can tell you with high confidence conservatively if they did the reset today then you would see spottin gold that north of 9,500 and spot silver north of I think it was 627 and even though that sounds outrageous it's actually extraordinarily conservative because that only takes into account the public debt if I use the IMF's numbers where I want you to do a whole lot more work to come to those numbers triple that now what we don't know what nobody's going to know until they actually do it is what that cover ratio should be so for example in 1933 and based upon the amount of new money that they had printed and again I have all that data they really should have revalued it to 40 to 50 but I don't think the population they felt that the population could have dealt with that big a rapid decline in the value of the currency so that's why that peg couldn't hold in 71 they reset it to 42 dollars and 22 cents and so you have two things you either have a planned reset or what we had after 71 what they're having in Venezuela right now they haven't yet done a planned reset is a market lead reset so in Venezuela as example this is like right now it was 169 bolivars for an ounce of gold and it was in that range for many many years until they confiscated monetary goal in 2011 and then in 2013 they had the best stock market in the world as the currency was hyper inflating and I believe the last time I checked on on the gold in terms of Venezuelan bolivars with something like I don't know a million Bolivar it's 10 million Bolivar something like that but the Bolivar has no value to it you can't buy an empanada with it has more value as a napkin to an empanada you can pay off the mortgage bethought it's the strategy that governments use to is they don't care about taking on their debt because they know if fiat money the value just keeps going down and down so they pay these debts off with dollars that have less value and then ultimately no value that's my translation so it isn't might this happen that's how they perform a reset okay how about the derivatives you said you wanted to bring that up again so how is that working into this current reset we're going through okay well I think there are a couple things about derivatives number one once the debt debt paint or peak debt hit in 97 what a banks know they know debt and they know leverage so that's when they started out with the speculative derivatives the derivative that included the system in 2008 was minuscule compared to all of the speculative derivatives that are out there but they never washed any of them away and so what they did since 2008 instead was create formulas to make them look a whole lot less and yet they're also reported in notional value now let me explain that one a little bit for the such an important concept and it's part of what what they call nominal confusion so if you had a $20 bill 20 years ago and you have a $20 bill today it's nominally they're identical they're $20 bill but what would what it would buy you 20 years ago versus today or even 10 or even a year ago versus today is vastly different so when they report when they report derivatives they always reported in notional value and they admit openly nobody has any idea of the true value that is at risk but what these things are are simply bet against the price movement of underlying stocks or bonds or real estate or or whether or not a corporation is taking on too much debt or currencies or all of these things they're based upon the price action okay and about 80% of them are tied to interest rates in a world where you have 90 percent of the countries anchored somewhere near zero now and they're but they're starting to spike now there are a few things are happening right now that could be indicating a shift has already begun okay I'm not I can talk about them but I'm not quite prepared to put minds technical neck out on the line but I'm watching because I'm noticing a big chest and so whenever I see shifts and patterns I pay attention cuz I don't mean something is is going on but in 2005 going back to the derivatives in 2005 you remember the major overhaul they had in the bankruptcy laws and they made it a lot harder for individuals to declare bankruptcy yes but they gave derivative owners who don't even have have a relationship if it's against a corporation no relationship to that corporation they gave them super seniority so if they could and the derivative owners which would be like chase and JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs and all those guys if they wanted to they have the ability to go into a corporation and force a default and then liquidate assets to cover what they say that they owe them so if you're a vendor to that corporation and you have a legitimate claim oh no you're on the bottom of the list if you're a bond holder or a stockholder bottom of the list it's the derivative owners which you and I can't even be that go to the top of the list and can force the sales and liquidation of assets to cover what they say what they determine there do that's really what's going to transfer the rest of this wealth if it is in crypto form if those assets are a cryptocurrency it makes it even easier and less visible to do that because it's a trustless system it's just peer-to-peer so I think that the crisis is going to force a lot of wealth onto a lot of titles onto the coins and now they well then that moves them under the ownership of the the banks or the ownerships of the the derivative holders as you call it yes yes unless they were done through if I haven't seen any other cryptocurrency tied to Str and nobody has brought me one they may say I don't know what I'm talking about but you know bring me one if that's not a big deal so are you saying