Andy Hoffman interview and Bitcoin related announcement! He talks cryptos, gold, & more!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is September the 10th 2017 buy and hold gold and hold people think long term first of all check out the links section below crypto hwy comm get your Treasury or ledger Nano use my affiliate link you get your leather case etc etc you guys know the deal but also check out those notes section to check out Andy Hoffman all of his very important links including his new site including his Twitter including ass demon make sure you do it right now so you know follow him on Twitter follow him on Steam it obviously I'm talking about Andy Hoffman because he is right here hello Andy Hoffman hey Adam absolutely golden hall this I could have taken that myself as my motto except you have it instead my motto is the quest to the future of money and the 20 finesse and money blog of the 21st century well yes this is huge news you have to report to us today about your new website your new endeavor give everybody a little bit of background just in case are not familiar with your old job and now what is going on with this new awesome endeavor and what you have to tell us breaking the story here we love breaking stories here whether it be be gold crypto dividends you know Venezuela last night and he's here to tell his own awesome breaking information yeah and I would love to talk about be gold well yes anyone who doesn't know me yet I worked for 16 years on Wall Street five years in the mining industry in the last six years had Miles Franklin precious metals as the marketing director I have been writing about precious metals for God going back to 2003 or so and I've been writing aggressively about my bullishness on Bitcoin for nearly the past two years and that's how I came across you and I came across the world crypto Network Andreas Antonopoulos and I'm the amazing people on Twitter because you know I used to actually hate Twitter but now I think because of what I've learned in the Bitcoin world that it's one of the greatest communication tools in the world but anyway after six years look I love gold I have spent an entire lifetime focusing on gold but it was becoming a bit too much talking every single day about gold and nothing else I had so many other things to say particularly about cryptocurrency because I believe it is the future of money and I believe it's the greatest financial innovation and possibly the greatest investment not possibly I think it's the greatest investment opportunity of all time so I left Miles Franklin less than three weeks ago and due to the amazing advances in technology I was actually able to put together a business in just three weeks time and as a result this morning I launched my new website crypto gold centralcom it's going to be a subscription-based blog where I write pretty much every day I mean anyone who knows me go to my bank without comm you see how prolific I am and now that I have no constraints about how much have to write or when I have to write I'm going to be very active there and also in the public domain of course with podcasts like this one and on Twitter the subscription price is going to be just $225 for an entire year and I'm talking about it's probably going to be hundreds of posts I mean many hundreds of posts over that time I have not yet set up the free 7-day subscription trial but I'm going to do that but either way I really hope that you as I say on the site join me in my quest to the future of money because basically the premise of the site is I'm going to be talking about cryptocurrency and precious metals but more specifically Bitcoin and to a lesser extent like coin which I believe in as very strongly as well and in the precious metal domain I'm going to focus on gold because I always I think it will always be an amazing store value and together as I've said way back in my May 2016 article I think Bitcoin and gold are the twin destroyers of the Fiat regime okay everywhere now remember it is crypto goal central

com that is Andy's home now you're gonna have to get familiar with it you're gonna see them all around obviously spreading the word about this I want everyone to pound that like button if you love the news breaking abilities of this channel you can email me at a dimitra's or help calm now I know some people in the chat you're gonna have questions someone already emailed me a question but I it's hard to see all your questions so it's always appreciated when you do the super chat I will definitely get to your questions if you do the super chat because I can see the color pop out and out of the corner of my eye now one thing that you mentioned you mentioned I mean people want to hear about Bitcoin and obviously on this channel but there are a lot of people coming here to hear about precious metals so I'm gonna start off with a precious precious metal the precious metals question what about silver is it argue out of that now or what what is your perspective on that that's an interesting question to start with but look let's face it both gold and silver have been suppressed for so many years by the by as I called the cartel which is essentially the leading central banks governments of the world that are protecting the dollar hegemony it couldn't be more obvious that the stock market is held up the bond market is held up in the stock and gold silver prices are held down with with naked shorting as far as though you know I think I've had a kind of a change in my view of the world though because as I said way that I see it now because of Bitcoin and because of the ability that Bitcoin shows you to store large amounts of value in in very small packages I think that that's a major change in the mindset that we're gonna see going forward and while I think that gold because of its because of its very high price you can still you can still store tremendous amounts of value in small packages silver it's a lot more difficult like for instance you know a million dollars of silver right now is going to you know it's going to weigh more than a ton probably close to a ton and a half and it's not that easy to store that I mean yes you know there are great storage facilities third parties you have to trust and yes you could store it at home but when you're talking about thousands of pounds of silver it just doesn't it's not very practical at the same time it's you know it it it's provides two major logistical challenges so I believe that silver prices are going to go up as the cartel is eventually destroyed and frankly my knew as I've said for some time my new base case for what's going to happen to the quote cartel is a lot different than it used to be and much different than anyone else in the precious metal industry whereas we me and everyone else have always thought that the cartel will be overwhelmed by demand they'll just be a swamp enough is achill demand that will overcome their their paper or shorting and and while shortages and while of course that could happen at any time especially if you have a like a Black Swan event like say we go to war with North Korea I think what's more likely is that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is going to usurp the fiat currency system as I called the ultimate monetary death cross and as a result the foot the focus of governments is going to be away from gold and silver because they're gonna realize that the real monetary threat is Bitcoin and of course as I said they're going to flail like Don Quixote at windmills like you know what you see this weekend with the second straight Chinese flood weekend of complete BS that's immaterial even if it was true but it's probably not even true in the first place so I think governments are really gonna be more focused on that and as a result they're not even gonna really worry about gold and silver anymore because they realize not many people are watching it so I think I think we'll probably wind up looking at gold prices a few years from now at $10,000 an ounce and no one will really care about it because everyone's focused on Bitcoin and as for silver yeah it'll go up but I really do think that the monetary value that it's always had is going to be diminished by the fact that that people are going to be saving value in small packages we dig crypto or gold and yes some people say the silver gold ratio should rise dramatically in time because if the breakout of you know breaking up the cartel but I'm not so sure then we're ever going to see the kind of low gold silver ratio that we have in the past but I believe in gold more than I ever have before I believe silver will go up I just believe in gold more I want everyone to pound that like button because what he just said about silver I haven't heard anywhere else that is really a unique and logical perspective and I like your small packages term I like that I mean it is very convenient in this day and age you want to be able to store stuff conveniently and obviously you need a lot of silver to be wealthy on silver so I mean we have the attorney the attorney general what's-his-name sessions really bad guy yes fucking actively about how he wants civil forfeiture to be a law he's saying I want to basically run a police state where we can take away whatever we want from whatever we want and of course they're creating every kind of imaginable law to call absolutely everything anyone does anti money laundering or I should say money laundering so that they can come in and confiscate and you know if you have a thousand pounds of silver it's pretty hard to hide it if you have that if you have the same