Hello everyone welcome to this new video a bit special different from the one you usually see on the chain youtube so today it will not be a video analysis but rather a introduction to technical analysis in this video I tried to answer the questions that you ask me regularly in the comments or by email this video will mainly constitute a introduction technical analysis on crypto currency it will not be vocation to be a complete training or teach you how to treat but only learn words that I use regularly and include meanings for you to do the analysis yourself so the first question we often ask is why used technical analysis so the main reason is mostly to not like entry points and exit points I'll give you an example with the rhythm imagine you do not look the charts and that in may on may 19 you decided to buy their hippel who at that moment cost 34 centimes you see this coffee poehl rice the months that followed so for seven month you would have been in negative is in you should have waited until December to finally move on positive about your purchase to laugh because the price does not go over the 34 hundredths only on December 12th so the advantage that the analysis technique is that it will allow you if you know a minimum chartist figures that are the most important not to go back to any moment not to return for example here on the highest is so size but your positions for example here we could have drawn a resistance is to break this resistance here back what you would have allowed to be directly positive so here I am going to explain a little bit the important points that I'm using hoping to be the most clear possible so already the first thing to know is that the price evolves according to a succession of two types of movements or the price can to be in trend therefore in uptrend what is also called a accumulation or in a downtrend what's called a distribution accumulation why because in fact the price when in uptrend know that you have a lot of buyers a lot of people decide to accumulated for example the myth like if he is currently in a bullish trend, it's because you have many more people who wished cowardice than to sell it so you have a bitcoin buildup the downtrend is exactly the opposite it's a distribution so in fact that people are no longer interested for example by the some currency scripts and decides to distribute it to get rid of it and the second type of movement you have it's phase chips can call the phase of wait-and-see or crisis balancing and when the price oscillates roughly between two terminals that there are no more buyers than sellers or more sellers than buyers we have a balance between the two parties so I'll give you two examples right away the first example is here with the dash sailboats befitting the buying uptrend here we have what is called a correction or a downtrend then a new uptrend that we have a succession of uptrend and downtrend here on the hero mode you can see an uptrend then a downtrend then a range so in fact a round is when the price can not go below a certain level so here the price of the monroe does not arrive go below the 80 dollars nor go above the 103 dollars here we had the break so here for several weeks all those who were monitoring a minimum the graphics of the word nero knew that the price between them roughly 80 and 100 dollars to from the moment when the price exceeds the 100 dollars it wants can you give a buying opportunity so here is the advantage of monitoring a chart if you did not have charts or did not know yet well used technical analysis you will for example go back here and so you should have waited several weeks to finally get back to positive so here this wait-and-see phase is called a range I'll explain it a little bit later in the video one last thing that I would like you to add about the evolution of the price is always drawn in the direction of the trend because hanging out in the direction of the trend significantly improve the homicide rate of your help do not try to do the cons trend or short term but your success rate will be good less for example here in this trend bullish on the dash if you see here that the price of the dash explodes do not try to sell it wait a retracement a correction to again buy it here when you had a downtrend preferred to only take the help of sale etc etc concerning for example here the range and you could do what is called a trading range strategy you buy when the price arrives on the green zone what's called a support zone and resell and when the price arrives on the area here in red what's called a resistance zone another word that I often use is the word compression then a compression is simple when the rights who are opposed when you have a tendency is getting closer knowing that the price can evolve in any trend you can have a compression when the price uptrend when the price is in a downtrend or even when the price is swinging horizontally know that the longer you have a compression that is long and the more the output will be interesting to seize I will take for example the reaper their ipl when you see for several months the eyelashes grosso modo between the band of 20 cents the 35 cents everyone has its values in the lead so when the rip she will exceed the 35 cents people will doubt we say we go on trend bullish and so will start buying it so the more the trend is long and more to the east on interesting to grab so we're going already started by taking an example of successive compression on the beacon cash and after I will show you the example of the duferco or if you see here on the bitkom cage you have a succession of compression and phase of accumulation and distribution here for example you have a compression of the price at break you can size but thanks to the technical analysis for go back to buying again here you have a compression so here in the occurrence it is a range to the break you can return to the purchase here we have a phase of accumulation then here correction a new here you have a compression through the technical analysis you can times and your entry entering this level because you have a new compression on the other hand this compression will break down so there it will be rather to sell bitcoin cash instead of buying now if we take the cash bitkom in the longer term so we see I will explain after how to draw levels of resistance and support that are important but here you see that this right we are arrange will serve as price resistance and this right here at three support occasions and so we have a new a buying opportunity as soon as you break it's resistance so here I hope you have understanding the importance of technical analysis on crypto and to what extent point she can be fearsome so we go now offered coyne so here on the coffin you have a compression triangle that lasts several months see here we are in 3d 3d so three days and so I you was saying that the longer a compression lasts a long time and more when it comes out the potential can be high here at the break of this compression it had to monitor that lasts several months we have a buy signal and you saw that the price went up 4,135% now let's move on to the the most important part of the technical analysis is