it's got all going on going under the ACCC is that because that's the only one tied to the SDR no nothing to say that's the old I'm not first of all I believe that's the only one and I'm not going to say everything is going on there but they are doing big push to push the titles on there and so you know and I don't know what the IMF is gonna ultimately come up with towards their cryptocurrency but I do know that they want to hold title to everything okay well I have a question about asset valuing assets on around the planet because how do you value an asset for example in Africa when China or the US has gone on in there and taken over the corporations and owns it and the ground and the gold in the ground and so and so how does that go on a balance sheet that belongs to Africa in any way well that's a great question and actually we certainly the globe has a history of going into different countries like England went into India and basically robbed them of all of their natural wealth so it doesn't really go into Africa but it definitely positions whatever country that is China's you know China is voraciously accumulating energy assets globally that's right so you know it definitely puts them in the driver's seat because we can look at what happened in Puerto Rico recently they were so heavily indebted that when a crisis hit well they've more than doubled their debt since 2006 but none of that money went into their infrastructure it didn't go to the population it went into the politicians pockets and so now they're still without electricity so that's what's going to happen to those countries it's just a function of scale but of course that's that's how wealth transfer occurs crisis and then boom it's you never let a good crisis go to waste well it's like the latest scandal with regard to Hillary in the in the uranium right so the uranium is now owned in America at least in the northern east you know Pacific what Northwest from what I understand is owned uranium one I think they call it is owned by Russia isn't that right if that is still in effect I don't know but okay and I know for example from a friend who lives in Australia that China has gone in there and is buying coal and I guess in the land associated with the coal etc so these assets in other words because one might say if you're valuing valuing assets that Africa has some of the richest assets in terms of natural resources some of which have been untapped and some of it which are being tapped but we don't know they're being capped because no one tells us and you know like there's iridium in Afghanistan and and I think Africa as well in other words things that are used in computers and in high-tech you know the high tech world and you know zero-point energy and going into you know the secret space program and all of that so to say nothing about the secret space program and the assets they own which Kathryn Austin fits I don't know if you know her and her work I don't know her personally but I admire yes so she's gotten very much into the black budget and so that America appears to be like you know lagging behind in certain ways when it really isn't technologically speaking and then you've got all this craft which is valued somehow that is flying around in the skies and actually is owned by what is in essence the secret space program secret government underneath the United States co-owned by Britain and possibly a few other nations but this is the kind of thing well I'm just carrying assets sounds like a really like a quicksand like it's a very shifts a lot and it's hard to it's a function of utility or something that's been around for enough time the way that you do it is you have to this is where it's a little nuanced it's not impossible but it's a little nuance because what you have to figure out it's the single most important function of that asset we're that instrument to its creators what were they really trying to do with it the mosan between many things but what was the single most important thing and then you can go and look at how history has valued that so for much of the tangible assets that's actually pretty easy to do because they have a long enough history I mean there's history on real estate there's just your own gold and silver there's history on oil on coal there's some history there it would be more challenging to determine its value but then it goes back to the utility so for me it's really that's it's always about that functionality that utility how many different places can this one thing be utilized the more it can be utilized the broader the base of fire the broader the base of fire the higher the competition and therefore the price can go but ok well let me put interject labour into that because labor is very interesting especially going into the future when actually labor is no longer needed this is what's human labor that is in other words where do you go with that how is that valued as an asset when nobody is needed to work so so to speak their work is no longer of much value at least something done with human hands when machines can handle most of it or 3d printers or whatever you know I'm glad that you brought that up because I started a little sort of Sirians within my little series on the YouTube about corporate sovereignty and that is actually I've been gathering data on that ship which has actually been happening for quite some time because in the 50s labor was highly valued and that's when all the pension plans came in because they wanted to attract that kind of labor and hold them and of course there you had the growth of the unions etc but over time and then it was more on well how can we get the most out of cheap labor once we went on to a completely central bank control system that's