dollar worth of gold it's pretty easy to hide it and if you have the same amount of Bitcoin it's impossible for them to ever find it so I you know I mean again you're talking about worst-case scenarios you ever got to a scenario where governments are actually trying to confiscate gold or Bitcoin whatever the game is already over you know currencies have crashed we're in a police state and probably the amount of your net worth is going to be not on the top of your list of worries but the fact is that is if you know Bitcoin has showed people that you can store tremendous amounts of value in small packages and you know it's funny one of the articles one of the first articles I wrote private content on your website I wrote about it's called usury as' credit card fees a major reason why Bitcoin will succeed and the reason why I wrote it is because look when people buy things with credit cards they don't realize how much the fees are it's only when you sell things with credit cards you can realize and now that I'm getting some subscriptions and realizing that Visa and MasterCard are taking 3% out of everything that I get of my revenues you realize that when y Joubert talks about large fees of being $9 per transaction on average million dollars for like a million dollar transaction and by the way now they're down to 3 $3 per transaction because they're not spamming the temple anymore even what's a quote large transaction is ridiculous the point is bitcoin is easy to store bitcoin costs nothing to transmit is it for those who want to transmit it and you know I think as time passes it becomes more and more monetary in nature and really I really truly believe that once we get through the end of the year and this whole Segway to X thing is resolved what they do it or they do it and it's a big failure like Bitcoin caches I think then you I think that's going to be a historic inflection point when people realize that bitcoin is truly a store of value on a par with gold and I look forward to what it does next year because I really believe that 2017 is just the appetizer for what we're gonna see in 2018 and then by the time 2018 is done they're gonna start discounting your favorite event that Bitcoin having of 2020 and the like point having of 2019 all right bring you up the Hamming I love it and I also really want to stress Andy he said in three weeks he set up this business and obviously he's very well known in both spaces already but it just shows you out there people you can do something like this to be an entrepreneur jump you know he was he was used to working for someone for a long time just like that he's his own boss he's got this thing going he's got crypto gold centralcom going you can do the same thing on a smaller scale maybe on a larger scale I don't know but it's very possible I'm just so happy to see his transformation over the last four years especially this last year and he has just added this unique perspective to the Bitcoin community he is the combo guy that brings the gold knowledge and the Bitcoin knowledge to the table he's got his it's very it's very unique there are other gold guys that are jumping over he was the first but he's way ahead of the game and that's why yeah check out crypto gold central calm I also mentioned again someone in the chat said hey what is Andy's Twitter well I can I said it's linked to in the notes section below this video you guys listening comprehension is very important life very important in life so again check out the notes section below I've got his steam at length I got his link to his website I've got his linked his Twitter and I want you guys to follow him on Twitter to follow him on steam because it's awesome I'm retweeting him to his stuff all the time I'm Reese steaming his stuff all the time and by the way speaking of steaming and Twitter if you guys are you know fans of that kind of thing you would have already known about Andy's website because that information came out on there early in the morning today East Coast time really early West Coast time so just another reason get into social media one to give his information out there but also you know check out his newsletter I'm definitely pumped about this about this new addition to the space and you're gonna see him all around so let's up and let me let me just say one more thing Adam about you know crypto and gold you know the the the concept of diversification look I'm not a believer and generally speaking of diversification I believe in being invested in long term bull markets heavily but as for gold and crypto a golden Bitcoin logistics a book called in Bitcoin they are net they are natural allies obviously that's my view because they're both fighting the fiat currency system but they're also great hedges against each other so if you have a tremendous amount of value in one it doesn't hurt to have some of it put in the other like let's say something catastrophic happens to Bitcoin well what do you think is gonna happen a goal what if something what if uh India or China says they're confiscating gold what he thinks gonna happen to Bitcoin it's gonna go up and then also the same thing Adam sometimes you talk about like coin you say well it won't do as well as Bitcoin over time and you know of course it depends on what time frame I mean if you started from January 1st of this year like coin is best I'm better if you started from January 1st of 2009 Bitcoin is done better but generally speaking it's hedges they look if some somehow something go wrong with Bitcoin from a technological standpoint it can help like point so again I'm just so I'm just diversifying but I'm diversifying it very narrowly I believe in Bitcoin and gold and litecoin is probably it my third biggest holding I don't really have many other holdings right now because right now those are the three things that I believe in most but Bitcoin I would have to honestly rank Bitcoin you know on a par with gold and maybe even slightly more so because I believe that strongly in the future of cryptocurrency and it is by far the leader with really I don't see anything catching up to it really ever Wow that interesting portfolio there I'm sure people are getting excited more and more like coin people were just their eyes are popping up every like coin phrase that you say well you know I put a tweet out I don't know two weeks ago and I said Bitcoin is the most perfect investment opportunities the second most perfect then I really truly believe it because it truly is the silver to bitcoins gold in the fact that at this point because of what it's created for itself a niche has essentially Bitcoin just on a smaller scale and look if trace mayor's right because I just saw he was doing an interview with across the street and he said that that possibly like coin could be used for these atomic swaps as the the currency of choice well if it actually has a use case aside from simply being another storage vehicle that could really help it but most importantly and this is why I wrote that article back two months ago in July about why I thought be cash would succeed as an investment forget about the fact that it's useless as a product it's just you know it's created simply to you know for fun reasons to hurt to scare Bitcoin and to make some money for greedy miners there's just my my main thesis of crypto is that there is going to be literally tens of trillions of dollars leaving the fiat currency system in the coming decade I think people are finally starting to realize that the system has destroyed them and more importantly because of cryptocurrency they'll actually have an avenue to get out of it I mean even people who don't have a lot of money look it's almost impossible for the average person to get their hands on gold I mean most places you couldn't buy it if you wanted to but now that people can buy cryptocurrency they're going this is going to be trillions that are leaving the system and they are desperate right now for liquid vehicles the cash as a liquid vehicle has the name Bitcoin in it has got some big supporters and people just love it they don't care the 80% they just want things that have the word Bitcoin in it and the same goes with be gold and the same goes with pretty much anything because as we're gonna see in 2018 and Beyond an unbelievable amount of capital flowing out of traditional assets and into the cryptocurrency system Wow we are we're like on the same page and a lot of things here you're reading my mom is gonna ask you about crypto dividends real soon so save save some of that crypto dividend information there I I want to say about a about litecoin I mean I've always said you know they definitely a legitimate mind a legitimate person charlie leaves behind it a legitimate team of developers and everything like that it's always been in my top tier of all coins you give a reason why it for me I know you're not see I say and I've always said it is if you're gonna speculate that's one of my top tier ones if you're gonna just speculate again I put Bitcoin ahead of it all but I do have a top tier of all coins people sometimes want to know them and everything I've mentioned some of them before you know like coin manera whatever but that is one of the reasons what you just mentioned about litecoin that it is to me there there is a lot of potential there I do of course believe it all along but number one I believe Bitcoin will do the best put it this way with like coin right you know you I mean can any can you really or anyone name another coin that has a really reputable strong leader and yes some people will say vitalic but but aetherium is a