What is MIOTA or IOTA and how to buy or invest in MIOTA (IoT)

The IOTA project was born in 2014 but began trading as a security with its MIOTA coin on June 13, 2017.  IOTA is a crypto currency focused 100% on the online world that focuses on serving as a pillar of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The name IoT refers to the fact that anything or anything can be connected to the Internet. It is estimated that by 2010 billions of objects will be connected to the online world.

Today’s MIOTA / IOTA price

How to buy MIOTA today


Technology makes and will make possible the sustenance of the IoT project. On the basis of the Internet of Things IOTA is born and its virtual currency called MIOTA. As I said at the beginning, this project began in 2014 by the hand of David Sønstebø and brings many novelties and advantages over crypto coins already known as Bitcoin or Ethereum for example that we will see later.

IOTA came to the market with a value around 0.60$ approximately. But recently this crypto currency has closed agreements and investments with important companies such as Fujitsu and Microsoft (see news).

These news made that the value of IOTA will increase in 800% passing in just a few days from having a value of 0.50$ on average to reach 4.30$, something never seen before in any crypto coin.



IOTA has some very attractive features that make this crypto coin a very attractive value for the immediate future.

Decentralized and private, like any crypto coin.

Red Tangle. Main competitor of BlockChain. This network lacks blocks and its transactions are processed in parallel. This results in faster, more efficient and commission-free transactions.

Zero commissions. It will no longer be necessary the figure of the miner to solve hashs in the blockchain to confirm transactions. The operations by IOTA will only need two transactions in the Tangle network that can be turned out by any modern device either computers or smartphones.

Fixed monetary offer. The amount of IOTA will never increase or decrease. The total offer is set at 2,779,530,283,277,761.



At this point you will surely be wondering how to buy IOTAs. Directly it is not yet possible using any of the platforms we already know for acquiring crypto coins.

In other words, to buy IOTAs you must first buy Bitcoins to make an exchange and exchange these bitcoins for IOTAs. Buying bitcoins is very simple, if you are from USA or Canada you can do it through Coinbase.

Do you already have the bitcoins? Then simply create an account in the exchange Binance, search and select the currency IOTA and buy it through bitcoins.

Create a BINANCE account and buy IOTAs


Once you have bought IOTA you must have a purse where you can store them. It is not advisable to leave the purchased crypto currencies in the balance of the exchange itself as it may happen.



Today there are still not many online brokers who offer the possibility to trade with IOTA. Although we have available IQ Option, one of the best and best known online brokers where you can buy, sell, open CFDs and binary trades.


Plus500 Plus500

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IQ Option IQ Option

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As you can see, from $10 you can buy and invest in IOTA through IQ Option. Don’t miss the opportunity!



What to say…a crypto currency launched in June 2017 and that at the end of the year two companies like Fujitsu and Microsoft are interested in it is anything but negative. It will be necessary to follow the progress of this new currency, as its value fluctuates as well as all the news that talk about it.

At the moment it is quite unknown to most users. Due to this, you won’t be able to find too many investment pages that allow you to trade or buy IOTA as well as free pages that allow you to earn small fractions of MIOTA Faucets style, Paid to Click pages or applications.

What I do advise, if you can afford it, is to buy some coins now that their value is affordable. Who knows if that coin you can now buy for $4 in 5 or 6 months is worth $200, $300 or even more, who knows!