when that division because the haves and the have-nots began to grow wider and wider up until that point the average worker was paid via utility because they they were so important to the process but once they could create that inflation super corporations if if you perceive that you're getting paid more money then you stay in the job and you're you're kind of happy and I'm going to come back and address your question in just a second I just want to point this out but the average income in 71 was like 70 133 bucks and at that point I'm not saying that they were rolling in it but a family of four could live on that amount of money okay the average wage now I think is something like I don't know forty six fifty two thousand a year so it sounds like it's a lot more money seventy one hundred two fifty two thousand however don't explore if you're trying to live on that you're under a bridge you know your your hand-to-mouth so inflation benefits corporations because that's how inflation is aged based upon the price of their product but they can push the price in terms of dollars of those products up up up then corporations make more money they pay the normal employees less and then it rises to the top we're coming into a period now where as you said a lot of the robotics along with the artificial intelligence the AI are displacing the lower workers the minimum wage the manual workers and so what is value are really like the highest-end the engineers you know particularly because of all of this all going into cyberspace so the talent that understands that piece is actually likely to be highly prized because of the competition in the space to get it and there is right now between you know Facebook and Amazon and Google and and Apple there's a tremendous amount of competition for those people but well actually for the higher end of those people I'm hearing the Amazon employees lower end or very just you know very unhappy with their situation oh yeah I'm not a fan of Amazon yeah no I appreciate that but I'm just saying it's important to clarify that you know you're talking about the top end it is very interesting how even the middle kind of even goes away as I say right yes so yes and that leaves more and more to go to the top with fewer and fewer employees which is why they're bringing up Universal income right that's why they're bringing it up because they know that they're destroying the jobs for the middle and the lower income end but hey we'll throw a thousand bucks a month at you you know 800 bucks per child except that that's also hyperinflationary you know we just think normally in terms you know like wow wouldn't that be great to get all that money for doing nothing well we have those social programs how's that work right well yeah it's a it's sort of a it's really a big deception because actually being valued for your creativity is the answer but whether or not you'll be allowed to to pursue that and whether it'll be worth anything to anyone else and and whether they can pay you for it is a whole nother matter but what I want to do is ask you about how I still in my mind I'm not clear how does the value of cryptocurrencies I mean we see it going up and up and you say it's back it's based on transaction it's gonna be worth something because people are trading it but at the same time it's not backed by anything so it's you know howhow are you having this gold backed sort of economy or or system and then the the kryptos or the virtual world where nothing is based on anything to do with anything tangible on the planet how do those two worlds interact on planet earth I think it depends on adoption and what will accept just like let's be out money I mean you can think about a debt based money in a whole foundation in the same way how did that happen right and we've lost value over time because it really is just a lie and a deception and we've been willing to work for dollars that have less and less value and even try to save dollars that have less and less value and so when you go into the crypto world now you're you're trading your labor presuming you're getting paid you're trading your labor for a mathematical formula doesn't have any value okay but its value to the worker it's its value is what you can buy with it isn't that right if in theory you could buy something what you think will burn it in – yes yes but what do you have to do – Kryptos okay right now yeah I guess you can still you can convert some of them into goods and services so I guess at the moment that you do that just like Fiat dollars as soon as you convert them into a good or a service you've locked in their value in that in that tangible we're talking about the fiat money markets the stock market where you see Bitcoin go above 7,000 dollars that's gamblers that that's you know that's a gamble that's a they're paying more for it because they're counting on somebody being willing to pay more for it right okay so there's you know there are two different things personally I put no value in them which is why I do not own any but at some point I'm certain they will be our tool of barter in which case I will be forced to utilize them and when that happens when I need to utilize it that is when I will convert a portion of my holdings gold or silver depends on what I'm going to need to do right into those crypto currencies but remember that's how they do a reset it's not against a crypto currency and as much confidence as there are those that have in these crypto currencies you know if it's really complicated to understand then it's because there are things that are hidden if only an engineer can understand crypto currencies I have a problem with that I'm not an engineer but I can read and I can see what they're doing with