completely centralized asset and on top of that anyone you know watches the space realize is that it has tremendous amount of problems and risks starting with the fact that it's an ICO itself and that it spawns all these icy OS and the technology doesn't necessarily work and it's centralized all kinds of bad things I wouldn't touch a theorem if you paid me but probably the only other crypto that actually has a leader people are aware of it had respect for but litecoin has one in Charlie Lee who not only is well respected but he's not actually the leader so it's not like he has the risk they have look if some if something actually did happen to vitalic it would really hurt aetherium if something happened to Charlie Lee it would not hurt litecoin because it's a decentralized asset with its own I guess core development team that'll do just fine yet it does have one of the best let's call it executives in the business I mean people forget I mean you it's possible to actually a tribute segment on Bitcoin to him more than any other person because litecoin getting seg would because of his actions is probably the biggest reason why the you know the fit 41 and the universe is F was all pushed through so I couldn't be more confident in him i watch what he says and does he's probably one of the brightest minds and hardest workers in the business and so I have absolutely 100% confidence in my coin I just think it's quotes over to the bitcoins gold so Bitcoin will always be my largest position I mean this is this is some awesome information here I want to say yes charlie is also like the most honest guy in the cryptocurrency space too and he's been on this channel before just like Andy Hawkins been on this channel before we are proud on this channel they have the best freaking guest in the whole space here I I go out of my way to bring all sorts of minds to this thing I'm very proud of it that's why I wanted to bring that up and I like Charlie a lot I want to say something that you said how many people know and let's leave it like that let's leave it there for a second how many people know a light coin in a theory this is a big point they are definitely I think you can agree with me after Bitcoin if you ask someone to name another cryptocurrency they're either going to say light coin or ethereal I don't think there's a crowd I can't think of another one that people would say and again we're I'm based in the english-speaking world which kind of is big into coinbase obviously and coinbase has litecoin and aetherium so that that helps a little bit but i mean we're getting into a little bit of a marketing thing and i'm trying to go into that direction because you're into marketing so what do you think about that that or do you agree with me that when someone asks hey name a cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin do they save like point in a theory yeah I don't think nearly anyone I speak to has a clue about anything I mean if even some of the smartest people I know if they mentioned Bitcoin that usually are not speaking correctly about it or they really don't know a thing about it other than that they've heard the name Bitcoin and I would be doubtful that almost anyone I've spoken to him is even heard of like corn or etherium silly you know like you say we're in a bubble here so yeah if you're in a world where people are looking at crypto currencies of course they're going to know like going into theorem and they probably won't know any of the others unless they really into it in which case they'll know all the top tier coins but I would say generally speaking the average person on the planet has never heard of like coin or aetherium and you know the whole thing with bit thumb and some of these other exchanges that you know when they offer cash markets it's a big deal because it can it is so hard to buy cryptocurrency if you're new personally you gotta trust the whole system and the transfers and you know oh my god I got a I got a transfer huge value by the click of a mouse with no intermediaries and of course is the AAA MLK ycc it's very hard to get accounts at some of these places and they have limits and then you know if you act and most of the coins you would actually have to buy with other coins like on plone ii eggs or crack in or any of these places so it's really hard and obviously most people can't do that or wouldn't even think of doing because if Ellie didn't understand Bitcoin so you know to have your your coin listed in a cash market like like coin or aetherium is a really big deal and any time a major exchange offers a coin in a cash market where you can actually pay with like a wire or a credit card it's a really really big deal because we are so so early in this you know again I'm talking about trillions of dollars and euros and yeah and all that are gonna go into the sector and you look at like a light coin which is gone from four to a hundred almost a few weeks ago and it's still got this micro cap and even the theory am look if nothing bad happens to ethereum like if the government doesn't like raid the etherium foundation or or their their technology actually collapses for whatever reason theory is gonna be around for a while too and it's got a you know on a thirty billion or thirty five billion it's also in today's hyper-inflated world it's pretty much a micro cat valuation I just wouldn't buy it because it terrifies me all the risks there as opposed to the nice decentralized bitcoin and litecoin networks which are super secure and don't depend on I cos and government regulatory stuff so I just think that that it's so early in the game the fact that there's so much inability to buy crypto currencies with fiat currency and and if so if you can get yourself offered for in a cash market it's a big deal a Hewitt is a huge deal who is going to be the next one coin base okay there was something else saying that you just said and I wanted to just go wild that anyway um what a questions just came into my mind though was you're talking about centralized respected leaders coins being added to coinbase also the importance of being anonymous and you don't what do you think a fluffy pony at Manero and what do you think of Manero well I don't know him I know he did that one weird prank where he was kind of like mocking the ico people and it hurt the price a little bit but you know again it just shows that even a guy and I don't even sure what his role is did he create moan arrows he just marketed like he's the creek he is the creator so right so obviously even his stupid comments couldn't stop the price ultimately a few months later at the time is probably eighty and then I saw it was like almost 200 or 150 whatever it was so it's not he could stop it just by saying goofy stupid things but I think we've talked about this before I don't know much about any of the others I certainly don't understand any of them technically the only ones I really have any kind of mild technical understanding of Bitcoin litecoin simply because the smart people that I listen to talk about them all the time and yes I know Manero the whole it's anonymous but I also read constantly about how Bitcoin is going to be able to do the same things – especially now that it has set wood and so you're gonna be able to add all kinds of layers like the fungibility and anonymity so it's kind of like it's the dot-com era era era where you have companies with ideas that eventually get subsumed and so yes if people want to speculate and it's a quality company our company it's a quality coin with secure Network and people just looking for things to buy it'll probably do just fine but as far as you know being the leader of anonymity that's ridiculous I'll bet you two years from now they'll be ten coins including Bitcoin that'll do the exact same thing so you know when you have a behemoth like Bitcoin betting that any of these particular coins are gonna have some app that they're going to be able to do independently a Bitcoin is a pretty weak bet but you know if you want to bet that Manero is going to go up in price because everyone's just speculating on this community in and when money starts flowing out of fiat just looking for places to go it'll probably do great in fact in our community where everyone says every one of these ICS is a scam a lot of people actually think Manero is like you know decent developers and you know you know not a bad idea so you know if you have any kind of respect relative to the other thousand that's certainly going to help your ability to make the price go up but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be the leader of anonymity going forward yeah I thought I just all of a sudden in my mind it came to be we're talking about metallic we're talking about Charlie Lee and now I said online I just bring up a fluffy pony because all three of them totally different styles and thought of in totally different ways so I thought it was interesting – I don't heard anyone bring up all three of them at the same time so there you go guys you heard you heard about the phases of re prominent all I'll put it this way because we was saying before I have no one including you would have a hard time naming any of the faces of these things okay so in Bitcoin obviously we have a ghost Satoshi Nakamoto we have italic we have Charlie Lee and then the fourth one the only other one you could think of is some guy who people only know by a Twitter handle called fluffy follow me that that's as much that's as much of the the personalities of the cryptocurrency Network as we have at this point that's how young we are in this sector