La MEILLEURE plateforme pour TRADER les CRYPTOS ? #Binance

Hi to all of you and the kuwait newspaper's roman today we're going make a video a little different from usual we will present you the platform traded years ago it is true that we are often asked on which trade platform and then we will advise you years we use regularly just because it's a known recognized platform it is reliable it is practical at the low cost and especially she has a large selection of crypto to buy for sale there are more than 222 of memory we can go look right now on when it was heading then the first thing you can see is that there is 3 billion almost changes in 24 hours that means that bin years ago a big cash on it is important and then we see that there is a lot of crypto so bitcoin is holed men bitcoin muffler ohio ta dash yards I really believe they are almost there all that is impressive as I told you there are 2 122 we will go down to the bottom quickly and ben 224 even as a reminder we can treat that crypto on bin years that means that if you have not yet crypto will to buy and then deposit them on bin years you can for example the buy on campbell we did a little guide i will show you quickly if you are a beginner you have all the steps it's pretty simple on queen bess to buy his first crypto you can buy bitcoin from summer rome light cone moreover precisely if it is to transfer directly to bison I advise you perhaps more to buy summer rome and light cone left to transform them bitcoin behind because the costs of bitcoin transaction right now it's really indecent do not hesitate to support us to use our affiliated milk present in bottom of the video me i'm going to use an affiliate link from the bottom of the article, it's been years since then we're going to register you have our number of affiliates if there is no return to you it is this one in 72 06 10 I enter my email I enter a password difficult do not hesitate to see our article about making passwords almost crackable on accept we register and go there we will receive a confirmation email I already did it I cheat a little bit so then we check our email here your account is activated please log in for sorting connections you get to the login page you enter your email that you have indicated your password login a little cap cat or there my computer is pls we start again and more normally they are super easy to do that one nickel first thing we'll do if we will activate the 2f to the EDF enough the double authenticator it allows to secure his account you can do it either by sms or by the application google authenticate 14 I personally advise you google authenticator is still more reliable so it's super simple you just have to scan the qr code on your google app authenticator key up registered there it gives you a little code that it takes go back do you really think back up your key from this short this is really in case you lose your phone rang f bowl of success activated now when i will connect to every time they will ask me this little code there my account it is secure no second step worry we will send the documents of check there for obvious reasons of privacy I will not you do it but well it's very simple we family first name your card number identity then you upload and ID cards both sides then the little picture as usual a selphy with your identity card and a little word on the cha li at the date of the day and the mobile years as on the example below you do not need to wait for your identity be validated before starting to process this is what we will do right away first step before treating it funds to click on simply background portraits I hide you I had not already made a small bitcoin deposit to be able to show you live and not waste time but otherwise it's very simple for example you want to drop summers rome you go right and you click on deposits you have your address was rome of deposit so you just have to send summers rome at this address we'll see it's the same for bitcoin deposit it is necessary to send the bitcoins to this address and so on for all school once your deposit has arrived you can consult your balances it will be displayed here total ground 1 next to the crypto that you sent then we will spend a first gold there we have to go in market we will start with basic right you go get the crypto you want to buy for the example i'm going to buy summer roms were Roma btc so I click here you have the curve with the price evolutions you can change the units of time then we will take an interest in this little panel below that allows you to buy rome summers or to sell I'm going to buy some so there are several possibilities to buy you can buy a predefined price for example let's say that I find that the price of the summer rome it has a little bit expensive I want to buy some a little cheaper we will say at 004 then I enter the name of summer rome that I want to buy at that price there it automatically calculates how much is going we cost in bitcoin hte th success then we go in our orders the orders open and normally we should see our order that appears here so in big dice that the rome summer price will reach the amount I want that will automatically trigger my purchase order I'm going to cancel it because it was an example here it's been canceled so you can find all your orders here your orders open the history of your orders as well as the history of all your exchanges we're going back to market now still basic and here I'm going show when you want to buy at the market price it's even easier market you click here you put the name of summer rome that you want to buy we'll take a small amount it's an example and then when you go press buy actually will buy you really at the market price this will be around this price there look buy oth it was done successfully now if we will see in my funds normally there are my oth who appeared and that's actually but oth minus the costs frankly there we see that the fees are ridiculous it is a very very good point for years alas if I want for example secure my purchase on my ledger or breastfeed or on another wallet I make a withdrawal I have more than enter the address of my ledger for our example the amount can be clicked live on max sent and go away so here we actually see that actually bin years it is an extremely easy platform of use it is rather pretty fast for now it does not crash during crashes unlike platforms like kraken same beat rex sometimes it's in trouble me it's true that I use it more and more is even becoming my favorite platform that's why I wanted to introduce it in the video I hope you enjoyed this video, we'll maybe make videos for push a little bit further binh years options I repeat it to you do not hesitate to use our affiliate links in descriptions for you registering it helps us to live the channel and the website I really hope this video has helped you we'll meet again very soon for a next video a next day of the known an upcoming market analysis I tell you very quickly ciao