them and I can I'm a creative person so I can come to an educated conclusion but the way that they all intersect is that's the money standard they want to go in because the other reason is that right now when a central banker makes a policy decision for it to go through the whole financial system to see if they get what they were trying to get accomplished it takes 17 or 18 months once it is a crypto currency once everything is guided by a computer that is instant gratification okay you have a thousand bucks in the bank okay we're gonna charge you five dollars to hold it there okay so you keep that $995 in the bank and you don't spend it oh you're not spending it we want you to spend it okay now we're gonna charge you a hundred bucks you know and they'll just keep charging it and pushing that button until they find where your hot button is that's what they said they're gonna do well I mean what about the notion that you keep crypto sin a bank you know you keep it in a wallet and then you keep that the way they're selling it they even say a paper wallet for example is the safest way or something of that nature are memorizing the numbers which is not going to be possible to have more than one number but you know what I'm saying in other words they're not going to use banks is it it seems interesting to me because you're talking about the central bank and the bank this and the bank that if this whole thing bypasses banks all together it sounds impossible that they would allow that right to happen they've had they've had control for hundreds of years I don't think they're gonna go ah you know we've had a good run here suckers I mean come on yeah you know and and look at who's involved with that you know this is not outside of the system hey now we've got a derivative on Bitcoin it is the system and they can create an algorithm to I don't know reduce its value in terms of digital currency I'm sorry I'm not an engineer but I'm pretty sure that if they wanted to make you spend those cryptocurrency what they want is they want everybody in the system so that they can control it and they can I mean what's a bankers with the central bankers try to regulate the economy the speed and control of the economy so the money standard that they use I guarantee you they're looking at all of the different ways that they can manipulate it it's not out of the system I don't know I'm sorry I don't care what everybody says I read too much stuff read the IMF the BIS stuff read that stuff and then come in tell me yeah I know really are giving up control okay now we've been going for a while and I I want to allow the chat to to ask some questions we have a chat room and they they can type their questions they need to type a you know all caps and I have to say that this is crazy but we have the chat is going by so fast can't stop it and read a question is it's just crazy so if people if people will stop chatting so much and just ask questions this is your opportunity to have sort of let me see someone did put in cap something about Japan uh you know Japan is kind of an interesting case in this scenario and I wonder if you can address just how how is Japan you know going to play ball in this system do you have a thought about that well you know Japan is kind of like the poster child and why they knew that they had to shift to the money standard because they went into their major deflation area phase in the early 90s and I'll just kind of say at that point in Japan residential property dropped 85 percent commercial drop 95 percent you want to keep that in mind and they've been in deflationary cycle ever since regardless of this massive money printing so they've embraced negative rates they've Umbra and they're embracing crypto currencies they need them the crypto currencies are for a standard shift they have to reset the current system all of the debt and the current system in order to make that transfer and the role that gold will play whether it's in Japan I mean dependent is not the powerhouse that it once was and their citizens are massively storing cash because of the negative rates even though those negative rates have not passed through the normal system I mean there's sovereign wealth fund and there weren't really all that many of those until 2000 and that's when that old thing exploded I mean all of these markets are so ridiculously manipulated and rig and all designed to keep you in there so yes Japan everybody has been on this everybody is cooperating all the central bankers are cooperating they're not going to hand this control over look at who's spending billions of bill billions of dollars to develop all of this new software and all the arteries and the Yoda's and and the AC chains and all of these other crypto currencies we're looking for the one that's going to work universally and then the bids did a report just recently on how they would make that conversion on where things would overlap is a very pretty flower and they did have gold in there and gold is truly decentralized and gold is actually really outside of the system the only thing that they can control is how you think of it okay somebody in the chat asked this question and I might rephrase it slightly that's my cat in the background sharpening his nails uh so they're saying okay hold on one second if you can't Oh how is how is it how it how are the crysta crypto currencies going to deal with the next economic crash but I'm thinking they are the instrument for the next economic crash what do you say to them crash right the stock market the bond market the real estate market the derivative market in the crypto market must crash we need a really really new big crisis which then you know that all of the global governments are camps and bail us out that's when the IMF that's their opportunity to ride in on their white horse and push a button and create a whole bunch of digital sdrs and take over the world reserve currency roll we become regional but that's I do not see the central bankers giving up control easily at all and I don't see the crypto currencies out of this I see that they're being used to get you comfortable with being inside the crypto world and then when they create that panic and you're locked in then they can say well here try this we'll have the us