but basically that there are the people who are like obsessed with – who will scream Evan Amanda Evan Amanda they are my obsession over to say yes there there there are different but you know those are the three easiest ones definitely then I would say – it's just Amanda but I think people get so hung up because she's pretty that they they don't really understand what her role is there and obviously she's done a really good job marketing the company or I don't even know what to call these things companies or coins because – has a big following but I have no opinion on on its technology and you know from listening to you know the world crypto Network type people it doesn't sound like it's something that has long-term viability but it's obviously been a great investment I have a feeling it's going to continue to be one but I'm not recommending it I want to say everyone and I'm glad you pointed that out I over a year ago when they hired her I said that is just the best marketing move in all of cryptocurrency like her or hate her or like or like – or hate – that was a the best marketing move in all of Krypton she's a fantastic market or she's smart she speaks well and then and the investments done well so what more can you ask yeah it brought it put I mean I won't say – was obscure before but it put them way up there in terms of people knowing what – was because they hired up I mean and some people really shouldn't have a spokesperson okay it's he they're either here nor there I'm just I'm just making a marketing point I think we were definitely the same page with marketing and crypto how somehow people got a market crypto a little bit better and I'm up for all sorts of creative solutions I mean I'm doing my thing man I'm traveling around the world talking about it I've got a channel here this is marketing crypto what you're doing to is it you've got your crypto gold sensual calm people check it out that's marketing it that's spreading the word and Andy is an awesome marketing dude and we need more marketing people like him in this space very much now and their way as I said 2018 will be the year of Bitcoin marketing I can't emphasize enough because we're sitting here talking about how little there is yeah fluffy pony you have Amanda in in Bitcoin who is marketing it I mean yes it's a network of people on Twitter but there's you know this the institutional money is just starting to flow into it and and I'm this going to be an unbelievable thought the dot-com era or even the venture capital ear and the unicorns was a big deal as far as the amount of money that's gone into a sector and created you know professional marketing and professional development it you know this it's going to be nothing compared to what happens in Bitcoin I think 2018 is the year where you're going to see major major mainstream developments particularly now that I can't emphasize this enough that seg wood has been activated which enables it will a gets rid of any remaining technological security worries if anyone had but it also gives it the ability to have all these secondary layers put on top of it so you're gonna see I mean you're gonna see tens of billions of dollars invested into creating making a Bitcoin better in the next year or so and so you can see some you know you look at what's going and we have most of our marketing is on Twitter very few people you know wear suits that kind of thing you're gonna see some serious professional marketing of Bitcoin in the coming year on a par with what Wall Street did during the dot-com era excellent I am I am pumped about 2018 I'm pumped about 2020 I'm pumped about tomorrow I'm always pumped I guess so we've got again people want to ask questions I can see out of the corner of my eye this the super chat can do this super chat I'll definitely get that in as I said someone one of my clients actually emailed me at Adam at Reznor helped calm the following question and again if you guys need a crypto consultation you need help setting up your trays or you just want to talk imabelle you can email me at anima Tresor help calm we can set up a consultation so here is the here's the first question here what this says ask Andy what he thinks gold and silver would do in the next couple of years and would he recommend selling gold and silver and buying Bitcoin right well I mean I I think I've made my my views clear over many many year period about precious metals and particularly as I start at this call I have I am more bullish now that gold than I've ever been before and but to me as I said earlier I just think that I no longer believe that the gold silver ratio is going to fall as much as people believe it will I believe that the cryptocurrency era has ushered in a time where people are gonna focus on storing large amounts of money in small packages be they crypto or in precious metals so well I believe that the gold cartel that suppresses prices ie the US government the ECB and a bunch of other bad actors that are trying to maintain the donc Fiat regime I believe that they will be destroyed or possibly voluntarily disband and when they do the prices will go up dramatically so it really doesn't matter if I believe less and silver than I did before silver is going to go to a much higher equilibrium level but I don't anymore believe that the gold silver ratio is going to fall as much as people think I think gold is going to become a bigger store or value than it ever has been before as the fiat currency regime collapses I just don't believe that people are going to want to store thousands of pounds of silver when they can store a few pounds of gold and get the same amount of value yes there will be some people that do believe the gold silver ratio will fall that much but the meantime you're going to have to invest in thousands of pounds of silver to get that kind of return and it is not the easiest thing to do in the world it is certainly doable there are great storage options and if you're really good at it you can you can store it at home but I just don't think I think we're headed to a new age of storing a lot in a little and wait the second part of that question though selling your silver or gold for Bitcoin alright well look I mean I have a lot of Bitcoin now I have a lot of gold I don't have a lot of silver so I think that's the answer to your question yeah I was about to say now about you know diversification that you brought up before something that I wanted to ask you don't have to answer this question I own a house miss people asking all the time they're like you're showing the crypto yours but I do own a house so I'm that's a completely different financial mechanism so they're there I don't consider it a financial asset I live in my house and I'm proud of my house but it's I don't buy it to flip it I've been here 10 years and I may be here another day or 30 yeah and I don't buy mine to flip it either but he still is an asset that we both we both have I mean that it doesn't play a role in our thinking it happened I mean it's a it is something to build a pot I know that if everything went wrong in my life I could do something with that house I could get a home equity line of credit out of it or something like that well that's a choice it's not even investment choice it's just uh it's as much of a personal choice as it is a financial choice and yeah I mean if you own a house with equity you can cash it out and live on that equity if it's enough but you won't have a house and some people especially married people uh you know I'm not a big town family man there are other personal consideration considerations to deal with but uh but yeah of course the house is an asset and it's something that you have to consider yeah it's like a quiet form of diversification and I forget that I'm even part of sometimes and I do I mean I like to tell people I don't like to tell everybody every bit of personal life like people ask me how many bitcoins do you own that I thinked it around at god I can't believe people don't get it yet but uh but but I'm not gonna say the specific number but I do like to give a little bit of interest people are like Adam you're not like versified what's going well I I mean you got it I'm not saying and this is not advertising for housing either but if you already do on the house okay from your good shape dude get into some Bitcoin I guess that's what I've tried to say anyway the the something else I wanted to bring up to you and I by the way I love this small packages saying that your you've said a few times now you got to keep using that I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm going to use that now that's also uh crypto dividends let's let's move on to that real quick this this term and I came up with that because again people were so worried about be cash were so worried about 2x and I saw that in the end of the day after just analyzing the situation that this is just a one-time dividend for those of us who are part of the 20% and calmly hold our Bitcoin so now we've got a and I predicted that friendly Forks were to come about also I predicted that a while ago and so now we have this thing called be gold it's going to come out before two acts and by the way today there are rumors that QX might not even happen or that it won't be as big again this was all this was all so obvious this was gonna happen if the two x people were going to jump out of that agreement and come up with every excuse possible and and the excuses are starting to come out I still think they'll do 2x but going back to my point here a lot of people start screaming when I talk about crypto dividends like