Le NASDAQ veut se lancer dans les cryptos : l’impact pour les cryptos investisseurs

Today, I’m going to talk to you about the NASDAQ, the announcement that was made a few days and the impact it can have on you Before you begin, I invite you to click on the “Subscribe” button just under this video, to subscribe to the YouTube channel “Leonis”, like several hundred smart investors who receive my investment advice every day and take your financial independence

Let’s go ! NASDAQ announced a few days ago his desire to integrate cryptocurrencies So they did not announce that it was something they would consider or whatever, they really announced it was a real will They also did not say they would do it tomorrow, but they really said that it was something serious for them and that, roughly, what we can understand, it is likely that they will come to that What does it mean ? So that means that, in my opinion anyway, they understood that the cryptos-currencies it was a reality, that it was behind real companies, that today startups that are created, well no longer have interest in fundraising but rather to do ICOs and get tokens Moreover, we saw in the United States as of 2017 a decrease in fundraising, of course compensated by the increase of ICO

I think that 2018 will be even more important on this subject So they recognize this evolution and of course, the NASDAQ being the place where we buy and sell shares, they think it makes sense to put to buy and sell tokens since it is a little bit the future of stocks So be careful, I say that with big quotes, do not come and kill me in comments Obviously, it’s not at all the same as actions but it can relate to it What does it mean for you crypto investor? Well, what’s extremely interesting is that the NASDAQ has always been the gateway to the general public, investors, and we saw, early in 2018, a huge drop in the markets of almost every cryptos

And so we can say “it’s scary, we lost money, cryptos will it continue? Will it stop? etc ”

What is very important to understand is that we are still very very very very early, we are still very early, and we are really a small number finally today to have cryptos And when the NASDAQ starts to reference the cryptos, well there, it will open to many, many more people And second thing to remember, to correlate to reach my conclusion who, you will see, is very positive, the value of cryptos most of the time, she is not based on something behind it It’s not like an action that is connected; it is based largely on the offer and the demand That’s what makes up much of the value of most cryptos today, not for all, but really very much the supply and demand

So if all of a sudden it opens up to millions, hundreds of millions of people, and in addition with the NASDAQ buffer that is considered by everyone as something very serious, well my conclusion is that it’s going to be very very good for us because it’s going to blow up a lot a lot of course a lot crypto-currencies that will be bought by many people And as usual, when there is an IPO, a company that goes public, well the ones who made money were those who had invested before the investors, business angels, who invest in the company when it’s still a startup and at the time of the IPO the price is much higher Well in the same way, I think that when NASDAQ will reference cryptos, and obviously it’s just a matter of time, well, everyone who has invested before, smart investors like you like me, who will have invested in crypto before this is accessible to everyone at NASDAQ, even if today it is obviously already accessible to everyone, well I think we will do a lot a lot of earnings That’s my conclusion to me Tell me what you think in comment, do you have the same conclusion? Is that you have another analysis? So of course you may be wondering “ok, very good, but how do I buy good crypto today? I am delighted that you ask yourself this question

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