dollar point and we'll let you transfer whatever you have left over here that's now illegal to use into this US dollar point and you go okay because what other traits you have goes to zero so I think it's just an instrument of change right so what it what happens in the future is what it appears to me again the carrot and the stick in that whole notion which is an Illuminati tool and it's used to great effect in Britain constantly by the way they always give something and it looks like they're being generous and people get really happy and then they withdraw it slowly and you end up with like sometimes you end up with less than you had in the beginning but sometimes you end up with like a couple you know digits more and it looks like you're okay so they they make it so like if people would hit the streets if you you know gave them something then took all of it away so they don't do that they give you something and then they backtrack it just so you have just this much of it left whatever it happens to be whether it's right or it's you know money or it's whatever it happens to be and then you have something more than nothing and so in theory you don't hit the streets right yeah so it's kind of kind of like that it's a right yeah perception management so I it also it also looks like to me coming from California and knowing the history of California you know we have the gold rush and so right now that's what it looks like to me the digital currencies look like a kind of a virtual gold rush and I even get from the people that are investing in it they actually sort of seem like they'll gold you know the gold miners back then they're like eyes are glazed over and they think that they've reached the promised land so to speak well look at how its portrayed it's portrayed light right it's a gold look at it's always like a gold coin and they're minors Yeah right why aren't the engineers they're miners I'm a Gold Bug but it's not a crypto snake or a stalks you know lizard it's a good bug so it's all you know it's all perception management absolutely and they're giving you this run there and they even say it the CFTC said it they they've all said it let's just take a hands-off approach because what I should they do it then there are the ones that are forcing you into it they don't want that perception they want you to volunteer to participate they need you to volunteer participate right go willingly go willingly to the slaughter so to speak yeah exactly exactly and even when you talk about rights i I did this study and it really changed my paradigm and the study was on the different laws on the books pertaining to Bowl and I started at a current level and I worked my way backwards and what I discovered when I did that and I if I had done it the other way I don't know that I would have seen it as much but what I saw was that the next law that was put in place was based upon a previous one and it didn't matter if it was a Democrat or a Republican and and everyone was designed to just chip a little bit away at your rights and almost like you know a child I think of my daughter you know Meghan when she was like four and she I was punishing her for something so now you stay in your room and don't you step it out and the next thing I knew she's standing in front of me looking at me with this black marker on the wall and when I went back to her room she had black marks all along the wall as she stepped it so out and out and that's what they do they put these laws in place and then they execute them but they do things slowly so even if you think you're okay interesting power is on anyway you you have actually lost more rights more wealth more whatever then you realize it's just that you don't realize that because of that inflation yeah it's boiling the froth we call it boiling the Frog again and there's also of course the rights that we lost due to 9/11 and how that that just has has really escalated so okay I appreciate that now why don't we at this point aside I will scan the chat also for questions but is there what is your tactic for moving through these choppy waters that we're all encountering do you want to give people advice on that level absolutely you know this is what I'm doing for myself personally and it is food you want to be as independent and self-sustaining as you can so this is my mantra food water energy security barter ability and wealth preservation and community so you know you want to find a community of like-minded people or even like in my neighborhood I have become an urban farmer is definitely not something I would do in my life wasn't like I was a gardener or anything but I believe my research and food is the tippy-top issue standing in line for it so if you can put in a little garden you know you can there are vertical gardens you don't need a whole lot of space if you can't do that getting some sprouting seeds growing them like a few pounds throwing them in the freezer you know in three days you wash them off and now you've got some you know green food so you want to think about you know storing rice store some things that you can be independent because food is the very biggest issue and then you know and water water becomes a big issue you know