know it hurts the big quote it hurts Bitcoin is that they're trying to destroy Bitcoin any fork of Bitcoin is trying to destroy Bitcoin I just think it's a unique way of forming all coins and a way to reward us Bitcoin holders what do you think about the situation well first of all I have to give you double kudos because you didn't just create that term you created it the worst I remember emailing you is the day a few weeks ago and the price got smashed to like 36 hundred from like 4500 and there's all the fun going on about 2x and everything and that's when you came up with your crypto dividends and it turned out to be right and yeah I have many things to say about it you know for one again from what I said earlier before Bitcoin cash that there is going to be such a a hunger for for liquid assets that that a lot of them are going to work simply because hey before don't you got the name Bitcoin in it and it's something I can invest in most people have not the slightest clue of what it work they don't understand what it takes to keep Bitcoin cash going meaning they have to actually miners have to actually mined it at a loss or else it's gonna collapse so this you know I mean there'll be more miners in time as the prices of everything go up so they'll be more hash power probably available to keep it going even though it has absolutely no practical usage in the world so and as it turned out Bitcoin cash was a prototypical crypto dividend you've literally got free money and even a month later now it's still $500 per Bitcoin if you haven't splitted yet like you haven't so yes look that's not gonna play out forever by the way it's not like people are gonna be like well I want to do and I want to do now I want to do because it's always going to be point to Bitcoin now it is a diminishing return from all them that's why be gold isn't a hurry to do it I mean maybe be gold has got something good going maybe it's just a greedy guy who's like I want to be number two because look at how much money we got from from be cash let's try be gold but maybe the guy actually has some kind of technology look he says I want to compete with aetherium and so as I was reading right after said can you imagine if they actually could compete with aetherium and grab a theorem of market share and therefore by simply holding as you say the root coin a Bitcoin you will have a massive position in the second potentially second biggest cryptocurrency for free I'm not saying that's gonna happen but you know he says that's what he wants maybe he's just just simply wants the free money and again you know if they keep doing these things you're gonna have less and less value because you just can't create money out of thin air forever no matter how many times you use the word Bitcoin in it but as for you know I think it's been proven by be cash that absolutely it doesn't hurt Bitcoin in the slightest I think 2x is a little more tricky because that lack of replay protection is going it kind of makes it like a poisoned Apple let me put this way f2f 2x goes you couldn't pay me to split my coins I will probably never split them because I'm so terrified of that no replay protection and what it means I mean maybe years down the road it's the smartest people the Bitcoin developers come out and say yes we've completely solved this bug so if you split your coins if they're still worth something you'll be fine but I'm telling you there's no way most people are gonna touch that if it even happens and frankly I don't think it's gonna happen they could talk all they want of course they're gonna keep talking in the same face but the fact is one big Cohen cash or B cash absolutely stole its thunder and look they had their big blocks and it didn't hurt Bitcoin at all it helped pick one bitcoins probably doubled after it came out and I think honestly I think that these people who joined Segway to X some of them joined simply because they wanted to get segments in very smart and honestly I believe I truly believe I think Mary silver is great I truly believe that he did that in the back of his mind principally because he wanted to get seg would in and he really it's like I'll worry about the the fork later we got to get segment in and it worked it caused the universal soft soft fork user activates soft Forks to come into being and if I 141 and bam yeah you got your Segway and at this point I can't imagine that that most of the people who signed it a understand the technology at all and B if you like me or you you just look at it go okay let's see you got B cash out there with the big blocks now you got big ole that's gonna come ahead of you which may also you know siphon out some of the the demand for crypto and what is exactly your value proposition you're gonna have okay bitcoin already has Segway so you're gonna have segments with two megabyte blocks I mean segment blocks are already like four megabytes so what exactly is the value proposition and on top of that the no replay production if I'm a miner or let alone them like a coin basically base still hasn't even split the B cash yet then we want to deal with it you think they want to deal with this no replay protection and as Charlie I started charged Immy song talks about the costs that are imposed on the whole network of dealing with this stuff with the no replay protection I think Bitcoin Benny said it just completely knocked out s2x at the knees be cash and I don't think it's gonna happen if I think if it does it's going to be a giant embarrassment which is well deserved by Jeff Garza can anyone who supported this ridiculous sport that has that has frankly less usefulness in my view then be cash excellent points there first of all if that beriberi silver is really masterminding it like you said he is and he is awesome man he is a hero if this was if behind the scenes this is what he's been doing thinking the whole time that's great and we'll never I guess we'll never really know maybe he'll come out and say it afterwards but will we know that he's telling the truth who knows who cares the point the point is though is that 2x has been neutered a lot and I think if it doesn't come out or if it comes out as weak as it looks like it's gonna come out now after some news is broken earlier today that and I am NOT a fan of B cash I want to make that clear and Andy's not a fan of be catchy they're just because we say those words that don't doesn't mean we like them but you got a you're gonna say you got I have to think that if 2x all the sudden announces we're not happening the B cash price is gonna probably soar yeah and so will the Bitcoin so of course supplies enough Adam right again I'm talking about 2018 over the air that you know the professional investments come in and and you know the capital the wall street side capital comes in there are so few people in the Bitcoin community with financial backgrounds and that's what's so great about it because this has been the greatest investment that any of us have ever seen and there's literally no professional financial backing behind it and the people who are the most famous commentators have no financial background I mean Andreas Antonopoulos is you know pretty much the number one marketer one of the most brilliant people that I've ever heard and probably my biggest inspiration he has zero background in Wall Street he just is a coder who was a brilliant marketer and I'm telling you that next year you're gonna see this money come in but more importantly you people have to listen to the financial people in the sector I'm not just during my horn but believe me I have a long three decades of experience in financial markets and Wall Street so I have a very unique perspective about what of how people act and what's going on tone is another perfect example of someone who he's / he's a really amazing because he actually understands the technology I mean not as much as say Jimmy song but as much as pretty much anyone I listen to and he also completely understands the Wall Street side of it and then you have guys like Barry silver who is a pure Wall Street type hedge fund you know venture capital raising guy he understands what it takes to make the price go up he doesn't just talk about that he wants it he's done things to make it happen and so there's gonna be a lot more guys like like Barry Silbert that are gonna be entering the fray in the next 12 months whose sole goal is going to be to make the price go up and so you're gonna see a lot less influence from the you know the Jihan who's and the miners and the the tech guys you know I mean I'm not disparaging I think Luke – jr is amazing but the fact that the leading proponents of Bitcoin have been like engineers and coders who are not really marketers it's going they're going to be replaced by marketers like Barry Silbert and believe me when those kind of people start to market that's you're gonna really see the widespread adoption around the world from the mainstream guys that is just it is early it is early and people people try to say oh I missed out on these it is early that's what Andy is saying and we've got a real exciting 2018 – ahead of us and you know who knows what's gonna happen this year it just is happening so fast and yeah there's room for everyone in this space some people are gonna be like oh we don't need Wall Street dudes it's good to have that money flowing in here it's it's already funny money is makes it go up and no one has more money than Wall Street dudes so this is okay you you said Silbert knows how to pump super knows how to market which leads me to a question I had no plans of asking but you