also the most essential is to know the different figures of Chartism then figures of Chartism on the internet you go find by dozens I go if you only gave three these are the three more use the three most important and the other chartism figures in general will flow from these three figures so the first figure this is a bevel so the bevel we saw previously with the beat funk h it could be interpreted as a compression of breakage the second figure to know absolutely these are the triangles then triangles you can have several types you can have symmetrical triangle rectangles whose interpretation may differ in function of the direction of the trend in which the price was before returning in the triangle and it's rare and it's the same I'll give you some examples in a few seconds and finally the last figure to know what are the channels then the channels it's simple spotted it's when the price will evolve within two straight that are absolutely parallel so the trend can be bullish bearish or even horizontal which he has horizontal tendency this channel does not know what is commonly called a range so here you have the main chartist figures you have the bullish bevel then the bullish bevel this is the bear you have the course that evolve within of an uptrend but whose right of support and resistance converge here you have the bearish bevel simply reverse the bullish bevel the course evolves into a trend bearish and convergent lines you also have the triangle symmetric then the symmetrical triangle is when you have the right here opposite of support and resistance and converge horizontally and finally you have the triangles rectangles so here you have a right triangle that gives a break up here a right triangle that gives a break down you'll find often on the internet for example, percentages for such figure 80% chance that it breaks up for such figure 75% than that breaks down then know that on crypto as you saw it very widely this year the signboard are uptrend so these percentages absolutely mean nothing could very well have a triangle that way there kick ass upward in 80% of cases and a triangle like this one that broke the larva which 70% of the cases so do not do not really consider the percentages you will find on internet are you just content to go back in position when the price come out of the triangle which will allow you to return with the best timing if you do not use the same technique so finally you have the pullback so that's what we see here but you can see it on any figure also on this one is the sign well this one then a pullback you get it when the price comes out of a figure chartist for example here the kiss then comes to retype the right he crossed this allows you to come home with a higher success rate since the price here by making a probable it comes to confirm the presence of this right which served first of support and now of resistance I hope I have been clear so far if this is not the case tried to be a little clearer now by taking you concretely examples so first of all let's look at the example of the policeman so the labels in dollars so their idol that you talked about briefly at the beginning of the video has been in a compression triangle for several months so here you have an area of ​​residence with 6 points of contact on this area so as I wanted to say earlier how to trace supports and residences I will come in a second time in this video you also go support with three or four points of contact and so you see here broken down on 17 6 ​​areas of residence the price has gone up and made 200% in just a few days so plus one compression is long plus the output will be interesting to take and violent here the triangles lasted several months and you see that the exit was violent and took place in just a few days now let's move on to a second example that it is alex whose cadel if I already told you about it to several times in the videos of the analyzes he is currently in a compression triangle so here zone of resistance with four points of contact here is a support zone with 6 points of contact so for now we're going to monitor this compression and in case of break here of alex we will go back to the purchase with potentially a beautiful soaring price so as I wanted to said he is always more interesting to treat in the direction of the trend it takes absolutely that you keep without a head because it will improve your success let's admit that here at daix breaks this area of ​​residence the purchase to be interesting to take on the other hand if they break this support area it will be much harder to have a winning trade if you want it sell since here you have multiple support areas the presence of you take an example concern the channels so when the price changes between two parallel rights to take you the most accurate example of the range the render for example so I told you about it on the first video that regards the word new here on this guitar and you can see that the word nero and in a range between the level of 83 dollars and the level of 103 dollars see that here you go to from many times the support that has been tested by the price is also here many times the resistance that were affected are waves a little bit this graph if you want to treat the word nero to the thing well the sale given that the move heroes comes from a trend that has been bullish it will be preferable to take trade on the rise so in the case of a breakout of this area of residence and not of this support area of course you still have the opportunity as it comes from a bullish trend of buying the different contacts with the support here for example here not because we had not yet been able to trace go there because to draw this range as I explained to you after again we still can not trace on the other hand we could have taken the trade here by anticipation finally I'd like to go back to a point that is extremely important that can represent a danger it's when you have right that are opposed and who moves away so we can interpret that as a rise of volatility and so it should absolutely as soon as possible do not hanging around in this kind of situation because the price can change from quite unpredictable way i will take you the example of tenex so here you see on tenex you have opposite rights that are divergent you have the right here that serves as support five times and the right here that serves as a residence four times that framed well the price nevertheless to buy tennis here to aim at first this right there or just his previous higher see that it has been difficult because the price went up here that went down and there in going back up and can potentially continue his cover or many centers that unpredictable again so let's move on now and a second part that is very important is how to draw good supports I see a lot on the internet in many videos many people with graphs filled with support and resistance then what to know if it takes trace only the most important what is a support and a important resistance is very simple already you need at least three points of contact but it's really a minimum the more there is and the better it is as you could see with the graphics that I showed you previously sometimes