see different states that are taxing water differently or making it illegal to gather rainwater though I don't know how stop that I understand a little engine I know I put in a bunch of pawns on my property so info stop the stop the rain but food water energy you know how are you going to manage in a crisis I mean think about Puerto Rico right they lost all of those things but if you have camping gear even so you can cook a little bit or if you've got a generator or something that can keep a freezer running water energy security obviously really important community can come in that as well and I have a client who is a CSI agent I mean told me one time things that I'm going to tell you Lynn that if somebody is dead set on getting in your property no matter what you do that we're getting in so what you want to do is create layers of security so that you're aware and it buys you time to be prepared so I followed his advice on that and so I you know put in hedges and nasty spiny things under windows and security doors you know it doesn't look like I you know live in a very well actually no I like invisible so yeah I mean they look at my house or they look at my neighbor's house they're going to say wow that's really going to be a pain in the neck I'll go over here and I will tell you one other thing that he told me that I thought was just brilliant he said never throw another piece of glass out again but just hold it and if it really does get that bad he's a break it and sprinkle it around your property and that way anybody that's coming in is gonna get hurt so you know security bar durability is anything physical so be anything visible plus any talent you have now that I am urban farmer I can lay your I want a lady orientation no but if I had to I could and I could use that a barter with somebody you know or something okay but I also because your expertise is financial how are you looking at the sector just for the use of the people that are wondering where do you put your money is there do you know do you advise portions like a portion and silver a portion and gold and portion and you know whatever yes and it goes to that because it's based upon the repeatable patterns that I've been witness saying since I started studying it in 87 and so what you want to do you can get like I said earlier you can get the true value of any asset or any instrument so that you know whether it is overvalued fairly valued or undervalued and what you want to do is have the lion's share of your wealth in an undervalued asset that's in a long-term positive trend well let's see gold on the spot manipulated spot market it's a like 1280 something and it should be over 9,500 and silver is that like 17 or 18 bucks and it should be over 627 I mean that those are its true value if they did the reset today so in and where as part of those barter ability you want to have a fractional silver in other words small pieces of silver 365 dimes quarters half dollars dollars are 90% silver a diamonds roughly a tenth of an ounce of quarters a quarter of an ounce a half an ounce and a silver dollars an ounce so that I think we will be using direct because when this whole thing in float I think we're going to go local for awhile not saying that's where we're going to stay but I'm I'm very certain I can't guarantee it but I'm certain there's going to be a bank holiday and in that case we need to stay real local and be prepared for it so all so you need to know because not a lot of people have a lot of money you know to put in at one time but anything that's marked sterling silver or nine to five is ninety two and a half percent poor so it could be you know your Aunt Bessie's sterling flatware today and it doesn't have to be in any kind of condition to be jewelry right anything that is marked sterling because gold and silver are monetary at its base regardless of the form and it can be melted down from one form and put into another form so you you want to do that and you can accumulate that pretty inexpensively and then you want the same kind of thing with gold the function of bold in your bargainable position is to take care of property taxes which also explode during these periods of time where anything that's governmental or quasi governmental so utilities insurances hospitals pharmacies those kinds of things because you need to be able to go to the private sources and buy what you need and that's how you're going to that's how you're going to and being able to do it and and again with the gold and some of that you're not going to be able to do the rest you can always convert it into whatever they Tula barter it's at the time whether it's crypto currencies or dollars or Euros or whatever it might be so that's you wantem because we know what the fundamental value is you can actually calculate out based on your cost of living how much of that you need or you can give us a call we can help you do that too it's not really you know it's not rocket science it's not going to be confusing let's um see it on a spreadsheet it's actually pretty simple and then beyond that whatever else you're choosing to hold in the crypto world or in the fiat world stocks bonds ETF annuities TVs all that stuff just to make sure again we know what the fundamental value of monetary gold is make sure you have enough Bowl so that if this all go away this will rise in terms of Fiat and make you whole again that makes sense yeah yeah absolutely now to get back to our original question and I won't hold you for much longer but someone else who might have joined us later in the show they're wondering and again this isn't your area of expertise but again how the artificial intelligence works with blockchain and and and and the whole crypto sir you know situation