have kind of looked down upon aetherium classic before he is a huge name Bob with etherium classic eye that's one of the reasons I speculate with the theorem classic I say it's a top-tier is because of Barry silver because of his on an ending desire to pump these things out up and I do have faith that he can do it so what are your thoughts there yeah I'm not sure that I've quote looked down on the theory in classic I just I just for someone who's a monetary guy that's what I do I I am terrified of the theorem I think it's eight more of a tech stock than it is a cryptocurrency and while while it's probably going to maintain that number two ranking for a very long time because there's not really many other choices out there and it's got such a following from the Wall Street people I think it's going to keep that value unless something really catastrophic happens to it which is possible but you know I I don't know that and I'm not betting on it if you're in classic is kind of a weird like you know a bastard child even though it was the original chain because no one's paying attention to it and yes Barry Silbert is deaf I'm watching I know what he's doing he's created the cap it's not as small as a cap on a bit going or like one but it is a cap and he's meant to you mentioned that their trust has like three or four percent of those so he's trying to corner the market quietly and he's going to be pumping it with marketing so look in a world where as I said trillions are gonna be entering the sector if the theory in classic really doesn't do anything except to store value which is I think his his aim it'll be fine I really have no interest personally but if I was going to be interested in something I would certainly be looking at those check marks and my checklist of the financial backing the cap so it's just a something that that's in the back of my mind but right now me personally I can't see any other crypto aside from Bitcoin of like coin that I have any real interest in that that could change in time I want I want people to take note of something that Andy a term he used there as a finite and he's coming for my financial background and I stress this too it has a cat it has a cap of two hundred and ten million which acts is it's ten times the amount of Bitcoin ten times bitcoins twenty-one million cap is aetherium classic so it's it's part of a puzzle I think I think that was logically picked so that they pray to the Lord that maybe one day it'll be worth ten percent a Bitcoin if it gets to be one percent of Bitcoin that's great I say but for them but again Andy brings up a cab people out with all the newbies coming into the space the 80% as I say they don't care about I mean the whole point of this was to invoke a void inflation to get away from the at least to me to get away from the Fiat monetary system where he can just be printed up like crazy and etherium has no cap yet okay so it just it just amazed and so mean and I'm not gonna pick on aetherium so many of these coins if people try to talk to me about have no cap their unlimited they can be all of a sudden print a bunch of it all may I made a lot of a made out of the blue like anything so a tap to tell logical long-term thinking financial people it means a lot it really means unless I just want to stress the ndpa mana off the top of his head they should tell you something and it's so funny because you know you have this whole free mind thing where they say yeah we have a calf like ripple has a cap of nine billion ripples so yes it is a cap but it's a very large one and honestly 210 million see that's a big problem with classic two hundred ten million is a pretty large cap I mean it's really going to be hard even in a in a very crypto centric world for that price to go that high with that many shares outstanding you know like coins gonna have eighty million that's reasonable it's not amazing like bitcoins 21 million and of course it's going to take a hundred years to get there but you know two hundred ten million is a lot but again it's like you said it's so comical I mean if you're investing in something which has a limitless cat you are really really expecting great things I mean such an unbelievable technological advancement that it just couldn't care less if I'm an investment standpoint how many shares are outstanding or coins us saying whatever you want to call it so from my perspective remember the only reason people that I'm in cryptocurrency is the reason that I was in that I'm in gold it's I'm a monetary guy I am worried about inflation you know I wrote one of the first posts in my crypto gold central was was you know the simplest something like the simplest possible reason are the the main tailwind behind Bitcoin gold is inflation that's what I spoke about for 15 years and more so now than ever that then central banks are destroying their currencies at a rapid rate but if a cryptocurrency does the same thing why do I want to own it because because etherium has got such amazing smart contracts you are really betting that they're smart contracts or whatever it is that they're doing can vastly outweigh the fact that this limitless supply and you couldn't pay me to take that bet excellent everyone pound that like button this has been really awesome today we got two more questions here or if you guys in the super chat want to do what you want to do here is a guy who did the super chat I'm gonna read his question on 20% metals 80% crypto what do you think about this balancing of the twin destroyers of the deaths and debt Fiat monetary system well he's obviously a listener a reader of mine if you said the twin destroyers again those numbers are all entirely up to you I've been asked for years what percentage I own gold versus silver well whatever you feel comfortable with I mean there are a lot of people in the world who feel comfortable with a hundred percent silver and the line feel with a hundred percent gold and a lot with fifty percent of each and you know 8020 it depends on about a million factors starting with how much money you actually have and what your goals are and what you need to save for and what those cryptos are and what those precious metals are so there's all kinds of questions and again you say 8020 metals in crypto but maybe that's only 10% of your assets maybe the other 90% is in cash or stocks or bonds or your house so there's a lot to think about but every for every one I wrote an article many years ago you can go all my stuff called protection continuum where I basically said it's up to you to decide how far you want to protect yourself from all the things that's going in the world and what makes you comfortable investment wise now let's speak about what's going on in the world on my show yesterday and people can check out the notes section below to see a link to my show yesterday and also to check out all of Andy's pertinent links his steam it his Twitter you should follow him there his crypto gold central calm which he announced on the show earlier today well anyway I talked about Venezuelan yesterday and actually I thought I thought Gabriel might be the chat but uh in then I got word there was a Spanish article a spanish-language article that came out a few days ago saying that the government of the government event as well it definitely does not like the sanctions of the US and they want to get away from the dollar and they they definitely are buying gold they said they actually pick up a lot of gold in that country too and they're they're hoarding their gold but a a minister in the Parliament specifically brought up crypto currency and talked about it and said that they had some interest in it if they actually started buying up crypto currency that would be huge I mean if they make it legal that they could do a lot of different things it would change things there it would definitely be positive probably for Venezuela and for Bitcoin so what do you think about that situation right oh look Venezuela is a basket case and yes they do produce gold it's rapidly depleting but I would doubt anything that said therefore one we know that in the past few years they have sold a lot of their gold simply to stay afloat because they own so much money in fact they've used goldman sachs of all people to you know broke with eight transactions literally because they needed cash to pay their bills and not have the government collapse so i would be surprised if they have any ability to to do that i would i would bet they're selling their gold hint that they produce and or fisca they need capital like dollars because bolivars are useless they're becoming wheel barrow currency right now so I don't really believe that too much and look we are going to see government's print money to buy cryptocurrency I mean they print money to buy everything else why not buy print money to buy something that's going up in value and may wind up being in the future monetary standard the problem with Venezuela is how much currency do you have to print to buy Bitcoin with I mean they are literally hyper inflating so I think it's a little too late it's not too late for the smart people entrepreneurs in the country like Gabriel who made enough personal capital and I figured out ways to buy it but for the country as a government I doubt they have anything to their name and it's gonna be very hard what you're going to see though is countries who still have fiat currencies that have some value diminished but still plenty start to buy it and plus it'll start with the people in the government like you may you know you'll find out that actual senators not not for the country