Generate Cryptos 1

Hello crypto coin earners , i will lead you to this free eobot mining site but first we have to login For your security use 2FA , a code will be sent to your email or messenger and this code you will enter Now we are inside eobot , where we see the coins and programs that are being mined As you can see there is a free bonus doge coin that you will get every time you login , so you see the number of dogeoins that i have save later i will withdraw this Now i will click on the list of the coins and programs and i will click on GHS 4 , this is the hash rate that we are increasing daily , so the power of mining will be effective You can see the total hash rate watch for the changes , it will increased Free watch out There is faucet on the menu of Eobot and this will give the hash rate an increased for its power I just need to complete the captcha and hooray we have an additional GHS Now since we already add some hash rate , i will go now to the list of coins and programs again and click on diversify , diversify here is meant to mined particular coins or programs for it to earned Now you can see that there are only two programs and 2 coins that are check, these are SETI and cloud folding program , the coins are Bitcoin Cash and curecoin

Curecoin is a result of cloud folding programs So , summarizing what we have done We were given a free dogeoin which are a daily bonus every time we login, then we increased the hash rate "which we are now focusing" by getting the faucet , then we click on coins and programs that we are maintaining and mining