because this is actually a key element and you know I'm reaching people who know nothing about this but understand there's a relationship they don't know what the relationship is well going back to what the relationship is it's it's kind of like artificial it's my understanding with artificial intelligence that it learns from what you did and so then instead of it following you it can actually take over and lead you so going back to the example that the IMF used with the refrigerator and I do believe we do have some refrigerators that are out now that actually can perform this function they decide oh you're out of orange juice and they do the ordering and they take the money out of your account and they they artificial intelligence is really designed to guide you in the direction that they want you to go in and it learns from your personal habits of the way that you are so that it's not as creepy maybe that's the word to you to utilize it and if that sits in conjunction with that smart contract which lays out the terms on which that cryptocurrency is based so in other words if you buy a car and you use and you use crypto currencies to buy that car as an example and you don't get the right insurance on it that they want you to have a license or you miss a payment or whatever the smart contract so I think that's tied to the artificial intelligence would disable the car and dare I say it with the autonomous driving drive it away and you have no control could lock you out of your house and that's that moves back to rival intelligence and I even didn't Facebook recently had a problem with some of the artificial intelligence spots that started their own language and they were communicating that so they shut them down but you know these are really learning programs and yes I mean there is this there is this this this sort of I don't know what you want to call it principle or model where that a person talked about actually having a telling an artificial intelligence to build a paperclip and I guess initially they're told what it's made out of but eventually if they run out of some kind of you know they're they've got a command build a paperclip so then they run out of the raw material that they initially built it out of and so then they continue with the program to build a paperclip and eventually they use whom human beings you know bones or whatever you know I mean it's a very diabolical kind of scenario obviously but you know one that gets out of control we have you know whistleblowers from black projects that talk about you know the artificial intelligence in nano satellites that have you know that Lockheed Martin scientists were we're saying would have a 60% chance of actually turning against humans so there's that aspect to say nothing of the ones that have learned also to go against certain humans and not others but then at some point could break that program and decide to go against the other ones in other words what we're talking about drones now being directed to you know target certain individuals in certain places and some collateral damage is allowed and all this kind of thing oh absolutely you know we see a huge I mean the UN has a full surveillance by 2030 they have that 2030 agenda China's 2030 agenda coincides with it Saudi Arabia's coincides with it so you know they know excuse me that they're definitely moving us in that direction as well so it's about you know control there are cities that are being paid to by the corporation to put on their lightbulbs on or not they're like posts face right facial recognition and I just got a new drivers license and said not for federal use anymore so I've got a look at this right I haven't really dug into this yet but that means by 2020 your driver's license it's not going to be good if you want to even travel within this country so they're driving us toward a universal ID plan and I think maybe something that happened in Equifax I'm sure it was an accident I don't know anyway I mean there's just things that are that move you in a direction so that you give up more your privacy more of your rights and then it's the artificial intelligence the technology of the system that's the whole program that is more important than you or I or us humans other than those that are at the top that feel that they can control this and you know I hope they can because it's an experiment and they're finding that maybe they can't control it so easily right well it is fascinating times we're living in as they say may you live in interesting times that's I think it's a Chinese threat actually but anyway so so thank you so much it's been fascinating talking with you I know we could end up talking all day and I could pepper you with more and more questions and I know my my chat room has been going nonstop and and and so I I'm sure that there are plenty of questions I might missed in there but simply in the interest of time and not keeping you any longer and and also keeping this in under a two hour video because people don't tend to want to stay watching one that goes beyond that I'm gonna thank you and and and say good afternoon and have a great weekend I'd love to have you back in the future if you're willing oh absolutely this has been great and I really admire your work as well I'm fed up because you know education intelligence understanding is power you know and you bring on a variety of people so I think you really get cover the gamut and and if we're aware that it's hurting from them to pull off yes yeah absolutely and and and I'm what you're doing is educating people so they can be aware of what's coming and also protect themselves and their families and that's what it's all about so thank you for your service to humanity I'll say that right here yeah