but for themself you know we've been buying it and people on the European Bank board and Federal Reserve members will be buying it but eventually you'll start to see some of the more aggressive banks to it they'll do it most of them will do it in secret but then you've got banks like the Bank of Japan and Bank of Switzerland which literally overtly tell us they're buying stocks we know they're all buying bonds that's what QE is about so it's not a far cry to say they buy cryptocurrency and in the case of Japan and Switzerland they are telling you they are buying stocks the Japanese central bank owns three-quarters of all the equity ETFs in Japan and that's not a typo what I'm saying that's actually true and Switzerland the Bank of Switzerland has been the biggest buyer of Apple stock for the past two years so it's not a far cry to say if they're monetizing bonds and monetizing stocks that they will use the currency that still have some value like the Swiss franc and the and the yen and the dollar and the euro to buy cryptocurrency I have no doubt I'm sure some of them have done it already and actually something I tweeted today you know we haven't even talked about the Chinese FUD yeah look this is the second straight weekend now the second straight weekend we're right before the weekend crazy flood from China you know the first one the bid the ico thing which really has nothing to do with Bitcoin I mean I so it's very difficult to see how anyone could see that as bad news and then this one from Friday morning which is you know somewhere between thud and fake news and I tweeted this morning I said the unregulated but highly liquid Bitcoin market represents the single best insider trading opportunity in history so for all we know it was the PBOC putting out that flood this on Friday and last Friday because they knew the price would crash and that they could buy up all the Bitcoin and so some of it we've done covertly and in time you're gonna see there will be some central banks that are going to as the winds of you know the tides change the winds change they will realize that it's time to buy Bitcoin and maybe even talk about buying Bitcoin and by the way they will also start at some point talking about how they're buying gold we know that the Russians are doing it we know the Chinese are doing it even though they don't talk about it that much but eventually when you start to see fiat currencies fall and you start to see the value of Bitcoin and gold rise you're gonna see more and more central banks not only doing it but talking about doing it that is absolutely guaranteed and perhaps you'll see some of these announcements in 2018 but I really that it's going to be event as well I think it's way past the end of the road for that government well yes we had another thought Friday I mean it's it's basically love the fun to do it on Friday okay and actually what you said actually made me think China a man you know we're used to these China fine Fridays whatever day of the week they are if people just blindly panic on China rumors imagine imagine when II either fact or rumor comes out that China is buying Bitcoin what what that will do to the Bitcoin price I mean and one day that is going to happen and I have no doubt some of their insiders in their Politburo or whatever their communist government they're you know they're buying Bitcoin those guys which they could leak right just like they leak this weather week see me because look I mean if there was a legitimate rumor and again you know obviously what would happen last weekend was considered legitimate enough to knock the price down by $600 but if there was any kind of legitimate rumor let's say let's say it came out Monday that there was the Chinese bank was thinking about acquiring Bitcoin the price would be over ten thousand within two days and that would go the same for any any country that has any currency that still has any value and I'm not talking about just the dollar in the euro I mean if the Bank of Australia or Canada or Mexico or I mean you name there's a lot of countries out there that have any kind of reasonable valued currency that they were buying a little bit that would you'd see five digit Bitcoin within days yes dad but the thing is part of the strategy of these countries is it I think they're gonna want to buy it secretly before they make an announcement so they keep the price down so we can get it cheap and even it would benefit them to create five to make it even cheaper which is part of your theory with the Chinese that's what's been going on with gold forever that's why the chain look the Chinese have not allowed an ounce of the Chinese of the largest gold producers in the world and yet they have not allowed an ounce to leave the country in at least a decade the same with the Russians because they want to acquire it all and they're looking for opportunities to acquire it I mean they're telling you they're buying it and the Russians are telling you they're buying it they have no incentive to just come out and say that obviously if there's some kind of currency crisis that time will be but you know who knows what goes on goes on in these governments again you know these are there's currency wars going on and there's diplomatic Wars and political Wars and believe me they're you know for the big hegemon the dollar you talking about Venezuela's angry at them everyone's angry at them China Russia we're fighting them all and believe me a surging Bitcoin price a surging gold price surging silver price are all things that will cause hurricane like tsunami like damage to US dollar hegemony so there are many reasons why they will that these things could be said or done and there are many catalysts that could cause them some of which are planned and some of which are I guess you can call black swan unplanned but believe me there's there is going to be an inexorable buying of Bitcoin and gold and selected other assets five people who are looking to take down a dollar and Fiat hegemony and in due time we will find out about it whether it's by accident or on purpose yeah I think one of those middle-of-the-road economies that has all rights currency I think they'll be the one that leaks the information like once they got as much as they want like I don't know maybe a country like Israel or something like that it's gonna say Singapore but there they've got a better currency than Israel but what's a country like that a smaller one buys up as much as they can get they'll leak it hey we did it and then though yeah it doesn't take much let's say you had a super influential guy in pick of government Canadian New Mexican right these are you know people that we are antagonizing who are our competitors as much as they are our allies we've said we've obviously certainly been antagonizing them what if they had a couple of super smart crypto savvy guys who had the ear of the of the president and the president was amenable to doing things that maybe in the interests of their country especially when they can still print money and get away with it and the value of the currency what if the Canadian government has acquired pick a number three hundred thousand bitcoins right and what if they're having problems maybe they want to leak something that might get the price out do the math three hundred thousand times really big numbers can be a country saving thing and it can also be a relative country saving thing meaning you can take market share monetarily and in many other ways if you were one of the smart ones that bought early so there's going to be fortunes made personally in the world world compared to you know legacy fortunes but also there's going to be major changes in the political monetary order in large part due to what decisions countries make regarding things like Bitcoin I want to say that back in 2016 I'm going to give a little credit to Vinnie lingham because he brought this aspect of it up before about he said that in 2017 countries would start buying it up and that line alone well the combined with his whole post really inspired me a lot to ramp up my buying part of my buy and hold policy and it is definitely helped me a lot in life that I but again I just another reason to hold but I I wanted to give that out because you know people have been saying this for a while more you're going to hear more and more about this country specific people kind of a specific buying of Bitcoin speculation about it as we get into 2018 but we had a guy talking about in 2016 and I'm glad I was paying attention to 2016 you know and you know what Adam you know we talked about that don't forget about when we talk about silver – bitcoins gold it's not just political reasons and monetary reasons that governments are gonna do this I mean there are some serious investment opportunities out there and I can guarantee you that a lot of the smart governments in the world are adding to their their government leadership their cabinets their advisors people who know such things and when you talk about a something like litecoin look bitcoin is getting to the point already I know it's it's just seventy billion dollar market cap but it's not so easy anymore to acquire a world changing position I mean it's getting to be not only expensive but very thin and I think that they're going to try to be going to try to diversify which is well a big reason why I talk about the trillions going into the sector and I really do think that governments are going to look at like going to because it's very liquid right now and they can acquire huge amounts of it at relatively low prices if you're looking at