it happens that you have 4 like contact 5 6 7 8 the more you have and the better it is the more the output will be interesting a second thing that lets you know when the supports and resistances are important celine psychological level for example values ​​have two you had the price of land that to many times blocked on the symbolic area of ​​the 400 dollars you saw when this $ 400 zone was broken not only did it serve as a resistance because you had multiple points of contact on that level there but also because it was a round ball but of course also because it was the highest historical and from that we had this break of $ 400 / was rome the price flew so be aware that the more converging factors you have, the more support laristan on important let's say for example that you have a level that has been used for many times of resistance also which has been the highest historic but also a round valve and well you can almost to be sure that at the break of this level there the price fly away without later on i'm going to show you some examples here you have the example I mentioned earlier on the land so you see that land and uptrend early and then form a price compression angle we had here the $ 400 zone that's served here twice two resistance zones but which is also a round value and which was until early December the highest historical this level was so very important there you see here at break you have many buyers who have gone back on this crypto the price has been multiplied by two in just a few days so the more converging factors you have and the higher your rate of success will also be improved that legally answer you now to other issues that I see regularly in the comments is that you should not force yourself or rush on a crypto it's not because you have a crypto on which you thought enormously or that the project of aire solid that it is necessary to buy it now it's better to mix your basic analysis of this crypto with technical analysis to enter the cheapest possible at the best price and with the best timing we will take again the example of poehl rice that we had seen previously imagine that you bought it at 34 cents in the month of May well until in December you had been losing out of seven who you currency and during that time when you could see it you have the main crypto currency like the word nero the lead gold h the big town the big ten hide the grounds etc etc which thus amounts to moment there is better to have another cryptocurrency than the reaper so this is the point I would like to stress is that you have to expect good opportunities so what is good opportunities it's a mix of everything we have seen previously so triangle breaks is cases on two orange channels of the compression figure etc etc if you have no sign to purchase or sell signal on a crypto given that there is nothing to do on it just like those who came back on their shoulders when it cost 34 cents laughs pen was not in compression there are so many crypto currently that exist that you will necessarily find an opportunity on one of them you do not even have to go get a crypt coin that is ranked 400th 500th by watching only the top 100 you have largely enough to do again do not buy crypto money based on scams as you know you have a lot of types of currencies that are pyramids of ponzi or just scam that it is absolutely necessary to avoid it is why it could possibly be the subject of a next video you need to mix technical analysis for timing but also fundamental analysis to know on which crypto invest either in the short term the medium term or the long term of course if you invest on long term it does not matter much talent but your positions in the end and I think that this point is the most important in any case it is the most frequent that I see is when you have a chart there labeled in bicorne let's take quantum example as we have even later labeled in icon well it's not because this big town's flagging graphic is in bearish trend that it wants necessarily say that crypto for example quantum depreciates that's where also mean that the beacon increase more strongly than quantum and so it's more interesting to have bitcoin in his wallet at that moment so I think the best thing to do to explain that to you it is to leave it will be a concrete example here you have the graph of camp turning denominated in cannes bay that sits in compression within of a bearish bevel so let's admit that I had bought quantum on August 10th price of 12 $ 50 I decide to sell them today at the price of 14 80 dollars of course as the price has gone up I'm in the station and 18% yet the bitcoin quantum label is bearish so how could I win having a performance of 18% while the graph is bearish and well that's precisely because the bitcoin him if I had bought it on August 10 it was at 3350 dollar and that I decided to the sell today at $ 17 8,600 I made a performance of 4 125% so in fact the quantum graph released the referees as it's simply a division here you have a beacon progression which is a lot higher than quantum progression so it is more interesting on this period there even if the two clips of currency are in an uptrend it was better to have bitcoin rather than quantum because if last summer I bought quantum I would have done that 18% whereas if I bought bitcoin I would have made 4 125% or in the two cases I would have been a winner by cons as you see here the quantum graph on bitcoin is very clearly bearish so I hope that this notion is clear it's not because you have a graph that is in a downtrend that means you lose money you can very well make money while the graph is lowered all just everything depends on the currency on which the chart is written if it evolves faster or slower in absolute value than basic crypto so this video was a bit longer than the previous ones if the technical analysis interest you that you did not know that it has you more or that I could clear up some terms you can continue to you train on graphics and more you are well trained and better retreat will happen so if you want to train you can go on this platform that I regularly use it is to collect on which you can make your graphics your footsteps and I would like conclude by emphasizing a point this video is only an introduction to technical analysis mainly to respond to questions you ask me regularly she does not claim replace the formations or trading and I do not pretend to teach you after dice or become trader in a few minutes of video of course you can find all the content to improve for free on internet if you like this type of format and that you want me to renew them do not hesitate to propose me a subject in the comments the topic of your choice that this is the analysis basic crypto technique of what you want I will try to take the one that will be the most requested I hope to have answered the main questions you were asking yourself and finally I hope this video will help you to better understand the terms I use in the videos of an opinion technique that I do every week if you think this video has been interesting and can help someone around you do not hesitate to share and leave a gem under the video to do it know I wish you a great week and I'll see you soon