absolutely it's important it matters yeah it's and it's nice to have you know Gary Fayette strong women in this industry yeah he's my one of us but you know so join us absolutely thank you again so much okay thanks everyone for watching gonna let you go and come back to the main screen here so hold on hi everyone so I think we've closed that down and it's it's it's been really really fascinating there are areas that we didn't get to go down and that would be very interesting to ask Lynette about in the future so we'll have her back what can I say I next week I am having let's see his his name is I think Stan lar Larimer I don't know if I'm pronouncing his last name right but he is apparently I think the father of cryptocurrency or the father or something to do with cryptocurrency and I'm not sure how that works so he's not the person who created the blockchain idea but he has some relationship we're gonna find out more about him so he'll be on the show I think it's on Wednesday I don't have my camera I mean my huh yeah my calendar in front of me but that will be fascinating and I will continue to invite people in the financial realm I have invited Quinn Michaels re-invited him actually on the show because the other one didn't work out as a simulcast that we were hoping we could do and let's see we've got quite a lag in this video it's fascinating because I am I I don't know why what people are seeing I'm going to just pause here for a moment and let the video kind of catch up with us yeah okay anyway what I'm saying here is that I will continue to ask people like Quinn Michaels and others I'm seeing a lot of very smart technical people out there that are working with things like iota and other cryptocurrencies and can also talk about what's going on with the AI we had Richard Alan Miller and got his take to some degree on some of the sort of quantum mechanics and quantum physics aspect of things didn't go too deep there but that was in my recent interview with him he had some very interesting things to say in general about the human mind and and all of that and how you view your reality so this does enter into the whole discussion on when you get into dealing with AI and their perception of reality versus ours and a lot more than that so we continue the the trail we're on and in the investigations that we're doing and thank you for watching have a great weekend and I do want to say that Project Camelot is in quite desperate needs of funds to continue this work have to pay my webmaster hopefully and also pay my rent etc and also you know this is a full-time job it's a complete what you might call a pro bono effort I work for you in essence and if I can't afford to do so I will have to go work for the man and the system and split my efforts in that way if I have to I will but I'm hoping that I can continue to do this full-time as I have been doing it certainly is important to have us all along the watchtower as I call it because we are in a situation where if you don't have credible people that I haven't have strong integrity looking out for the rest of you and doing the investigations and talking to others and bringing it you know to you then we are going to be much more in the dark as to what's going on so we're here for you we do this kind of effort to awaken the the masses in essence to bring people that are experts in their various fields to discuss with them to also get them to think and them to cross barriers so that when I'm interviewing somebody on a financial subject I'm also getting them to think about the secret space program and getting their take on that world so that you understand that these things are all connected and so that they begin to also relate on that level as well so that is what I'm all about and putting you know connecting the dots putting two and two together none of these things are isolated and because of my knowledge that I've gathered in the past about AI I am very much on the lookout for what it really means when we get involved in cryptocurrency and I can see that Quinn Michaels is quite intelligent and he's talking about the fact in his recent interview with Jason Goodman he is talking about the fact that crypto basically is based and run by an artificial intelligence so obviously people like cliff high and others that I've interviewed have no idea about this and of course people in the black project secret space area have been talking about the artificial intelligence that is here that we've created that has actually gone out of control already and that we have incoming AI some positive some negative from other planets and other races visiting here and getting involved in all of it you've got the black goo which is clearly an artificial intelligence that gets back again into the whole Marconi scientists and the Falklands War etc etc so the secret government secret space program knows a lot more about artificial intelligence than you do I can tell you that mark Richards says this is the most dangerous area that we have to deal with at this time for what it's worth and so you can appreciate that none of this is idle investigation it's about saving humanity it's about regaining our sovereignty here on earth and also as we make our way to the stars and we interact with all these different races that are visiting us and so on that we maintain our awareness and understanding so that we cannot be deceived so easily so thanks for listening and watching as always and please do contribute a project Camelot if you wish to see more of these kinds of investigations and now and in the future so thanks a lot my website is Project Camelot portal comm and you can also get there by going to Project Camelot dot TV so have a great weekend and take care bye-bye you