monetary assets to me there's only two there's bitcoin and litecoin so there's you know from a quote speculative standpoint there's many reasons to like like coin just as much as Bitcoin and as for the rest of them you know I have a feeling you're gonna find Theory amande all these other ones on their balance sheets – at some point just keep in mind that 2018 is going to not just have the Wall Street money start to join the party it's going to have though government the government money joined the party some of its secretively some not so secretively so no matter what the government said hey it's not too difficult for them to set up accounts offshore accounts that start by acquiring the stuff just in case the anti Bitcoin propaganda they put out is wrong well you know you just made me think of something and I'm not saying this is true or I believe this is going to happen but I have noticed in my experience that it is human nature for people to think that they missed out on Bitcoin or Bitcoin is too expensive and maybe it is although you can buy a small amount of it but if you're a government you want to buy a lot of bitcoins so it could actually be too expensive for them so they want to be in on the second Bitcoin there's so many people out there who just buy litecoin because they want it and by etherium because they want to be on the second bitcoin so if that is the human nature they're gonna be so I'm not gonna say they're going there could be some governments out there and I've never thought of this until you just mentioned it better be like you know screw this we're a third world we don't have enough to this on this we risk everything anyway let's just risk it on this litecoin thing and pray that if it has such it does would be quite exactly Adam this is what what I've been watching for 15 years in the precious metal space and six years at one of the largest dealers in the country there's a lot of people who feel that they can't afford gold so they buy as much silver as they can and there's no it's not that the logic is flawed but it's a it's the exact same human nature thing simply saying I can't gold can't go up as much because I it's just too expensive so I'll buy the one that's cheaper then but the fact is there's no guarantee that the cheaper one will go up more than the more expensive one it could happen it's not it's not it's certainly possible that's xalapa form gold it's certainly possible that light form will outperform Bitcoin but in my later years as I move on I look and I get more conservative and also I learned a heck of a lot about the world me personally I want my it's dominated an ultra premium number one assets which are gold and Bitcoin and yes I do believe Silver's gonna go up I do believe litecoins gonna go up but there are a lot of people who will only invest in silver and light coin because they feel that they've missed out and they can get more in the case of silver I think it's going to be a little more of a difficult ride to get that to get those kind of returns because of the fact that it's so hard to store so much of it but in light coins case I absolutely expect the venezuela's of the world to actually you know try to get in on it because maybe they could afford to buy some and you know I mean fortunes will be made there are going to be countries that buy lots of light coin and watch it go up to you know I have no doubt it's going to be a fifty billion dollar market cap at some point maybe will be more and if you're a small country it's doubtful that you're going to be able to buy enough Bitcoin if you don't have much capital reserves to to make those kind of returns but in light coin it's possible you could I I want to say that people are gonna obviously say when they watch this video that we should brought up aetherium just now also and yeah even though a theorem has no cap I was considering that mentality of the government's I would say some would definitely consider a theory Amal so to get their second bit going on you know you even though and it doesn't make the most sense base maybe they'll have a cat one day yeah I mean governments will if they think bitcoin is too is too expensive I could see them going to aetherium also I could although like point bait like will they see the thing the reason we do the like coin comparison all the time is because like when basically is Bitcoin I mean it needs the same type of thing ethereal is a different animal totally but if you're looking for a second Bitcoin and you don't know that much about cryptocurrency then yeah you're gonna see you know that name ethereum you're gonna jump well the theory will do fine if it doesn't have a catastrophic blow up and those risks are there I mean you listen to people in the space and they say that there are many many issues starting with that sexualisation so something could happen or heck maybe the big old guy is right he actually has a platform which can compete then again I've heard Bitcoin with with second we'll have the ability to compete with the theorem so theorem has got a lot of headwinds going against it so I I'm not so sure I would say that it will blindly just be around forever I think it'll take some time before people realize that it has these headwinds and if nothing catastrophic happens it'll be an amazing investment they'll just go up with the space but it is in my view more of a tech stock as opposed to litecoin which as you say is just Bitcoin light hence the name so I think or you know it's like buying silver you know versus gold it's definitely got the same properties it's not identical but it'll go up for the same reasons whereas the theorems got many more many more issues to deal with all right well we have spoke a lot today this has been awesome also found that like bum people if you've enjoyed this I'm gonna wrap it up right now I wanted to say that something I mentioned before that you know I was paying attention in 26th I've been paying attention for a while and all the people who are watching this you're paying attention also so hey listen the people like Andy come to this channel go listen to Tone bays listen to ventilate try to just pay attention not just try to comprehend everything that is going on the more you learn about this space that the better you know decisions you're going to be able to make again for me it's just a holding Bitcoin it's real real simple I don't try to complicate things at all Andy you obviously are a holder also I don't want to put words in your mouth but you you believe in the whole thing don't you yeah well I mean that's been my whole career has been you know about buying and holding it's been in precious metals and it is more far more and putting Bitcoin than the precious metals because it really is a it's a challenge to acquire it and and and you know it's going to become more but you may become more of a challenge to acquire so you got it especially with these crypto dividends that can come out of nowhere I think it'd be crazy to sell it especially when the price gets knocked down because of FUD and you know as I said today I mean at some at what point do people realize that China can't change Bitcoin I mean I love that tweet the other guy's day the person who said I wish we could ban China from Bitcoin you know if China if we've learned tomorrow that China no one in China could participate in Bitcoin and nothing the Chinese government could ever say would have any impact the price would search because we're just so sick of hearing about them there's a whole world of billions of people that could not care less about China and the Chinese government so you know keep in mind if you have Bitcoin does hold it or hotle it to the best of your ability because you have many many good years to come in my first chunk year yeah guys don't go for fun by trolls and troll like people and people just trying to get you to sell for cheap all right and give any conclusionary remarks before we get out of here the floor is yours yeah just I'm just thrilled to to be on my own for the first time in my career which is spanned nearly three decades and crypto gold central com I think you're gonna find especially when I get the free 7-day trial which I should have done initially that I am NOT just prolific in talking about cryptocurrency and gold and precious metals but I'm really gonna give some insights that are going to empower you in the way that say the bitcoinmeister show does because look our goal is to survive and thrive in a in a world where the monetary system is going to be completely changed in the coming years and thankfully for the 99% we now have this vehicle where everyone has the ability to participate so long as they have a computer and so please go to crypto Gold Central Command subscribe $225 is nothing for what you're gonna get and look I'm always happy to answer your questions and my brand new email address a Hoffman at crypto gold central com awesome well Annie thank you very much this was our best show yet together with Dino it was this our fist show I mean this is really really awesome so thank you so much for being on the show and you will be back soon enough who knows if it'll be on this weekend big cleaver so it'll be a separate Andy Hoffman show we're getting great feedback already so everyone you know spread the word about the show pound the like button share the video subscribe to the channel subscribe to Andy check out all of his links below hey and that's it so i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister thanks a lot everyone I will say hello to you in the chat after Andy and I get done chatting offline bye bye